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  1. I might have misunderstood the definition of senile. I thought it just means that her health and mind is deteriorating. It's not to the point where she can't make decisions but then she is really not 100%. I would say she is 70% of what she was. My advice was the link which I posted. I don't quite understand if that person has committed a crime? Or perhaps that he is just genuinely nice. I'm thinking too much of it and he is just a nice person.
  2. She is old and senile but still a lot smarter than me. I have no interest in taking control of her affairs. I just told her to beware of the person and innocent people don't normally end up on the news!
  3. Oh I see, thanks.
  4. I'm abroad and my mom is senile. She said she found a very nice old gentlemen that has been running errands for her. She has a few properties that she rents out. The guy managed to find my mom(landlord) through city council or land registry. Not sure. I think she said the guy was looking for some investments. Then today I finally got his email address and decided to google him. http://www.federalmanagement.co.uk/add-news/st-albans-director-disqualified-after-diverting-500000/ Is this something to be concern? I don't quite fully understand it. But it seems like
  5. Okay I went there to inspect the damage this afternoon. They removed part of their fence and replaced it with a wooden door into our car park. They put a skip inside there property but it is impossible to do that unless they move it through the car park. I've logged the case with the local police and they will go and investigate. Although there is no CCTV footage, it is impossible for them to move a skip into their side without trespassing. I'm going to try and reach out to the neighbor landlord again. I'm not even sure if he/she knows what is going on as I haven't been able to get hold o
  6. I was thinking of just getting a cheap wifi webcam and put it on the window overlooking the car park. I called the non emergency number and just logged a crime case. I didn't ask them to come over as I didn't see the builders there this weekend. However they have only started building the flats so it will take sometime and I'm sure they will continue to dump the trash in the car park and use our roof to store their machinery. Which is a bit of a problem because the roof is fragile and nearly 20 years old. This would've been so much easier if the landlord just notify us in advance and
  7. We have a 6 ft metal fence around the car park with a pin code lock on the gate. This car park is solely used for staff. Few months ago our neighbors started building flats/apartment next to our property. Somehow the builders has got hold of our pin code. We told them they are not allowed to use the car park. After several months of using it and leaving trash inside the car park, we have had enough. They were dragging heavy equipment through our roof and trespassing the car park without any consent. We changed the pin code last week and yesterday they broke down the fence. I've contacted
  8. From the seller solicitor?
  9. That's what I'm worried about. I don't want to spend the money and not get the house or have other legal issues.
  10. I might have been deceived or involved in illegal activity? I'm buying a property from an auction . The seller of the property isn't the owner of the property. It is an investment company that has signed an agreement with the real landlord. Their completion date is the same as my contract with the investment company but an hour earlier. The reason I think it might be fraud is because we have dealt with the investment company solicitors in the past. Their solicitors didn't want to say too much but they hinted that they wouldn't deal with that company again and what t
  11. We are planning to sell our flat and we know that our neighbors had issue with selling his property. He said the landlord told him that he can't sell it until they refurbish it to a good standard. He then went to his solicitors and they told him that the landlord has the authority to do so. He eventually refurbished the flat and sold it. But he said the landlord was even able to choose which buyer he wants and whether or not that they agree with the price. Is that even possible? Could it be that he has a shared lease ownership? I tried searching online to see if landlord has any control
  12. I don't think I was in the permit bay. But the warden said I'm in it. When I pulled in I'm sure it said "loading bay". The contravention is code 02. Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force. I received it via hand. It was all under a minute, the warden walked to my car so I ran towards him. He said I parked in permit bay but I told him that the floor marking says loading bay. He mumbles something about you need a permit to park in this bay. I got back inside the car and was ready to pull out then he signals me to
  13. I wanted to check if I could appeal for this?
  14. I walked out the car, someone said that a warden is giving me a ticket. I turned around walked to the warden and said I'm parked in white box that says loading bay. He said the sign post says no loading and I'm parked in a permit parking. I said let me check, then I walk to the signpost then got back into my car to drive off. He asked me to put down the window so he can give me a ticket. Then as I was driving off, he took his camera out. So I stopped on purpose to let him take a photo of me on the steering wheel merging into the traffic. I checked the website, it doesn't have a photo of m
  15. I see, at least he was kind enough not to give me a ticket through the mail which he said he will.
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