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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, 1. IBERIA: I was denied boarding by Iberia, they have been very slow in dealing with me, asking me for paspost details, birth certificate, bank account in very slow manner, but so far no compensation whatsoever, this goes back to late August. I am not sure what to do now, I threathned them with legal action if they were not to compensate me within 7 days, but nothing from them, no communication either. Shall I take them to court ? 2. LUFTHANSA: I had a flight delay back in 2016, I requested 250 euros, which they paid me, however when I realized it was more as it was a connection flight and according to the distance criteria it should have been 600 euros, I asked them to pay me the difference, their response was negative. Is it worth taking my case further, or is it because I accepted the first settlement it will be considered as a final one ? ANd shall I take them to court ?. Thank you PS. this is a six passenger claim & my claims fall within the criteria for compensation
  2. Good evening, For once I will submit a question instead of advising, as I am really not sure what I should do. My sister visited for Christmas, she purchased a Eurostar return ticket from Paris to London. The return journey wasn't brilliant... Eurostar advises to reach the London station at least 30 minutes before the departure time. On 26 Dec, she arrived around 45 minutes in advance (because buses to London were slower than usual due to city traffic), just to find an immense queue at the checkin. Time went by and when she reached the checkin desk, the operator said that it was too late to board the train! The only "solution" they offered to cross the channel was to purchase another ticket for a next train. While she had purchased the return ticket for around 75 EUR, she now had to pay an additional 150 EUR! The operator said she didn't have a cancellation or change option on the ticket. I find this insane. She has sent a long complaint, as by experience Eurostar deals rather well with customer problems (back to 2009, I was in 3 trains, the first time the train got burnt; the second time the tunnel got flooded; the third and last one, I stayed stucked in the tunnel for 3 hours). They have replied that the delay was due to additional passport and luggage controls. They have directly processed a refund of the first ticket price. Still from my perspective: - she suffered a delay of several hours; - on top of this, the delay costed her 75 EUR; Eurostar also said that they didn't communicate with customers (text, email) although they were aware of the delay, because... this isn't what they normally do. Any advice on how to pinpoints evidence against regulations or enforcement bodies' guidelines? I believe in a fair world she should not only have suffered any financial loss, but also should get compensation for the delay. However, a total refund of the second ticket will still be better than having to pay 75 EUR! Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all, My parents live in a cottage, which is sandwiched in between two others. To cut a long story short, one of the neighbours is not happy with some windows overlooking his property (despite being frosted). My parents' kitchen window on the ground floor and bathroom window on the first floor overlook his garden. For the last few months, this neighbour decided to erect scaffolding in his garden to hold a wooden board again my parents' kitchen window. As the only kitchen window, it turned the room into a cave with very little natural light. He took this down a few weeks ago for reasons unknown, but has now opted for a more permanent solution. He dug down right underneath the kitchen window and concreted in a wooden post. It looks like he's erecting a structure only a matter of inches away from the kitchen window which no doubt will soon be boarded up. Is there any action which may be taken to prevent this going further? I believe a 'right to light' may play some part in this, and I wondered if the 'Party Wall etc act' would have restricted him from concreting in this post only inches from the side of my parents' house. We know the police don't want to know and believe that the way to go is some form of court action. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help my poor friend and her lovely dog. She recently put her dog into boarding kennels for 2 weeks. Upon collecting him he had a gunky eye, the lady who runs the kennels is also a groomer and she explained that she had trimmed the hair arround his eyes to enable her to bath them. Within 2 days the poor little mite was so ill that my friend took him to the vets. She was told that he had a cut on his eye which was badly infected and subsequently has lost his eye. Back to the vets today, less than a week later and now it looks as though he will loose the other eye. The lady at the kennels has shoen no compassion and is totally uninterested. Does my friend have a case against this wormen, her dog was perfectly healthy before he went there. I really want to give her some advice to make her feel a little bit positive. I should also mention another dog had an eye infection at the time but luckily got to the vets in time
  5. Good morning everybody, I recently traveled from Ibiza to mainland Spain with Volotea. I bought my ticket online through the website http://www.volotea.com Now, I did not print my boarding pass, I had my boarding pass saved on my Ipad. When I arrived at the check-in desk I used the boarding pass on my Ipad to check-in and to check my luggage. This was fine no problem. When I arrived at the boarding gate, for some reason unknown to me, my boarding pass magically disappeared from my iPad (moral of the story never rely on technology) therefore as I did not have a boarding pass, the staff at the gate held me up for 15 minutes right until the very last passenger whilst they decided what to do. They eventually came back with 2 min until the flight took off and said I had to pay €30 for them to print me a boarding pass. I paid the money and boarded the plane. My question to you Caggers is, are the company allowed to do this? Additionally, it's not very nice being left until the very last passenger not knowing whether you're going to board the plane or not. I would be so grateful for any advice and wish you all a great day. Best regards Billy
  6. Has anyone else tried complaining about the fact Ryanairs headline price does not include a boarding pass? It's sort of essential for actually flying, and airport check in charges are understandable, but how can it not be in the headline price? At east the excessive credit and debit card charges are being dealt with. Ryanair is, as far as /i know, the only airline that charges you 'extra' for printing your own boarding pass. Sometimes this 'fee' is waived during sales - for some flights - but it should be included at all times. Trading standards weren't interested.
  7. Arrived at Heathrow T5 - 4 of us in the group. Must have arrived about the 45 minute mark before departure. pushed it fine because of a 40 minute tube delay - unfortunately they don't compensate consequential loss and my insurer doesn't cover domestic flights. My watch was 47 and justification came when the check in desk said bag drop closed 50 minutes before! We had all checked in online and only 1 person needed to bag drop. so 3 of us could have gone through no problem, just one person could have stayed behind with checked baggage and took the hit for being 'late'. However, this was not permitted! We were all on one booking and were told we cannot split the booking that way. Obviously, panicking at this point, as facing paying for 4 people to get home - we were directed to the customer service desk. Couldn't have imagined worse customer service - just repeated we are late... etc. even though we were not late per se - just too late to bag drop. Anyway - the guy insisted nobody can travel on that flight. duty manager [name edited] (aka why are there 20 million unemployed people in europe and this guy has a job?) made a brief appearance to say he had made his mind up before meeting us and would be royally shafting us for every penny (paraphrased) then walked away mid conversation. arguments that we were on time (despite tube problems), it is christmas etc... ignored. anyway - they charged us almost £700 to fly on a short domestic flight at Christmas. no leniency whatsoever - only threats that we have to take the next flight or we will lose our return leg (even though we thought we booked two singles). with it being Christmas and family waiting for us; nuts were in a vice. my questions are these: Obviously they ignored my (professionally worded) complaint and i was wondering if it is possible when i take them to court (under EU denied boarding rules) that they are forced to show from their computer records when bag drop closed for the flight? Secondly, with which party does the burden of proof lie? is it on me to prove i was on time, or for them to prove i wasn't? clearly CCTV in the terminal would show we arrived well within the time to go with hand luggage, even if a minute or so too late to drop bags (which i deny anyway)? Thirdly, just in general, what are the chances of success in court? we cannot prove we arrived on time - it all relies on information they have - terminal CCTV, computer searches they made etc... thank you in advance for your opinions?
  8. Hi, We booked an Easyjet flight to Istanbul and were due to fly yesterday from Luton, however when we got to the airport and tried to check in our baggage we were sent to the easyjet counter. My wife is not an EU citizen but has a UK spouse visa, we had checked with the Turkish consulate before booking and they had confirmed that she could get a visa on arrival as I as a British passport holder would have to do anyway. Anyway the girl at the Easyjet counter and her colleague refused to let my wife board the plane. I tried explaining that she will get a visa on arrival as she has a UK spouse visa but she said no my wife needs a tourist visa for the UK or a Schengen visa and that a spouse visa is not a visa its just entry clearance (not sure what she was on about). Anyway she wasn't letting us board so we left the airport. (this was at 6am). When the Turkish consulate opened we rang them and they again confirmed that she could get a visa on arrival as a spouse visa is indeed a valid UK visa. I have complained to Easyjet on the phone and they want me to provide evidence that she could get a visa on arrival so I have sent them thelink to the Turkish foriegn office site where it clearly states that if you have a valid UK visa you can get a visa on arrival. Anyway, I just want to knowthe correct way of complaining and getting maximum value from my complaints. I have lost £600 in hotel bookings in Turkey and I also paid for a night at the Ibis in Luton airport in order to catch a 6.30am flight as well as 10 days parking at Airparks. Thanks
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