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  1. Hi, I have an outstanding bill from Scottish Power of £292. This bill is a result of charges incurred between 18 months and 2 years ago. When originally billed, for an old flat I lived in at the time, I queried the charges and requested a full breakdown on a number of occasions. This was not forthcoming and they twice attempted to withdraw these funds from my account. I asked my bank to reverse the charges as there was an ongoing dispute. I then raised a formal complaint with Scottish Power. Scottish Power advised me that they were reviewing my complaint and would
  2. When you say wrong side of the road; Are cars permanently parked along the side of this road? Is there a white central line on the road? Was he committed to passing these parked cars when you first noticed him? I have work in insurance claims for 20 years and sometimes these cases are not clear cut.
  3. Hi all, I accepted an offer of employment from a company 3 weeks ago. I agreed a start date and handed my resignation to my current employers. The notice period is 4 week. I received an offer letter along with an attachment for me to sign and return to my new employers: I, Itokuzu, accept the attached offer of employment. …………………………………………………. Signed & Dated I signed this and returned it to them. Three weeks later, i.e. today, my new employers have now contacted me to say the position is no longer available and that the offer of employment is withdra
  4. Thanks. I have been dealing direct with the manufacturer re. repairs. For me to invoke the Sale of Goods Act do I now have to revert to the manufacturer I purchased it from 18 months ago? Can they say that the watch has been replaced, so the watch I now have is nothing to do with them?
  5. I was given a GPS watch as a present for Christmas in 2009. The watch gave me quite a bit of trouble, so I eventually sent it back to the manufacturein November 2010. The manufacturer supplied me with a new replacement watch in November 2010. Now, 8 months later the 2nd watch has completely died on me. My question is this - as the second watch is only 8 months old is it covered by a 1 year warranty, when the purchase date for the original watch was 19 months ago?
  6. I have PM'd Colin with the details necessary to allow him to review my account. I would like to see an end to this without the need for an arbitrator. That though seems unlikely, because there is something very much amiss with the details and records that Scottish Power hold for us and our home. At every juncture there has been confusion as to where we live, who we are, how much energy we have used, how much we owe and, most importantly as far as the current issues are concerned, a record of our previous correspondence. I think I have been reasonable up till now so I will continue to be
  7. Hi guys, Yet another update, and I am afraid it is not good news as far as Scottish Power customer service is concerned. I didn't ever receive my promised call back from them. However, I did receive another bill. This time the bill seems fine. The figures look correct and the amounts paid/owed are ok. I can glean from the bill that we are, as suspected, using less electricity per month than we were previously. We calculate our usage has dropped from circa £60 per month to under £50 per month. As a result we have paid off over £200 of the £700-odd we owe. Good news? Not quite.
  8. Hi Bazooka Boo and Hi Colin, I have spoken to SP twice since I posted on the 29th. On the first occasion they said that the account number I provided them (from the bill) was in fact for another apartment within our building. They said that they do not have an account open for our apartment. This is the same problem I had when I called them a few years back! The second time (when they called me back) they said that they had no idea about how the bill was calculated and that the figures did not make any sense. They could offer no explanation as to why there are two different en
  9. Hi all, I have a bit of an update on my problem with Scottish Power; After discussing the matter with Colin on here and also with Scottish Power direct (and after a few false starts where we continually received bills in weird and wonderfully incorrect connotations of our names) we agreed to a repayment plan of £100 per month over 24 months. This was intended to cover £60 usage per month (based on current usage at the time) and an additional £40 monthly repayment of the outstanding amount of £759.79 (although this has bizarrely jumped up to £770 in the bill!) Today, we received
  10. I am afraid there is very little you can do about the claim at this stage. You will probably find that your insurers have agreed to deal with the third party claim on a without prejudice basis due your alleged lack of co-operation. You could make a complaint about the handling of the claim to your insurers and ultimately the financial ombudsman, but even if your complaint is upheld I think their decision to settle the third party claim will stand. The problem being there is no proof that the other driver hit the brakes suddenly or that the passenger switched seats and drove th
  11. Typically shambolic claims handling by Esure (Sheila's Wheels). They should have been chasing this TCF crowd for a report long before now. When speaking to them make sure you ask to be provided with written details of their formal complaints procedure. The Financial Services Authority set extremely strict deadlines for insurance complaints, and they must comply. Advise them that you are far from satisfied with their claims handling service, or TCF, and insist that settlement deadlines be set. Also, it's always worth telling them that you feel your policy excess should be waived as compensation
  12. The only thing I can think of is that they decided to waive your policy excess before they realised that the third party insurers were disputing liability. If they did waive the excess and now agree 50/50 they might ask for 50% of the excess back. However, I think that is highly unlikely. Other than that scenario they cannot ask for any money back from you. You made a claim on the foot of your comprehensive policy as is your right. That is why you insured comprehensively rather than just third party, fire & theft. The worst thing that can happen is that if they do not get a ful
  13. Colin, I have emailed the online complaints email address. I would be obliged if you could confirm receipt. Regards, Ito.
  14. Your claim is genuine so you have nothing to worry about with regard the second visit. I know Cunningham Lindsay very well. Some of the biggest insurers in the country sub contract loss adjusting work to them. They turn over huge volumes. They have probably just lost the paperwork! Loss adjusters also sometimes conduct a second visit at the insurers request just to ensure the details provided the second time are comparable to the first and also, bizarrely enough, sometimes even just to provide an opinion to the insurer as to whether you look like you could have afforded the ring in the first p
  15. This is a bit unusual but I have known it to happen before for various reasons, you should press your insurer for an explanation as to why another adjusters report is required. I have never heard of an insurer making exclusions for items purchased abroad. Did you have the ring specifically insured? Some insurers insist that higher value items are added to the policy on top of normal cover. They may refuse to cover an item, or apply a ceiling to the settlement, if no additional cover existed. NOTE** The original loss adjuster was talking out of turn, and more than likely talking nons
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