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  1. hi big issue good for you to be placed in the support group was wondering what descriptors are relevant to you and what in brief were you asked or did you say at the WCA to win the WCA thank you
  2. hi apple before recording covertly remember to request your WCA to be recorded using their facilities first
  3. ok thanks honey bee I will look for it and Nyst yes I see you score the higher number thanks and thanks jedcris for your reply yes it was about the F2F interview
  4. ok thanks for the replies also is it a legal requirement? meaning if you request it they have to do it?
  5. My query s regarding aspects of the WCA more pointedly the following descriptor as an example = 13(a) Cannot, due to impaired mental function, reliably initiate or complete at least two sequential personal actions. If for example you are unable to cook or prepare a meal and say not reliably able to clean and use the hoover properly due to your health condition like lack of energy and motivation due to depression and say this to the assessor at the WCA but they say well can you brush your teeth or go to your GP both which you HAVE I stress have to do and they use this to say you can do two tasks how do you counter this or am I reading the descriptor wrong it does say "at least two sequential personal actions" also on descriptor 14 coping with change -- 14(a) Cannot cope with any change to the extent that day to day life cannot be managed. (b) Cannot cope with minor planned change (such as a pre-arranged change to the routine time scheduled for a lunch break), to the extent that, overall, day to day life is made significantly more difficult. © Cannot cope with minor unplanned change (such as the timing of an appointment on the day it is due to occur), to the extent that, overall, day to day life is made significantly more difficult. if both b and c applies do they add 9 and 6 for each descriptor or is it 9 or 6? thank you for any feed back in advance
  6. hi ripples was your WCA in January recorded?
  7. simple question is it better for your WCA to be recorded or not in other words does it make much difference either way? from personal experience did you find you were placed in either group more so after it being recorded or not? thank you
  8. its because in the past her bank account got closed she diverted it to her son but has got that corrected back to her bank account now and savings is taxed? by how much on how much capital? thanks
  9. ok thanks for the reply as I understand it in general one can get their benefits paid into another's account - someone they trust like a close relative - by letting DWP know and I think on your other point the HMRC thing wont the credited pension be like have a code like job seekers allowance - JSA so for state pension it be SP and that's proof its not his income/savings?
  10. hi a question on behalf of a friend who was worrying about savings the question is two fold bit of background and the two queries - my friends who is on benefits - JSA uses his bank account for a close relative to have their state pension to be paid into, now with regards to the £6000 - £16000 savings threshold i.e. if her pension accumulates over time tor 6k or 16k don't apply here is that correct firstly for him as its her benefit being paid into his account not his benefits he gets JSA not a state pension and as its her state pension and unlike JSA he does not need to let her know if it goes over 6k as she's on a state pension unless she applies for any mean tested benefits like pension credit also she does not claim HB or CTB thank you in advance for any responses
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