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  1. Hi I bought a Nisan Qashqai last year for £7000 and purchased a two year service and MOT - put car in for service 6 weeks ago and have had a nightmare since then. AC said they checked spark plugs during service but two weeks after service car broke down as it was misfiring and had to have spark plugs replaced at a garage in England . Four weeks later car required new exhaust and catalytic converter (£800) and two of the new spark plugs were damaged and apparently this is now requiring a Throttle assembly only Nissan can do at a further cost of £1320 + labour. The whole sorry mess only started after the service carried out by AC. I now have a car that has cost me over £1200 in the last six weeks won't go and now requires another part which I cannot afford I can't even trade the damn car in as it won't go. I have no means of finding £1500 for further repairs so I'm left with an extortionate repair bill for a expensive ornament. QUALITY USED CARS MY @@@@! Do not buy service deal it was a waste of money and has ruined my car
  2. Hi first post on here hoping someone can give me some advice. Took out a loan with Welcome Finance paid almost all of it took out another loan in Oct 2007 for an amount of £4000. Paid this loan at £234 a month but struggling with old debts that had surfaced I was advised to apply for Banktruptcy in June 2009. It was humiliating but I believed that at least it was a starting point in correcting my financial problems and hoped that after six years I would be able to start with a clean slate (so to speak) The bankruptcy lasted from June 2009 to June 2010 when I was discharged from the bankruptcy one of the rules of the bankruptcy was that I had to pay a contribution of £300 a month for 36 months and at the end of this period the total amount paid would be distributed to the creditors. In June 2011 I applied for an upgrade to my bank account as they had changed the account to one which only lets me use RBS cash machines which is really restrictive. I was refused an upgrade to my account based on my credit rating and was told to check with Experian. I thought it was the bankruptcy so signed up to Experian and was horrified to find that Welcome Finance have continually recorded missed payments two years after the date they were informed of my bankruptcy and state I owe them £9481! and at that point the bankruptcy wasn't even on my credit file. I contacted the accountancy firm who dealt with my bankruptcy only to be told that welcome were just being awkward! I asked the accountant to supply me with the amount that was paid to Welcome from the trust fund and Welcome stated to the accountant that the debt at the time of Bankruptcy was £6431. How do I get Welcome to remove the missed payments they recorded from June 2009 onwards when they were included in the Bankruptcy? I feel really angry that they are going to affect my credit rating for longer than my Bankruptcy how can they state I owe them £9481 when they only claimed for £6431 yet this remains on my credit rating and will do for two years after the bankruptcy which they were part of. The accountant who dealt with the bankruptcy and trust won't help as I'm no longer bankrupt and the trust has been distributed. Any help welcome (excuse the pun)
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