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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys well heres my horror story. Girlfriend wanted to go away really bad so we went to Thomsons. In store my girlfriend got talked into buying a holiday to Tenerife and it sounded good so we booked it. When we returned home the hotel had bad reviews and people had said it was based on a huge hill that was unbearable to walk, especially if you had kids and we did have a 2 year old son. So I asked the travel agent if the hotel was far from the town centre and she said its not according to Thomsons website. I have the call recorder app so I guessed that as the call was recorded and I had nothing to worry about, at the worst i could complain in resort if it was very far as per the numerous reviews. So I took her word on it and we flew. When we arrived in Tenerife our son's pram didn't come through. I contacted a rep there who I recorded the conversation with and he said that Thomson's agent and not Thomsons had lost the baggage and I would have to call the airlines agent Iberia in the morning and in the meanwhile hire a pram and get reimbursed when I got to the Uk from Thomson. I immediately questioned this and asked what Thomsons would do and the rep just said they couldn't do anything in resort/at the airport and it would have to be dealt with by Thomsons in England, which i have the whole conversation recorded. Anyway the hotel did not have any prams to hire as the agent suggested and so we were left for the first 72 hours without a pram. The hotel also was on a very very long and steep hill which wasn't described and was so bad that whilst we could walk down it, walking back up it was extremely gruelling and tiring. The room we got was damp and had condensation and when I did attempt to contact the resort rep they were never in resort and we were told messages would be left with them but none were. We decided just to clean the room the best we could and I continually rang the agent on a day to day basis - Iberia, who 72 hours later found the baggage and said it was never put on the plane thus the delay. Iberia had the pram sent to our hotel reception. When it did arrive it was damaged and stained with mud and the wheels would not properly allocate and move. I immediately took photographs and thought that I would complain when back to the UK. When I returned back to the UK I wrote to the store I bought the holiday from outlining my complaint with photographs and also prove that on travel republic (another site) they mention different km distance from the same town centres that Thomsons did on their site and brochure. I never received any response from the store and so i complained directly to Thomsons through their website. A few weeks later i got a response from 'Sky Tours' who as far as I knew were not even who I booked with..anyway they said they could only pass on my baggage claim to a department in Crawley who they would get to contact me. As for the loss and misdescription they put it down to 'opinion' and said they couldn't do anything more. I then got a telephone call a few weeks later from Thomsons again who in the end told me they'd investigate only to tell me in the end that they again could do nothing as the mis description was 'opinion' ( i.e. it could be debated if a hill is 'steep' to one person to another's version of steep..etc') and saying that now as Thomsons could not pin point where the damage occurred they would not repair or issue a new pram or any compensation and as I did not take out travel insurance I breached their terms and conditions and am not protected. I have found this to now be the final draw to me and I am seriously considering taking the matter to ABTA and even the small claims court. In my opinion Thomsons breached their duty of care as they and their agents lost my bag and were negligent, They have failed to address my clear evidence of misleading distance in their brochures and information provided by evidence and photographs of the rooms which is different to that of the brochures which as this was a package holiday is covered by the Package Regulations Act from my understanding.. so what would you do next?
  2. Hi, I traveled from Chicago to Hyderabad (India) in July 2014 in a British Airways flight. After landing at the airport, i realized that one of my checked baggages has not arrived. I logged a Property Irregular Report at the Airport BA counter. since then i have been waiting for the update on my baggage. The only response i get from the customer care is that they are still trying to trace my baggage @ the Heathrow airport. I logged multiple reminders at the ba.com site but none was responded to positively... the only response i received was they were still trying to trace... Seeing the delay i logged a baggage lost compliant with my insurance company to which they wanted a confirmation from BA on the lost baggage. after a month ba responds stating that they were unable to entertain my claim for compensation since i was pursuing with my insurance company and that they have arranged to sent me a confirmation letter for the insurance company. However, i have not received any confirmation yet and am quite taken back by the irresponsible nature of the ba and its staff. I have been waiting for them to get my baggage or pay me compensation for the items I have already declared in to their customer care agent... I have been undergoing lot of mental pain and agony because of the loss of my baggage. I could not pursue this more effectively with BA for couple of reaosns.. 1. they do not have any escalation matrix on their website 2. the only way to communicate with them was to update the notes on their website or call their customer care which they never attend to promptly. 3. meanwhile my father expired and i was busy in the related matters for over a month. Please help me get this resolved. I want them to return my baggage or compensate for the loss at the earliest. I have waited for 3 long months and i think this is too much of wait. Appreciate any help from your forum in this regard. Regards, Sreenivasa Reddy
  3. Hi, I have just summoned the courage to pursue all my mis sold PPI policies. The list of offenders is Capital One: 2002 They were also charging me interest when my salary used to go into this account?? Should they be repaying this? Argos Additions: 2003 Cover Plus.I went into arrears and they passed it to a debt collection agency who also charged me Courts (via HFC Bank):2002 X1 HFC: 2004 X1 Halifax: 2006 X2 Bank of Scotland: 2006 I also had a preferred credit card account that my salary also went into (just under £3k per month) they also charged me interest... should they have done this? X2 Santander: 2003 A couple of the above mentioned have been paid off in full but because of the age they are asking me to provide original paperwork. Luckily I have located most of them. I recently tested the water and LVC paid out £3,100 without too much fuss. In all honesty I should have appealed but needed the cash to cover the festive period. All of the above mentioned have decided to make me jump through hoops and fill out a pile of paperwork. I hope I can post questions to the well informed members of this forum to obtain advice regarding my numerous claims. Any advice regarding dealing with these companies will be much appreciated.. Watch this space...
  4. Travelling to Zambia from Heathrow with BA, we decided to 'take advantage of the generous hand luggage allowance' as BA encouraged one to do. We turned up with two sets of hand luggage which were purchased to fall inside the measurement criteria i.e, one large hand luggage and one handbag each. At Heathrow the BA Customer Services Manager!!! denied our handbags with the spurious reason that they were neither briefcases nor laptops and he pointed to a sign which mentioned briefcases and laptops but had no mention of handbags. I objected that online reference is definitely made to handbags but I was flatly refused. There was no opportunity given for us to measure our handbags in a handbag bin (I do not even believe I saw such a bin-only for the large handluggages which our large hand luggage fitted) and a tape measure was certainly not used to dismiss our bags which anyway were within the 45x36x20 cm limit for handbag, briefcase or laptop. On complaining to BA I have merely been told they will not refund me but their reply did state that hand luggages included hand bags!!! Big deal! How can I take BA to court since they wrongly charged me 270 pounds for these hand bags which were within all the criteria of weight and size and type. I still have the handbags and the recent ebay purchase information of our hand luggage/hand bags as proof of sorts. The maddening thing is that the reason for rejection was so spurious!!!!
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/holidays/article-2157178/Summer-airline-rip-How-checking-suitcase-end-costing-260-bag.html
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