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  1. Hi Guys... I know some of these questions already exist on the forums but I'm losing track of all the searches and reading I've done because I'm not the best with fragmented data... so I apologise. We are having some problems with council tax at the moment... I have been on and off universal credit since last December and I am now signed off sick with mental health problems. My wife is a carer for our disabled son (and now me but unofficially as yet) so she can't work more than 16 hours a week. We haven't paid council tax for 2 reasons... 1. We're on u
  2. Hi Guys, Apologies if this is a previous topic, i've searched the forum for this but not sure the best way to term the search. My wife and I both went bankrupt in 2015 were discharged in 2016 (i should note that we were not married at the time and married shortly after the discharge)... a year later i began looking at my credit record to see how bad the situation was and noticed a few incorrect entries on my file. i spoke to Experian about sorting out the records who then also wrote to all my previous creditors asking them to update all their records. over a few
  3. I've been with AA for breakdown cover for less then a year, in that time I've never called them out. Recently I received a letter from them congratulating me that since i've been a member for a while I've now been upgraded to their silver membership... oh and by the way we've had to increase your monthly payments from £23 to £44 !! I did not ask to be added to their silver membership and I dont recall having any kind of notice that it was going to happen or being given the option to opt out. I've yet to sit down for 2 days and read the terms and conditions from when i signed up... but
  4. Hi There, I hope that this is in the correct forum and acceptable. My wife and I petitioned for and were declared bankrupt in may 2015, and were discharged 1 year later. Since then we have made small attempts to repair our credit as much as is possible with a bankruptcy on our records and we have a couple of low limit credit cards each which we use and pay every month. One huge issue that we have is cars.. . for years we have been running £500 old bangers into the ground and unable to afford anything better. As an example i currently have a 2002 zafira thats done
  5. Hi Guys, i haven't been able to pay any of my creditors for about 8 months now and had no contact them... in that time myself, my partner and our children have had to leave our previous home and had temporary accommodation for several weeks until i managed to rent a house that belongs to my employer. its time to start trying to sort out out debts so i wish to send them a letter giving them our new address and asking them for the state of each account etc and asking them for some time. Please could someone with a bit more knowledge read the following and let me know i
  6. Thank you for the reply maddie unfortunately a large percentage of the debts are credit cards and loans Hi dx the list of debts is as follows... joint loan joint bank account with overdraft myself 2 credit cards partner 3 credit cards seperate current accounts with overdrafts mobile phone contract each. the loan and current accounts plus one credit card are all with the same bank. all priority debts are 1 or 2 months overdue so far. i dont mind saying on here the debts total around £35K Regards Mark
  7. Evening All, My household has recently fallen behind on some pretty serious debt amounts due to problems with employment. so far no one has threatened any action but there has been plenty of chasing. We have been taking advice from the national debt helpline and currently we are deciding whether we can manage an IVA or we need to go bankrupt, but for starters we need more time to try to work things out so we can make this decision, work keeps me very busy and away from home a lot and along with dealing with a sick child at home getting to speak to companies is very
  8. Sidewinder, thank you for replying. My concern and reason for asking about the legal responsibility to provide them the information is that i thought the lack of it would be a bit of a show stopper for them. Things like passwords into certain programs and the setup instructions for a couple of core systems. However it has been 10 weeks now since i was there and they seem to be doing just fine... im assuming if there is anything he could do about it i would have heard from them by now? still this bit you wrote concerns me there are emails where i've said i will provide infor
  9. Hey Guys, Apologies in advance, this could become an essay. I changed jobs in mid October, and this is following on from some posts i wrote on CAG regarding paternity at the time.. I had approached my boss in plenty of time for the notice period for paternity and he told me a pack of lies about how it worked. he said that i have 2 weeks to take but advised me to not take it all in one go in case i needed more time off further on. i could take the 2 weeks as odd days here and there over the next year. i then asked what notice to give and he said we will 'play it by ear' at the ti
  10. Hi All, sorry to drag up an older thread but i didn't want to type this all again... so after a chat with the CAB, ACAS and some other legal bods... i sent my employer an email last week stating that i had come to him regarding my paternity leave and that i had taken what he told me to be true, but under advice from others i had checked the government guidelines and found what he'd told me to be a load of rubbish.... therefore i believed that i had fulfilled my obligations by approaching him in the first instance well before the 15 week notice deadline and any failure on my part was
  11. Hi Bazooka, Thank you for replying, just to clarify would i send an edited version of the SB letter or the "debt passed to another DCA" ? Regards Mark
  12. Hi All, In June I had a letter from 'Commercial Collections Services Ltd' regarding an unpaid Anglian Water bill from 2006 and asked advice on here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?355026-Anglia-Water-Letter-Does-it-ever-end I left the house after a 6 month tenancy in July that year and heard nothing since so I assume this to be statute barred. I sent the standard statute barred letter (from the CAG library) in June and heard nothing back. Today I have received a letter from a different collections agency 'Lewis Debt Recovery' requesting the same payment
  13. You make some fair points there and I'm sorry about getting stroppy... Newborn sleepless nights and all that. it's just I know what my boss can be like this appears to be typical of him and with hindsight I should maybe have done the research myself but i went straight to him because as is me I like to think people are better then that.
  14. blunt and to the point... how about a smile with some of these replies?? yes i admit i was ignorant of the law... that's why i asked my employer what my rights are and how to go about setting up my paternity, surely they should be somewhat aware of the processes since they most likely have X amount of employees who have gone through this... and im doing this for the first time...why should i need to google it ? but instead of giving me the information i needed they have mislead me and are now trying to make me come back in to work after a couple of days... they tell me that i am on paternit
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