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Found 23 results

  1. My son went to Dublin for a couple of nights with a group of friends first week of December 2018. Ryanair lost his luggage although we believe it was stolen. His luggage was full of designer (genuinely) and fortunately he had most of the receipts as quite a lot of his clothes had recently been purchased for his trip. His local airport confirmed his luggage had been loaded onto the flight but Ryanair have confirmed they have been unable to locate it. His luggage also contained some medication that he takes. I am convinced it had been stolen so we instigated the claim. Ryanair asked that we submit and eventually have offered just under £400 yet the claim was in excess of £800. They state they make an allowance for depreciation yet most of the gear was bought a few days prior to the trip. He also had to purchase new clothes, toiletries etc as soon as he arrived so the first couple of hours was spent replacing his gear. Ryanair didnt offer him anything at the time of the loss to pay for essentials nor have they made any allowances for 3 items without receipts, suitcase, medication and the stress and inconvenience of having to replace everything and I am appalled at their derisory offer. They really are the aviation [removed] of the world. Any advice and guidance would be appreciated
  2. Hi, I rented car via Ryan Air for a holiday in Italy. Long and short is the Italian representative at the car hire firm wanted to charge me for an upgrade as they did not have the car I ordered and also would not accept my credit card as security for the hire as I did not know the PIN (they wanted to charge the upgrade cost). So the rental did not go ahead, they refused. I then rented car from another well known provider in the same area who happily used my card without the PIN to process a new rental After complaining to Ryan Air, they have sent me: "As you did not know the PIN, there is no refund due in this instance. However, we can appreciate that your placement fee for this booking was quite high and so I have now proposed a partial refund of £178.93 as a gesture of good will." This is £100 short of the fee I paid. My question is, is it worth pursuing via small claims court or accepting the above ?
  3. The CAA have intervened now, I hope they make Ryanair help passengers now. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/sep/27/ryanair-cancel-flights-passengers-stansted-edinburgh?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GU+Today+main+NEW+H+categories&utm_term=245544&subid=7192694&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2
  4. Ryanair has told lawyers acting for a woman claiming compensation that it will no longer accept the jurisdiction of the English courts, in a case that has raised concerns over air passenger delay rights. The claims management company acting for a woman known only as Ms Menditta, who claimed against the Dublin-based Ryanair after a delay in 2015, have been told by the airline that a clause in the airline’s terms and conditions requires disputes to be decided by the Irish courts. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/dec/09/ryanair-says-womans-delay-claim-must-go-through-irish-courts Clause 2.4 of Ryanair's terms and conditions states that contract disputes will normally be subject to the jurisdiction of Irish courts, but until now has rarely invoked that clause. Ryanair has now declared it WILL recognise the jurisdiction of British courts in flight delay compensation cases, but only if customers shun third-party claims firms and approach the airline directly.
  5. Can anyone tell me what I am entitled to. My partner and I booked a weeks cruise where we flew out to Barcelona with Ryanair. When we arrived at the airport, our luggage and about 8 other couples luggage were all left in Birmingham where we flew from. I explained to Ryanair that me and my partner were leaving Barcelona that night and won't be back for another week, vWe were advised that the chances of us getting our luggage to the ship are practically none. All we had were the clothes on our back and a pair of shoes in the hand luggage. We had no choice but to go to some local shops and pick up items to get us by so went and bought the essentials toiletries and about 2 tops, a pair of shorts, some underwear and my partner bought similar as and cheap dress for her to wear in the evening. We had a call 2 days later saying luggage is at the airport for when we return to pick it up. We had no choice but to go and buy some other items the next day as what we had wouldn't last for the week. We went and bought a few more things for day and evening and the ship we were on offered free laundry service to help us, which was a god send. In total we spent 547 EUROS. On our return we put a complaint into Ryanair for all the hassle and expense we had incurred along with how the holiday was ruined as we couldn't do everything that we wanted to, such as gala night etc. We heard off them this morning with a letter saying the expense is excessive and will offer 50 euro per day the bag was missing. This totals 350 euro. To me this isn't good enough as we spent £3000 on a holiday we couldn't fully enjoy and we had to clothe both of us for a week where we wore the same items over and over. Am I wrong in thinking this is not good enough and Ryanair have to compensate me for what I spent and the the holiday they ruined. I believe what we spent was not excessive for what we had to do. Look forward to hearing off you
  6. A British man who flew to Germany using his girlfriend's passport only realised the mistake when he had arrived at his destination - having gone through security. Josh Reed, who is 6 ft 3 and has a beard, travelled from London Stansted to Dortmund on a Ryanair flight with petite brunette Sophie's ID, reports The Sun . According to the 21-year-old, security at the gate only checked his boarding pass, meaning he only spotted that he had the wrong travel documents when he landed in Germany. But at no point did anyone else notice that he wasn't girlfriend Sophie Watkins. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/travel/news/bearded-british-man-flies-to-germany-using-his-girlfriends-passport-and-nobody-notices/ar-BBqh7He?li=BBoPOOl&ocid=iehp
  7. Ryanair has signed a deal with Ombudsman Services that will see the organisation operate as the airline’s approved alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body. Approval to the scheme means that passengers of Ryanair who have disputes relating to issues such as denied boarding, lost baggage, delays or cancellations will be able to escalate their complaint to Ombudsman Services if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached with the airline. The scheme operated by Ombudsman services will be free of charge to consumers. Up until now, you have to take your case to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). But the CAA don't have the same powers as ombudsman schemes, meaning they can't force airlines to pay out. The service is expected to be up and running by spring 2016. http://www.traveldailymedia.com/229670/ryanair-aims-to-simplify-complaints-procedures/
  8. free meals and refreshments appropriate to the delay Does anyone know what this means? I was recently delayed coming back from Portugal. After 2 hours we were given a voucher for 5 euros (£3.50). A sandwich cost 5 euros so we had to pay for drinks. Am I expecting too much to want refreshments to include at least a drink with my sandwich, I suppose I could have had a packet of crisps instead.
  9. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched enforcement action against Ryanair. This action follows a review by the regulator that found Ryanair is not complying fully with European consumer law designed to support passengers following flight disruption. Ryanair is now required to make policy changes or face the prospect of further enforcement steps leading to court action, if the airline remains non-compliant. The CAA has concluded that: • It is not satisfied that Ryanair is dealing with compensation claims for disruption caused by routine technical faults in line with applicable consumer law – this is despite the UK Court of Appeal (in the case of Jet2.com v Huzar) clarifying how such claims are to be treated and assurances given to the CAA by Ryanair; and, • Ryanair is attempting to impose a contractual two-year time limit, from the date of the flight, for passengers to issue compensation claims at court – despite previously publicly committing to a six year time limit and in spite of the UK Court of Appeal (Dawson v Thomson Airways) ruling that passengers have up to six years to issue such claims at court. Ryanair is now required to make policy changes or face the prospect of further enforcement steps leading to court action, if the airline remains non-compliant. https://www.caa.co.uk/application.aspx?catid=14&pagetype=65&appid=7&mode=detail&nid=2484
  10. A test case of Goel & Trivedi v Ryanair could lead to Ryanair successfully putting a two year time limit on claims, despite the Supreme Court ruling that passengers have SIX years to claim. Ryanair argue that by accepting the airline’s Terms and Conditions when they buy a ticket, passengers are waiving their right to the six year limitation period. As Goel & Trivedi v Ryanair is a test case, all Courts in England and Wales are likely to follow the decision. Most other airlines also have a two year time bar in their Terms and Conditions; if Ryanair win this case, all airlines could potentially put a two year cap on claims. The Judge gave a reserved judgement (meaning he will hand down his decision at a later date). http://www.bottonline.co.uk/press-releases/ryanair-fights-passengers-over-how-long-they-have-to-claim
  11. Hi Guys Back in Feb i booked flights to spain and the flights are in 3 weeks. I paid a higher price to have ealier flight times at 6pm as i didnt want the later flight because i have 2 young children. I got an email this morning to say my flights had now changed to 20.40 so 2hrs40mins later. No apologies just said that i could get a refund.Which im not going to do as the refund will probably take a week to get to me and i dont have the money to book more flights without it. This is a huge inconvinence to us as not only did we pay the extra for the earlier flight, but will now cost us more to pay to keep our room on in the hotel, probably cost more in car parking and means we wont get home till after midnight. Is there anything i can do? I dont think its acceptable that they can just change our flights like that with no apologies or no option to have any money refunded for the extra i paid. As expected I cant get through to them as they probably have so many people calling about the same issues. Thanks
  12. Lord Mayor of Copenhagen accuses Ryanair of 'social dumping' and bans staff from flying with company on official business In a plot twist worthy of a Nordic Noir serial, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen has dented Ryanair’s plans to make a killing with its new base in the Danish capital. Frank Jensen, a Social Democrat who has been the city’s Lord Mayor for five years, has banned staff from flying with Ryanair while on official business - even if it means paying much more on the Scandinavian airline SAS. Copenhagen has 45,000 municipal workers. Mr Jensen told the Berlinske newspaper: “We require all of those who deliver services to the municipality, including those who would sell us plane tickets, to offer their employees proper salaries and working conditions.” On his Facebook page, he described Ryanair’s practices as “social dumping.” Ryanair responded by tweeting a picture of Mr Jensen’s face superimposed on Marie-Antoinette’s body, with the slogan: “Let them eat cake!” and “Let them pay high fares!” The Dublin-based airline has a long history of striving to avoid what it sees as onerous labour laws by employing crew on contracts written under Irish law. The Danish trade-union movement is seeking to have this practice overturned, with a case set for next month. Ryanair, which is the biggest budget carrier in Europe, set up a base in Copenhagen this year. It had previously offered flights to the city, though rather than landing in the Danish capital they actually touched down at Malmo in Sweden - on the other side of the bridge between the two nations. Copenhagen is already experiencing strong low-cost competition, with Norwegian and easyJet taking on SAS. Ryanair’s schedule from the capital serves a dozen cities, including London Luton, Madrid and Milan Bergamo.
  13. My wife & I recently flew with Ryanair to Faro in Portugal. We were asked at the gate to let them put both our cabin bags in the hold as the flight was full and there was no room for them in the cabin, we were instucted that we need to remove any items that we may need for the fight before we boarded. They put yellow bands around them and when we boarded the aircraft the flight attendant took them off us to put in the hold. When we sat down I said to my wife that I better turn my mobile phone off and she said that her's was still in one of the outside zipper pockets of her bag, and still turned on, I immediately informed the steward who said that as it was already in the hold it was OK. When we landed we went through passport control and to the baggage belt which stated that the bags would be on the belt by 13.05, it was now 12.55, so just a 10 minute wait, not so, they eventually arrived at around 13.20 and our bags were one of the first ones off. My wife immediately checked for her phone which was missing!! I then turned my phone on and called her number which rang with a foreign ringing tone (1 continuous ring about 2 seconds apart) so we knew it was in Faro Airport. We immediately reported the loss to the baggage handlers "Lost & Found" desk who called the dispatch to recheck the hold, but we knew the phone had been taken from her bag as the zipper was fastened back up, it had not just fallen out. I called her provider who put a block on both the phone and sim card straight away and reported the matter to the airport police, we have got both peices of the paperwork from the police and lost and found, and have done a lost baggage claim to Ryanair, but they are not interested. Its not worth claiming from our insurance as the excess is more than the phone is worth, but we do feel that Ryanair should pay up as it was them who asked us to put the bags in the hold, they keep saying that it is our responsibility to make sure there are no valuables in "checked in" bags, but these were "Cabin Bags" and if we were to have removed all valuables from them they would have been empty. The last letter to them explained everything as I have explained it here and I sent them copies of the paperwork from the police etc, but they keep saying they sympathise but cannot help any further. Can I take this further or am I wasting my time? Cheers PS. My wife didn't like the phone anyway and is happy now that she has gone back to using her old one, but it is the principle of the matter, and the inconvenience and Ryanair's attitude that annoys us.
  14. Hi, Advice needed. I booked a flight earlier in the week with Ryanair, tried three times to process payment, each time payment was declined. Seemingly not, as I later discovered three payments have been taken from my account, however I have no flight reference number or anything to fall back on. Solutions?
  15. The best way to outsmart Ryanair's pricing policy is to book ten days before your flight departs, it was claimed today. Economics professor Claudio Piga said he has researched the low-cost airline’s flight costs - and found passengers booking their trip at least seven weeks in advance pay more. But the Keele University expert also found that fares are raised by between 50 and 75 per cent in the last few days before departure, meaning last-minute bargain hunting is not the best method. The professor described prices from low-cost airlines as being on a ‘U-shaped temporal profile’, with best value available ten days before take-off. He realised that the price of seats on flights went up by around 3 per cent every time one was sold. The airline however claimed that "Ryanair's lowest fares are sold on a first come, first served basis and rise only as quickly as the low fare class are sold in the six months prior to departure." Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2598168/Experts-crack-secret-buy-cheapest-fares-Ryanair-book-exactly-ten-days-departure.html#ixzz2yCq9zLYN
  16. I was flying back from Treviso, Italy to London Stansted wtih Ryanair. I was given as gifts one bottle of Whiskey and one bottle of Rum, both 40% ABV. Total volume was 1.5 litres. I knew that I wouldn't be able to take them in my bag as security don't let you take liquids so I bought a packed luggage for £30 the day of my flight. I got to the airport early and went to check in my bag at the bag drop-off. A ryanair staff member asked what was in the bag and I told her. She said I can't check in alcohol as it will explode in the flight. I told her I had bought the checked bag only for this reason as otherwise I'll just carry it with me as my carry-on. I argued with her for about 5 minutes that it was physically impossible for the alcohol to spontaneously explode, but she said this was ryanair's 'policy'. It was clear that she wasn't going to let me take the bottles (although eventually she did say wine would have been ok, despite also saying ryanair strictly allowed NO alcohol in checked luggage). I asked for a refund of checked bag as I wasn't using it, she refused on the grounds that I should have checked the terms and conditions before buying. I gave up as I did have a plane to get, and went home. At home I checked whether this was true and found Ryanair have no such policy. Clawing the internet for as much information as I can find it seems the general regulations are up to 5 litres of under 70% is fine. I tried to contact ryanair to again get a refund but found no contact details for them. Eventually I submitted a complaint to them through their ridiculous ask a question form. A few days later I got a response saying ryanair advises customers not to travel with dangerous goods. Quite a frustrating reply as it admits they have no policy against the alcohol and is a complete straw man of an answer. Of course I could not reply to this, just start at the beginning again. I checked to see if there was anyone I could escalate the complaint to. Ryanair effectively sold me something and then stopped me using it, but have kept the money. To me that is theft, never mind the needless costs I have incurred from not being able to take the alcohol with me. The only thing I could find as a route to complain was through the CAA. I filled out their form and submitted 'correspondence' between myself and ryanair. I got an answer the next day saying they couldn't help as I hadn't given ryanair adequate time to reply, despite them already having answered that they won't refund the money. Does anyone know what I can do here? It surely can't be right that ryanair can charge for things they don't deliver. And who can this be escalated to? The UK doesn't seem to have a travel ombudsman which is ridiculous when you think about it. Thanks for taking the time to read anyway
  17. Has anyone else tried complaining about the fact Ryanairs headline price does not include a boarding pass? It's sort of essential for actually flying, and airport check in charges are understandable, but how can it not be in the headline price? At east the excessive credit and debit card charges are being dealt with. Ryanair is, as far as /i know, the only airline that charges you 'extra' for printing your own boarding pass. Sometimes this 'fee' is waived during sales - for some flights - but it should be included at all times. Trading standards weren't interested.
  18. Hi, We flew from Luton to Arrecife one Sunday evening a few weeks ago to find that my wife's suitcase had been lost. The Ryanair desk staff advised us to buy what we needed and submit the reciepts to Ryanair. We went shopping and purchased sandals, enough clothes for a couple of days, underwear and toiletries. We then heard late on Sunday night that the case had been found (in Bratislava) and were told it would be with us late Tuesday night. When we arrived home a week later we photocopied our reciepts which totaled just under 300 euros and submitted a letter to Ryanair explaining the situation. To our shock and dissappointment today we have recieved a response telling us that we will be sent a cheque for £85 and that as far as Ryanair are concerned this will end the matter. This seems very unfair as we were originaly told that our expences would be met by Ryanair, and when we went shopping on Sunday to replace my wifes clothes we had no way of knowing when or if the case would be found. We don't know how to proceed, just that we feel Ryanair are not being fair.
  19. Hi all, I have recently read about a successful complaint to Ryanair in regards to UK customers paying more for the exact same flights as EU customers. (I'm unable to post a link here, but if you google Ryanair Price Difference Euros, a Daily Mail article comes up which is what I read) Since I became resident in the UK from Ireland 7 years ago, I have taken countless flights with Ryanair and am extremely curious to know if I have been overcharged! Does anyone on here know how I would find this out? As the flights are in the past, it's difficult to compare exact costs in sterling vs euros, but any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks all, Darina
  20. I had to book some tickets fast today and I was used to web security, but this puzzle left me scratching my head multiple times What should I enter???:mad2: [ATTACH=CONFIG]44021[/ATTACH]
  21. Hi I have Ryanair credit card which is run by Santander. I was £1422 in debt, as I was thinking that I could`t pay all of it that month (Had direct debit set-up for full amount) so I asked them via message services to change it. my message to them 26/03/13: "Dear Sir/Madam As I maybe unable to pay off my balance in full this month could you please change my direct debit payments to minimum for now? Kind regards" Response on 28/03/13: "Thank you for your recent email to Ryanair Card Services. I can confirm that your Direct Debit has been changed for minimum payment each month and will claim its next payment on and around 06/04/2013 for minimum payment. Kind regards" Was sure that it was changed and on 06/04/13 I will be charged minimum, so it will be not much. At the beginning of April I decided to pay it in full manually, paid it off on 02/04 (on my credit card statement is booked on 04/04), was thinking even if the payment don`t reach them before they decide to take Direct debit they will only take so much to cover minimum. But on 03/04 they decided to take £1402 from my account which was rejected by my bank because there was no enough funds in my account, I was about £600 short after making full payment day before. Today I got letter through from Barclays that they will charge me £8 for the transaction they rejected. Where do I stand to requesting those money from Santander? they failed to change my DD from full payment to minimum payment, they adviced me that on 06/04 they will take only minimum payment by DD. Thanks for advice
  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/holidays/article-2157178/Summer-airline-rip-How-checking-suitcase-end-costing-260-bag.html
  23. I would like to know if anyone can help. I purchased 2 flight tickets over a month ago for £150 with Ryanair. When i bought them the prices were rising therefore i grabbed them so they didnt go to high. Since then i have checked and the exact same flights are costing £50. Is there any law which i can use to get the diff refunded of a credit or something as i think that this is ridiculous that prices can be rising at one moment to intice people to buy early, then they drop so low with still 3 weeks to the flight date. thanks Angry ripped off consumer
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