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  1. Yes, and yes not going to give in despite what some think and say.
  2. Anyone please, also I wonder why I was not placed back in the WRAG does this no longer exist.
  3. Told today I have failed my ESA medical all benefits stopped and told to reapply for JSA. I am 61 suffer with depression, border line personality disorder, high blood pressure (MH problems documented by a psychiatrist). At my medical my MH was not really considered. I was asked if I was violent and how did my depression anxiety affect me. I was told today I failed because I did not seem panicky or sweating (I took my coat off on one of the coldest days at the medical because I was sweating) the examiner even commented on how cold it was) I said it felt tropial to me, none of this ment
  4. I never said I blocked the emails, I just want to know who is responsible for finding the money they say they never received from my bank, them or me. I can prove if needs be that the money left the account. They have said if I do not reply to them either by phone or email they will find another way to contact me, this can only mean a house visit (can they do this). I don't want to play games I just need to know what 'rights' they have if any. Thanks
  5. I did that months ago paperwork to CAB and established PRA bought the debt and that I need to make the payments, which I am doing (as stated in email).
  6. After they stopped me paying online last year (they said they were overhauling the site) I set up a standing order which has/is being paid. PRA keep emailing me to say they cannot trace the first two payments, (well they left the account) I suggested they contact my bank and find out where they went (surely this is their problem not mine) Since then they have been hassling me, today they have threatened to take further action (action over what I am not sure) my bank statements show the money left the account, which is the amount agreed by PRA. I have told them
  7. Especially when it has also been deemed ok to send job seekers to work for free in large companies like Tesco and the likes. At least the health service gives back to the community.
  8. My GPs surgery will not give reports or letters (they say they get asked far too many times and do not have the time) I reckon DWP and the likes work on this knowing many of us will not be able to get that support. This is crazy as the doctors would not be treating and prescribing meds if we did not need them. Hope your surgery are not like mine.
  9. They asked me silly stuff add 2 plus 5 plus 2 subtract blah, blah, blah how did I spend my day he pointed to three things in the room and asked me to remember them - then asked me a little later to state them back did I cook could I get from a to b when out and about alone eating habits did I watch tv did I read did I have a MH councillor No trick questions as such but then nothing really aimed at genuine MH problems, just silly questions. He even told me what work I could be suitable for. I was placed in the working group which I appealed (and was moved into support)
  10. Strange that isn't it? - Good reason as to why we have to make sure we have proof of posting or else it would be lost forever.
  11. Every time I have rang them about a letter showing as signed for on the PO site, they tell me it has not been logged into their system - then oddly enough the next day it suddenly arrives and they tell me they are writing to me with the result, on a couple of occasions they have even told me the outcome over the phone. I think the people on the phone maybe give out the same standard answer when nothing else shows up on their screen.
  12. I know a lot of people who claim PIP and driving is their life line - like said all depends on the illness.
  13. Yes, your condition needs to have deteriorated or a new illness developed. Hope this link is allowed as it explains it all. https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guides/Employment-and-Support-Allowance/Repeat-Claims-of-Employment-and-Support-Allowance
  14. You can ask for a printout of your medical records/ I think it cost me £10, then go through it and highlight all the drugs, treatments etc. (not sure they will read it - but at least give it a go) have you been referred to any consultants if so, see if they will write you a letter.
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