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  1. Avoid this shower of charlatans, if it is not mandatory to attend then don't. I was stuck with Seetec for a year, just as bad as Ingeus if not worse. Good luck!!
  2. This makes me so angry, you don't have to be at deaths door to get ESA. I was put in the Support Group last year after my assessment. I wish these advisers would stop misleading claimants, GRRRR.....
  3. Just an update folks. Got the news this morning, been moved from the WRAG Group to the Support Group, very happy but also surprised as I have always been in the WRAG Group. Perhaps there are some decent assessors that work for these organizations!
  4. I tend to agree spitfire, profit is their motivation, thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi people, had the dreaded assessment this morning, had to be there for 08:00 AM, only myself there, apart from the workers/medical staff. I thought the assessment was very short, not even twenty minutes, the"assessor" said he had enough information and I would get the decision in 4/6 weeks time. Not hopeful really, but I do have a good advice worker here in Belfast who will do the MR and appeal if as I expect the decision is a negative one. Anybody else have really short assessments, what was the outcome?
  6. Hi people, have not posted for absolute ages. I have an ESA assessment next week, expect to score zero points, so then it will be a MR, followed by going to Tribunal. As you know I reside here in N Ireland and was wondering if any posters in this part of the world have experience of the process and what it was like for them. Any advice appreciated!
  7. Hi there folks, just wondering about the upcoming change to the ESA WRAG group from April this year. As you know I am in N Ireland, been in the WRAG group since June 2013, no reassessment in all that time and only one WFI in more than three years. As I understand, the new rules only apply to new claims after April 2017, or are they likely to move the goalposts again, you just don't know with this government.
  8. Make it £200 per day, plus expenses. The sheer bloody cheek of these providers/charlatans, home visits no less!
  9. Sounds odd, been doing some research and according to their website Dept for Communities, the maximum period on STS is one year. Any thoughts?
  10. Just out of interest, how long is this Steps to Success business for, a year or two? As far as I am aware, Ingeus operate by the same rules over here as they do in Great Britain, so be very wary of them. Although the DWP doesn't exist here, the Department for Communities more or less operate by the same rules, although there are slight variations on things like sanctions etc. Don't sign or consent to anything you don't have to, other members hopefully will be able to give you more detailed advice.
  11. Your benefit does not end in May 2017, ESA is an indefinite award. Only when you are reassessed and the outcome is negative, your award will then end and you will be invited to claim JSA. The May 2017 is a prognosis date, you may well be reassessed before or after the date in question, try not to stress yourself about it.
  12. Hi obiter, it seems you have been unlucky. Before the welfare reforms here in N Ireland, the system was very lax compared to Great Britain, people were never assessed for years on end. I suspect this is now changing with the welfare reforms, I am awaiting the dreaded ESA50 form myself, as I have not been reassessed for nearly three years and I am in the WRAG group!
  13. Hi Sparky, you are best contacting your nearest welfare advice service. Do you live in Belfast, if so there are a number of organisations who would be able to assist you, as far as I am aware the rules for mandatory reconsideration/appeals are now the same here as they are in Great Britain. Good luck.
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