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  1. through a broker. He knew it was for a residential property and have found out he did it for a higher commission
  2. Can anyone help me with a mortgage problem I was sold a buy to let mortgage without realising. The offer letter says nothing about it being a buy to let and I only found out a short while ago. I still have all the original docs if needed
  3. Sorry for the delay I sent a SAR a few years ago and received all the statements for time I had the card with Citicards. The problem I'm up against is both of them keep saying its the others responsibility and neither of them will budge on it. It did go to the ombudsman who's response was until one of them takes responsibility there is nothing they can do. I was like like, really??? I can send a SAR again to citicard and get the info sent out again but really haven't a clue what else I can do as I get the door shut by both companies Also I learned lately that Opus to
  4. I had a citibank credit card that was transferred to Opus back around 2010 I have tried for years to claim back the PPI I had been paying on the card for around 12 years. This amounted to around £5000 plus interest. Citibank totally refused to look at it as they passed the account to Opus as we didnt use the card for about the last 10 months before they transferred it. When they transferred the card there was an outstanding amount of around £150 which was cleared over a few months. Opus have declined any claim on the PPI as they have said the account was closed when they t
  5. Thanks for getting back so quick. I did think it was them playing games again but wanted to be sure Many thanks
  6. Hello I've received a letter from Restons today, please see attached. Is this a standard letter from them that they send out trying to put pressure on? It has been twelve months since I last heard off them and they say about me not withdrawing my defence for some reason. I was wondering, is there a time scale for them to respond to for my request and can I send them anything to relate to the matter being stayed? Or is it best to ignore? Please advise Many thanks Sorry, etter is to the side for
  7. Sorry, I must have sounded a bit to the point. I've just had a reply saying the €437.56 is their final offer and that a refund of £70 for the luggage cost to put on the plane is being refunded back the debit card. They have also said that if I am not happy with their offer to contact my insurance company. Their offer still falls way short of what I have had to pay out, along with the inconvenience and loss of holiday days. What should I do as to deal with this in the best way because I don't see why they should get away with this and I shouldn't be out of pocket. Look
  8. If I don't get a reply from Ryanair I am going to submit a claim in the small claims court. What address would I send the papers to as the one they have registered in uk is dormant. Can you send court papers to southern Ireland from the uk?
  9. Ive sent back a reply rejecting thier offer and put a breakdown in of my costs. I put in a breakdown of my costs and that I would not have incurred them if they had transported my luggage as agreed. I said I entered a contractual agreement with them and they did not fulfill there side of the agreement. Any costs that I incurred due to their error should be paid in full. Lets see what reply I get
  10. Ive had another reply off them with an increased offer now to 437.50 euros. I am now going to write back to them with a breakdown of my costs and that they should cover all my losses and that a compensation on top of my losses needs to be addressed also with not being able to fulfill my holiday experience. I don't think i'll tell them about court action at the moment and see what they come back with. What do you think?
  11. Id like back what the items cost me that I bought over there and some compensation for the inconvenience. We lost 2 days of our holiday shopping for things and paid for an excursion that only led us to shops because we had nothing. We had to buy everything, we didn't even have a toothbrush. Everything was packed in the luggage. Ryanair have been sent all receipts of what we have bought and can see we have not gone mad at all. I can honestly say we missed out a lot on the cruise as we had no clothes to dress up in for the evening events. We booked to stop in the Yacht Club, which is an exc
  12. Can anyone tell me what I am entitled to. My partner and I booked a weeks cruise where we flew out to Barcelona with Ryanair. When we arrived at the airport, our luggage and about 8 other couples luggage were all left in Birmingham where we flew from. I explained to Ryanair that me and my partner were leaving Barcelona that night and won't be back for another week, vWe were advised that the chances of us getting our luggage to the ship are practically none. All we had were the clothes on our back and a pair of shoes in the hand luggage. We had no choice but to go to some local shops
  13. Just had a letter back off Canada Square Operations. They are saying they are no longer the owner of the account and send all correspondence to Opus who now have the account. They have given me their address and customer services number. They have also said they have forwarded my complaint to them where they will investigate accordingly. I've been down this street before where Opus say it is nothing to do with them and to contact Citi. Its all back and forth and neither of them helping at all. I'm probably totally wrong but I paid all the ppi to citi and opus only took on the a
  14. Just had a letter off Canada Square, Operations asking for name, addresses, dob and utility bill. They are saying they cannot verify customer verification process. I can do all this but have been asked to send all correspondence to Canada Square Operations. I have sent the fos and the sar, shall send this in a brief letter with their reference or is there another way of doing it. Just feel as if i'm going to be messed around by them
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