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  1. Hi. I've sold a car almost 2 years ago, it was my first one and didn't know to I should send log book so I gave it to new owner which said that is going to do this but didn't. Now I recived a letter from debt collector which says that I'm still the owner and have to pay £80. I already made it straight but my question is : - What's happening with a car now? - The car has new M.O.T so is still in use - Is there anything that is going to affect "new" owner that have been using car without being owner?
  2. Longer tenancy plans to give renters more security READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/longer-tenancy-plans-to-give-renters-more-security
  3. i received a letter this morning from a claims management company stating that i could claim back over £2000 + interest for a mis-sold PPI on a mortgage i took out some time ago. the mortgage was with crystal clear home loans, who, according to the letter ceased trading some time ago, making the claim more complicated than dealing with a high street bank as the broker is out of business. luckily they want to want to help take the stress (and a percentage no doubt) out of the claim for me. What do i need to do to start the ball rolling? i have no dates, it was around 2006/7, no account numbers just this letter and i begrudge paying these firms so any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks dave.
  4. Last year I owned 3 vehicles and sold one last year and ownership papers passed on, I only had it one year, it was a sports car for the summer. A few weeks ago I got a letter through the post asking if I wanted to renew my insurance and if so it would cost £220, this was exactly what I paid for my camper van insurance last year and the quote came at the same time, I always insure it in April and tax it then. As it came at the usual time, I thought it was a decent price and put it in the drawer to sort out nearer the time. I then got a phone call asking if I wanted to proceed a few days later, decent price I thought so agreed. This was on the 29th of march. I then got another letter today asking if I wanted to renew my camper van insurance and thought it was odd as I already had. It then hit me like a brick what I had done. I had insured a vechicle I no longer own and the owner has it insured with someone else. I have read by law I have a 14 day cooling off period and I will ring to cancel tomorrow, but will I get charged fees for cancelling, if the car is insured by someone else and it was a mistake, will I still get penalised? I don't want them making their own rules up while I try to cancel. I can't believe what I have done, but I'm so used to insuring the camper in April I never checked the reg Thanks for any help
  5. HI there, Due to ill health and before I got into financial trouble I went to CAB who suggested writing to all credit and banks to inform them of my illness. Most of them have been very helpful, apart from MBNA who then allegedly sold it on as soon as they could. So, I need some help with this court case (end Oct) I have been sending requests to MBNA to confirm that they sold the account to Link who sold it to IDR. MBNA have been ignoring my letters, I sent a SAR to all 3 which all of them ignored. Contacted the ICO and eventually got some response from Link and MBNA, but still nothing about the selling of the account. After exchanging list of documents with IDR I asked to see notice of assignment, notice of arrears and default notice. I got these forward flow agreements; no name on them just a bulk purchase agreement with all the other debts/accounts blanked out except mine. This sheet was not attached to the flow agreement. I requested confirmation from MBNA (since I did not receive notice of assignment etc.) who just ignored my letters only one saying they do not keep the Notice of Arrears or Default notice on file as these are autogenerated by the computer!!. They have never confirmed sale. I went to the Ombusdsman (FoS) and they said I should try to resolve it with MBNA first by putting in a formal complaint to them that was months ago! Just keep on getting odd occasional letters from them saying “ ..sorry for the delay we will contact you soon.” Can anyone help or point me to someone who knows about these things? I have tried 2 local solicitors (rural area) who have no idea about these matters. One checked the Law database for Forward flow agreements but came up with nothing. I received from Link an Application Form and T&C's which, as you can see, are almost unreadable. IDR said that it was compliant with the CCA request - see what you think. I feel that since the others have been helpful during my illness that MBNA should have done the same. Complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office – some success - and FoS who told me to try and resolve it myself, but time is running out what with all the hospital appointments for us both and a very sick elderly mother to look after. Sidley
  6. Hi All My partner no longer lives in the UK, but has received a few emails from an old (believe pdl) debt over the last few months relating to a CCJ which was granted after she left the country. The DCA are called TM LEGAL SERVICES They have now sent the following: Following our recent letter, you have failed to contact the office to set up a repayment on your County Court Judgment. We are now in the process of contacting your employer to verify your status of employment. Once we have confirmed the status of your employment, we will complete an N337 Form (Request for Attachment of Earnings Order) and present this to the court. We anticipate this form will be completed in the next few days. After this form has been completed and sent to the courts, we are unable to retract the application and your employer may be informed of your County Court Judgment. Once the Attachment of Earnings has been applied for, the courts will issue you an N56 Form (Form for Replying to an Attachment of Earnings Application Statement of Means). You must fill in this form, giving details of your financial circumstances. These include your employer's details. You are required to include your partner's financial circumstances also. You must return this to the court within eight days. It is an offence not to send back the N56 Form or to give false information within the form. If you do not send back the form, the county court bailiffs will serve you with an order to complete. If you still do not return the form then you will be sent a notice of summons to attend a court hearing. At this hearing you will be required to explain why you have not supplied information about your financial circumstances that you were requested to. You must attend this hearing. If you do not attend the hearing, the court can issue a warrant for your arrest and you may be brought to court or even jailed for up to 14 days. To stop our application, we require you to contact the office by 7.00pm today Friday 29th September 2017 on the number below to discuss the options avaliable to you.. Our contact number is 01253 523460 (option 2) and our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 7.00pm & Friday 8.00am to 7.00pm. Note, we are extending are opening hours to give you a final oppurtunity to avoid the Attachment of Earnings. Pretty scary sounding here, mentioning arrest etc. What is the best way to approach this. She does not live in the UK, is not employed in the UK, but we are willing to potentially set up a payment plan, but are wary of giving them much info. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi All, After many years of stressful negotiations, hard work and lots of help from people on here - I have had a clean Credit File for the past two years. All of my old Debts are off and I have been able to move on with my life credit wise(ly). There are a couple of accounts still active on which I am just paying a token amount of £1 on. I wont go into the details, but basically I'm going to stop paying the token amount - my total Debts add up to about £7k over 5 or six accounts and the amounts vary from £200 to £2k. Basically, I'm just going to stop paying them. They have been getting paid for around 10 years and really, I want to put it all behind me for good and move on. My worry is, if I stop paying them - although they are off my Credit Account, can they reappear in the form of a CCJ etc if the DCA brings action against me? I'm not asking for a morally opinionated answer, but rather a can they come back to haunt me ? Thanks in advance!. Scotty
  8. As per this post on the Parking Pranksters blog. You really couldn't make it up! Unless you're the BPA of course, then you can make up anything you'd like
  9. Hi, My son had his work assessment earlier this year and he has just received his letter advising him that in the assessors opinion he is capable of work although the writer has recognised that he suffers from anxiety and depression this does not pose any risk to either himself or others in a work place. Where his 'illness' is more of the mind than the body he was able to demonstrate good mobility etc and therefore scored nothing. So the question is where does he go from here, and which is the department most likely to be of assistance to him. Will he be entitled to his housing benefit? will he have to reclaim that element of his monies? Same applies for council tax. Which living money would he be entitled too? UCredit/JSA/others? Help much appreciated people, in advance. Thanks to all. swift640s (aka worried mum)
  10. Hello I sold a car and posted the logbook with the new owner’s details to the DVLA by first class post. (next time I will record delivery – lesson learnt). I received a failure to insure wrote back to them with the details of the new owner and explained that I had written to him to ask him to provide the details of his insurance . I had already informed DVLA that the insurance company he said he was insured with (but not the policy numberI have no proof other than his word that it was insured). The next thing I had through was a court judgement for failure to insure. I contacted the court to advise that I had never received a summons. I completed the appeals procedure and now have a court hearing for a weeks’ time, it says it is a hearing to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. I did phone the court to ask if this is the time that I need to bring my evidence but the helpline advised they was not sure! the new owner contacted DVLA to advise that he was indeed the new owner and confirm the date of purchase (3 months before the offence) The DVLA have written to me to confirm that he has contacted them to advise he was the owner at the time of the offence but they have written to advise me that as DVLA have me listed as the registered owner at the time of the offence they are still pursuing me. I have read on a few forums and people with similar problems and it seems to be; Informing DVLA by post is the only requirement for me to have complied with the notification. X I have a witness to the posting of the logbook. Has anyone been through a similar process? I am currently looking at a couple of court hearings that the DVLA have been judged against which I think might have useful judgements to refer to. if no acknowledgement contact DVLA has no authority at law in fact the case of Duncan Peek at Horsham County Court in April 2010 it was stated that DVLA had NO STATUTORY POWER for anyone to ring them. Likewise in the case James COLLINS in October 2009 ( Liquid Knights long post) at Clerkenham District Court one had not to prove to DVLA that letter re SORN sent. Up to DVLA to prove otherwise. Any comments or pointers gratefully received, especially for the court hearing. Many thanks for taking the time to read this post.
  11. The Ministry of Justice has announced today that it will be outsourcing the collection of Magistrate courts fines currently done by almost 150 civil servants to the private sector. I have written on this forum since 2013 of the proposed plans which were abandoned approx 2 years ago. The vast majority of Magistrate Court fines are already enforced by the private sector (by Marston Holdings, Collectica Ltd, Swift and Excel Enforcement Ltd). A small proportion are also enforced by HM Courts & Tribunal Service Civilian Enforcement Agents. CEA's have the authority to search premises and place defaulters in custody. Their work will now be undertaken by the private sector.
  12. It would seem to be official - if not properly announced Buy an item or win an auction on ebay and the seller (and apparently buyer) can just 'cancel the order' up to 30 days after the win, and even after a buyer pays... So you win an auction * Seller doesn't like the final bid * Seller just cancels the order with some half baked 'reason' like item is lost or damaged * EBAY automatically send you a seller has cancelled with the only responses being an automatic refund if paid through paypal, or say the payer has refunded. There is mention buried in the t&C's that a seller gets a penalty mark if they do it too often, but customers cant see them. What I seem to have discovered so far working with a member of my family on this issue follows YOU SHOULD CONFIRM ALL THESE ISSUES YOURSELF AS I MAY BE MISTAKEN AND EBAY MAY WELL CHANGE THEM AT NO NOTICE - ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY So what seems to be the case is: You win an auction item - the seller (or buyer) can just 'cancel order' up to 30 days after the end of the auction, even if you've paid The seller does NOT HAVE TO CONTACT YOU OR GET YOUR AGREEMENT The EBAY system will automatically send you an email telling you the seller has cancelled your order - it gives you no real options to argue. NOTE: This seems to hide the fact that the seller may NOT GET THEIR FEES REFUNDED if you just dont respond to this Email. Effectively any response means you agree with the cancellation as far as I can see. Our decision is - not to respond to the Email Trying to get a complain option just sends you around the two liner Ebay help system. - at least if we dont accept the email (by not responding) the seller may still have to pay any fees, - accepting the cancellation seems to mean they get their fees back and may mean they dont get their due penalty flag. Ebay also remove all your usual places to leave negative feedback - BUT IT CAN STILL BE DONE and as soon as they cancel. Apparently buyers can do the same. I have no experience of that. Seems to make the auction site rather pointless as it holds no-one to the assumed agreements. I'm no legal expert but perhaps these practices breach trading standards? Hopefully an expert can offer an educated and informed opinion? https://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/sr?query=1482&topicName=Report+an+issue+with+a+seller&st=6&levelHierarchy=2a6a4 "Seller no longer wants to sell or ship the item If you paid for the item, the seller must refund the full amount within 10 business days. If you don't receive the refund on time, report it to us so we can help you resolve the issue." (Trouble with this is it seems impossible or at least extremely difficult to report it) Hers a load of ebay threads on it happening http://community.ebay.com/t5/tag/cancel/tg-p/board-id/bidding-buying-ac
  13. Good Evening today I have been the recipient of a nice little piece of paper requiring me to pay £50 to the council for a parking infringement. The PCN states it was contravention 30, parked for longer than permitted. However I was not parked in a limited waiting area, i was actually parked on DYL which should be an 01 offence however i also had my blue badge on display.... so the question is can i appeal this pcn on the basis that the ticket was incorrectly issued on the basis of the wrong contravention code. cheers lets ps was parked for longer than the 3 hours on the badge
  14. Today 07/01/2017 my partner and i had a visit from a marston holdings bailiff demanding payment from my partners daughter who no longer lives with us and is not on electoral register and proceeded to show him our tenancy agreement and that she has not lived here for over four years since going to university. None of us at the address is named on the so called court order which he would not confirm also we have not had any notice that any enforcement agent would be visiting. As the person on the enforcement notice was not in residence we informed him that he was allowed to demand payment or remove goods he was insistent to the point of bullying saying he had the right to do what he wants and seize any cars or goods my partner and her second daughter and her granddaughter 8 years was getting upset frightened and angry still he would not go and my partner was at the point of handing over her cameras to him until he said he would allow 10% of what they cost new to which i got angry and insisted he leave but he was fueling an disagreement between my partner and i to the point i angrily and under duress i paid on my credit card. This agent had proof that she no longer lived at this address and turns out no longer owned the car and was paying said penalty notice. Take note Marston's agents do not take notice of their legal limitations and will do anything to take money off innocent people we did not incur the debt but will hound anyone to get payment.:mad2:
  15. I have just found out my debt management firm is no longer trading saw this: RMR Financial Services Ltd, formerly trading as Compass Debt Counsellors, has stopped trading and no longer offers debt management services. The firm’s interim permission from the FCA, which firms must have if they wish to offer debt management services, lapsed on 8 March 2016. AARBS Ltd (insolvency practitioners) is holding a meeting of the firm’s creditors on 30 March 2016. RMR’s bank accounts have been frozen. This means that the firm will not be requesting direct debits from clients’ accounts and standing order payments will be rejected and returned to customers’ bank accounts. This is an evolving situation and during the transitional period we would expect creditors that are authorised by us to show forbearance. The company was holding around £500 of my money will i be able to claim it back what should i do first im clueless and extremely worried
  16. I bought a new car from a dealer at the end of November 2014 and part exchanged my old car. The dealer got me to sign the V5 and advised that they would register that they were the new owner. I also posted my section with a request for refund of road tax to end of March 2015. I didn't receive any notification from the DVLA but to be honest I didn't realise I was supposed to. I work away a lot and it slipped my mind that I hadn't received a refund either. I didn't get a tax reminder in March, which would have made me query the situation. The first I've known about it was a letter with an £80 fine, a demand for tax owed and a demand that I tax the vehicle. As far as I'm concerned I don't owe the tax and I can't buy a tax disc for a vehicle I don't own, have no registration document for, no insurance and no MOT. The DVLA are refusing to have a telephone conversation with me and, aside from the fine, I'm concerned that penalties etc may have been incurred in my name if they still have me as the registered keeper. I can't believe the vehicle doesn't have a new owner as it was only on an 08 plate and very saleable. The dealer advised they were going to put it into auction. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this or have had success in getting the fine written off in similar circumstances? TIA
  17. have one loan (1998) that was flogged off last year, the others having been flogged off to Thesis long ago. Didn't have to go through the horror of getting it deferred by Rodeo last year as it had already been deferred by SLC (lucky me from my reading here). Had ths usual barrage of phone calls from them throughout last summer which after answering one (at work, told them to bugger off) I ignored the rest and did some searching which brought me here. As you can imagine I wasn't looking forward to going through the deferrment battle with them this year. I was also starting to get a bit concerned as my repayments would be scheduled to start next month and I had had nothing from them other than a letter telling me I am in breach of my agreement for not having a direct debit in place (like I'd leave an open DD for them to access as and when they please) and deferrment forms would be sent out shortly. Still no deferrment forms but I have had them through from SLC so the plan was to send a copy of these with the 88 loan reference number on and a covering letter. Imaging my surprise then when yesterday I received a letter from SLC giving the reference of my 88 loan and telling me that my Erudio loan is now deferred until April 2016. Looks to me like Rodeo have tranferred the management of deferrment back to SLC, if so this is a tribute to the hard work and fight that many on here have put in, along with hte excellent advice from others (dx especially) that I was "looking forward" to having to follow myself over the coming weeks. So no real question in this thread but I wanted to post it up in case it is of use / interest to anyone else and also as a thankyou from this lurker who has found the info on here very useful and informative over the last few months
  18. I purchased a Morphy Richards steam iron from Amazon back in July 2013. The iron has now developed a problem it's tripping the mains, checked the warranty on the Amazon site which states: *Standard one year guarantee can be extended to 3 years by registering your product with Morphy Richards. It seems that I forgot to register the iron when it was first purchased, but why offer a 3 year guarantee when you register a product? From now on I will make sure every new electrical goods is registered..
  19. I signed on at the job centre on Wednesday.When i was there my advisor gave me 3 jobs to apply for and said i had to apply for them before i sign on again in 2 weeks on the 5/11/14. She told me to make sure i apply for them along with proof i have as i could be sanctioned for not applying for them. Today iv gone in to Universal job match to find them and apply for them.Iv found and applied for 2 of them but i cant find the third even with the universal match job ID.It was definitely on there at some point because the advisor had printed it out to give to me. My question is surely i cant be sanctioned for this as i have attempted to apply for the job but it no longer exists?
  20. Have you ever made a copy of a CD as a backup or to play the music on an MP3 player or smartphone? Then you would have been committing a crime until this month. An update to British copyright law, first announced back in March but only coming into effect this month, means that it's now legal to make copies of CDs, DVDs, e-books, MP3s and Blu-rays - provided they are for personal use. It is still illegal to make copies of movies or music to give to friends and family. If you do want to give an album to a loved one, you’ll need to delete any personal copies you have to stay within the law. So if you buy a CD or DVD and then rip it, you aren't allowed to then sell on the hard copy. Nor are you allowed to rip a rented Blu-ray, e-book or other media file. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/technology/its-no-longer-illegal-rip-4365409
  21. Im due to see a concert next week tickets were purchased a year ago, on an old bank card for an account i no longer have. I contacted the arena today and was told they had not sent them yet and would do so this weekend. I told them this was not good enough as i go away next week and will not be back toll the night of the concert, They told me i can collect them with the bank card i used to pay, i made clear i did not have that anymore as the account was closed down and the card was cut up, they told me there is nothing they can do, I explained that i was told i would get the tickets today as it a week till the concert and on there website it states tickets will be received 2 weeks before the date and i made clear i had called last week and was assured they would be here today. Im wondering if there is any way i can get the tickets with out the bank card, i hold other id but they have refused to issue them to me personally and will only post them out via special delivery. Im so upset at this matter
  22. I appealed to Ilford council I was parking in a loading bay on Aug bank holiday Mon , I have just got a knock back about the appeal they said they are sending a notice to owner but I am no longer the owner , they took 50 plus days to get back in touch to say I have to pay is this reasonable ? I thought they had only so long to get back in touch? can anyone help
  23. Hi . I have an old debt managed by Apex Credit Management which I am looking to settle with a full and final payment offer. Having just checked my credit report with 2 companies - I can find no record of this debt. I presume its over 6 years old. Any suggestions please? Thanks x
  24. Hi Basically my car has been sitting in my parents driveway for months. I received a letter with a fine due to it being uninsured, I wasn't aware that it had to be insured if its parked and not in use. Anyway I paid the fine and sent off paperwork to SORN the vehicle. The fine was taken out of my account in early August and I assumed that was the end of the matter. In September I moved abroad and I am not due to go back home until 2015. My mother called me yesterday to say that there's a letter regarding a court requisition for 15/01/14. I am unsure about what do to as I'm not living in the UK currently and the only proof I have of posting the document is the bank statement which shows fine was deducted from my account. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ramah
  25. At least that's what JCP told me today when I asked for one, but they are still available to download. Does anyone know score on this?
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