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  1. Hi, I have just summoned the courage to pursue all my mis sold PPI policies. The list of offenders is Capital One: 2002 They were also charging me interest when my salary used to go into this account?? Should they be repaying this? Argos Additions: 2003 Cover Plus.I went into arrears and they passed it to a debt collection agency who also charged me Courts (via HFC Bank):2002 X1 HFC: 2004 X1 Halifax: 2006 X2 Bank of Scotland: 2006 I also had a preferred credit card account that my salary also went into (just under £3k per month) they also charged me interest... should they have done this? X2 Santander: 2003 A couple of the above mentioned have been paid off in full but because of the age they are asking me to provide original paperwork. Luckily I have located most of them. I recently tested the water and LVC paid out £3,100 without too much fuss. In all honesty I should have appealed but needed the cash to cover the festive period. All of the above mentioned have decided to make me jump through hoops and fill out a pile of paperwork. I hope I can post questions to the well informed members of this forum to obtain advice regarding my numerous claims. Any advice regarding dealing with these companies will be much appreciated.. Watch this space...
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