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  1. Contract expired Dec 2016. No proof of rolling contract. Also company went into liquidation October 2017.
  2. Just a few immediate observations, they havent provided any planning consent docs from local authority, The contract states it is a 3 year fixed yet their WS states it can be rolled over yet I couldn't see any evidence of this in the contract. The Company registration number on the VCS contract is incorrect and differs from Companys House. The contract is with Ashflame Scunthorpe Ltd which was dissolved 10th October 2017 contract.pdf Claimants WS.pdf
  3. Been away for a week so apologies for no reply. Thanks Erics brother and dx100uk for your replies. Going to prepare a witness statement tonight as it needs to be in by 1st April. Just received theirs today but nothing I have requested as been provided. Need to go to an appointment but will update further on my return tonight
  4. They havent got my email. They have made no contact with me other than standard letters demanding payment. They havent responded to any requests for any docs, Guidance on WS would be appreciated
  5. Just received a Notice of Allocation to Small Claims Track requesting preparations for the hearing
  6. I have just checked the MCOL website. It hasnt updated to state they have received the DQ from me (although I have a Post Office proof of receipt) It was updated on the 2nd to say they have received the DQ from the claimant.
  7. Ironically Ryanair have made a bank transfer into my sons account today. Time for the Letter of Claim I believe
  8. Cheers ericsbrother. They asked for bank details so would presume they bank transfer it. If they were to send a cheque would you not suggest banking it and informing them of partial settlement. I told them that their offer was unacceptable to which they responded that their offer was final. I didnt reply until I received guidance from CAG. As I mentioned in previous post, I understand you can claim on Insurance however feel very strongly against Ryanair and the companys negligence. I
  9. Thanks ericsbrother. Is it just a waiting game now until a court date is allocated
  10. Just to update you, DQ sent to CC and a copy to VCS and had confirmation that both have been received and signed for. Still havent received a thing from VCS.
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