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  1. Further to my comments above, I received a letter from Cabot on 24th March, offering an alternative solution: What you owe: £9631.51 What you could pay: £2889.45 Amount saved: £6742.06 saying I’d be reducing the time of repayment from years to a matter of months, and I could use this offer to clear my account in one instalment, or discuss a flexible repayment plan around the discount; all subject to agreeing appropriate terms of repayment. They’ll take into account my financial situation, arrange a repayment plan that’s affordable and fair, while making sure I can meet other commitments, and pay all monthly priority bills. *Personally I think they’ll not be interested when they realise my income wouldn’t amount to more than £10 per month being offered, and I can’t make a one off payment… - or do you think it’s still worth a try? imp, the other debt (MBNA) is currently 'stayed' at Northants CC, gathering interest until PRA decide to move it on
  2. Received an email from a friend of mine, as follows:- “Well....what do you think about this...in the post was a letter from Scottish Power. They inform me I have an outstanding credit with them (£13.83) which they have now paid into my bank.....I closed my Scottish Power account in October 2013 !! ....”
  3. Dx, my main priory at the time back in 2009 and throughout the years was to try to show my commitment to pay off my debt… however, my salary throughout those years was never enough to raise the bar Too scared to stop the nominal amount at the time, and on reflection if I had could be SB by now… but never mind that, because that was then… and this is now…x
  4. This past week hasn’t been easy to get through… Filed my defence via MCOL on 24th January 2017, and accepted on the same day. 28 days = Tuesday 21st Feb I called the court on Thursday 23rd to find out the status of the claim - they said I had to wait 28 days + 5 for service, so that would take us up to 26th Feb - a Sunday, which meant PRA had until 4pm today (27th Feb) to take this forward. Anyway, I called the court at 4.45 today to find out if this case was proceeding? – only to be told the claim will be automatically stayed overnight if they had not heard from them. So, I’m a bit frustrated at this if I’m honest… I would have preferred to have taken my chances at court; lottery Judge, with the *Notice of Default as my argument (see below) If this ‘ automatic stay’ happens, I’m now in the position PRA can reignite the claim at their whim, and there’s no time limit ! … and I’m not much liking that scenario it’s true PRA would have to pay an extra £100 to seek an application to lift the ‘stay’ and argue the merit to the court Judge (high % it goes through), and then they have to pay the hearing fee… are PRA hoping for a change in the law in the meantime? So I’ve made the decision to stop paying them the nominal payment, hoping that might result in them lifting the stay and us going to court to resolve this for once and for all, because win or lose at the end of the day, I’d have closure. And, if anyone has an idea of how I could prod PRA in commencing with their claim other than my withholding the monthly payments… bring it on; legal argument to strike out?.. and believe me I’d do it, let’s test the waters ! *Notice of Default – possibly invalid Not wishing to sound too desperate, I found from the comms log in the SAR, an entry: 09.10.2009 -time: 18.43.23 - NOD sent 09/10/09 EXPIRES 26/10/09. I believe the notice is one day short So the entry was made on a Friday, at a time the NOD letter would not have made the post until the following Monday at the earliest - the 12 Oct 2009 - and I have the A4 envelope it came in, with exactly that date on it. The envelope I’ve had all these years housing the letters from MBNA, has a franked postage stamp on it as follows: “0113448 “ – “London 12.10.09 RC4” - “PB524779” – postage paid 0072 (2nd class?) and a barcode on the envelope, and may highlight extra days that invalidate it. And MBNA sold the debt on 17 Oct 2009 before the rectify date of 26 Oct 2009
  5. Thank you BankFodder for your email; my reply as follows: It’s true I’ve read many threads on this site, and learned so much from the responses by Andyorch, dx100uk, the site team, and the many others who contributed… I wouldn’t normally highlight I’ve made a donation… but having just read a thread made by ‘connect4’ http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?417803-Lowell-BW-claim-form-old-Lloyds-Tsb-current-account***Claim-Dismissed*** – it had me sitting on the edge of my sofa, tearing my hair out just reading it… that thread alone deserves some recognition.... patience in the extreme… and deservedly gets my donation regardless of the outcome of my own situation. furthermore, it has to be said, without this fantastic website I would definitely be a whole lot worse off without the outstanding support I’ve been offered/given so far…. and quite possibly in the near future. We all need to support this service to keep it going…. making a donation, no matter how small, will help to ensure the people it serves, you and I, are given the help we need.
  6. Take heart Dotty, I took the comment to help us all here that might read through that thread, not to get caught up with specifics within it and was referring to certain aspects being discussed all those years ago… for example the ‘rescission argument’ etc…. Otherwise, your thread was very helpful to me in several ways and that is what dx intended… *like most men, who are short on explaining themselves, us girls have to read between the lines.
  7. After reading through the SAR info I’m really starting to doubt myself now found an entry under 09 Oct 2009 – NOD sent 09/10/09 Expires 26/10/09 7726.85 934.12 (NOD must refer to notice of default) under 19 Oct 2009 - ***SOLD to Credite Limited 17OCT2009 balance at sale was 7726.85 in other entries: under ‘Autoscore Report’ found: date received 28.06.2007 (date as seen on the CCA sent) and then on a screen shot: open date 03.07.2009 (which would tally I guess with the PoC) I‘ve just noticed the covering letter from PRA dtd 23.01.2017 in response to my CCA s78 clearly states “Outstanding Balance: £8,587.00” - however the PoC states £8011.93. Guess I’m not the only one getting their knickers in a twist sorry for being a pest if the above has no relevance
  8. chips and curry sauce all round then... sorry about my flippant response but this DCA really frighten me
  9. thank you dx for the above - meanwhile moving on.... Something I may have omitted to tell you earlier: The purported CCA received from PRA and the SAR version from MBNA is identical, each state a same ‘REF’ This “ref” is not recognised by me However, the same version of that CCA received from PRA in response to my s78 has a hand written number noted on the very top of that document is that allowed? ps... I'm not leaving anything to chance and currently attempting to compose a Witness Statement just in case PRA respond to my defence.
  10. Just received a response to my SAR to MBNA Having had a quick flick through, Card type: preferred mastercard I’ve just found out when MBNA actually sold the debt: on 17 October 2009 to Experto Credite – I never received Notice of Assignment at the time So can I ask this (probably stupid question) if E.Cred, Aktiv & PRA are all one group why does the Particulars of Claim state: on 29.02.2012 the debt assigned to Aktiv and not the above?
  11. can I mention in my witness statement about the questionable validity of the CCA and the different dates?
  12. how can they get away with that? hadn't realised the dates didn't match... thanks
  13. I could convert jpg to pdf… but not if I altered the jpg to redact the personal info So if anyone out there has the same problem and doesn’t want to spend £££ getting the software you can do this: On paint Redact the personal info Resize to 50 Rotate left 90 Print Scan again Convert to PDF back to the cca I received to my mind they’re making it look like an online application – not true, I know I wouldn’t have done that - besides I’d never owned a computer until October 2007. They’ve even ticked the box for PPI, I know darn well I wouldn’t have ticked that, and in fact remember telephoning them shortly after getting a statement querying this payment… I got a refund and they took this PPI off my account But more importantly, I found from reading the threads is the default notice, and the lack of one. I’m waiting for sight of this in their disclosure or CPR 31.14 whichever is sooner. I know if they’d sent me one I’d still have it in my possession, I even approached CAB recently to look on my file just in case it was being held on there by mistake. letter & CCA Agreement.pdf
  14. here's the thing... I've tried that dx maybe I'm missing something, so i'll give it another go tomorrow...x
  15. update Hello there Given I’d not heard from PRA GROUP re: my CCA request; or the CPR 31.14 …. which I understand from reading the posts rarely ever is… . I filed my defence yesterday (24th Jan) on MOCL at 13.16 – and they acknowledged receipt at 14.01 before the deadline of 4pm. Today 25th Jan, I received a letter from PRA dated 23.01.2017 – sent by royal mail 2nd class (kept the envelope) with an enclosure… the CCA agreement. *Our letters, in this particular district, only gets delivered on or shortly after 2pm. I would like to post this letter and agreement for any help you can give, and can convert to PDF. However, as soon as I take out the personal details it will not convert to a PDF..? Not too sure where I am going wrong… argh very frustrating…. but I’m on windows 8.1 if that helps Oh and ps… to dx please, if you’ve had razor blades for breakfast this morning please do not reply… . because I’m not in the mood… blocked kitchen sink since Saturday and might have to tell you to ‘giveover’… or go jump off that ‘Pier’ No worries folks... private joke ‘wink, wink’
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