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  1. Thanks everyone, We just got notice that we were successful and the charge does not apply. My partner is delighted and relieved to say the least.
  2. Thanks ericsbrother and others for their input. Just to be clear, do I need to point out which part of the signage is confusing or just that it is? if the former, which part should I point to. Sorry if I am not clear on this but which areas of the signs are not compliant? Also is there a part on the online form where I can make the point first about "the appellant does not believe etc;
  3. I have visited the site and can now correct a few things. Firstly there is a sign on the entrance to the site, approx. 6 ft above ground level. I have posted this. The entrance to the site is directly after a sharp right turn on a busy junction so you could be forgiven for not seeing it. I counted 18 signs around the site situated approx. 9 ft above ground.
  4. I asked a relative to take the photo of the sign and send it to me, he did but with his phone so apologies for the quality. I have just driven up to Lancaster so I will take another photo tomorrow and post it up.
  5. Sorry about the delay posting these but I had to wait for my partner to get back to me. I am attaching the NTK and the one of the signs that were in place. My partner counted approx. 11 signs around the car park but none at the entrance.
  6. Thanks for the responses and info. I don't have the NTK at present as my partner has it and she wont be here until next weekend so I will post it up then. the incident took place in her home town in Lancaster, so she is going to get photo's of the signage.
  7. Hi, the incident allegedly happened on 17th August, parking charge notice was issued on 21st, response was sent 1st Sept with p.o.p. The appeal refusal along with POPLA code was dated 6th Oct. I hope these images are better
  8. free meals and refreshments appropriate to the delay Does anyone know what this means? I was recently delayed coming back from Portugal. After 2 hours we were given a voucher for 5 euros (£3.50). A sandwich cost 5 euros so we had to pay for drinks. Am I expecting too much to want refreshments to include at least a drink with my sandwich, I suppose I could have had a packet of crisps instead.
  9. My partner received a letter from Care Parking saying that her car had been parked at Parliament retail park, Lancaster, and that it had overstayed the permitted 2 hours. She sent the requisite response, acknowledging being the keeper etc, She has received their rejection with a POPLA code. Can you please give us the advice as to what to do next?
  10. :wink:More this I think (winker) I didn't see the OP mention being married.. What a great attitude you have, if your partner makes the slightest mistake, no matter what the reason or state of mind, get rid!!!
  11. Surely by not going to the police and accepting a refund, giving the car back, thereby leaving it in circulation, you would be complicit in a crime
  12. I'm no expert but I would have thought that the first port of call would be the police. This is not just a consumer issue but a criminal matter.
  13. The only advice neccesary was given in post 2:roll:
  14. I've only just been able to check in and I have to say my flabber has never been so gasted. I wish I had the knowledge to offer constructive advice, I can only offer my best wishes for the forthcoming appeal.
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