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Found 8 results

  1. Miss-sold a product, received final response from ombudsman whom stated that we were an accidental landlords, the Financial Ombudsman went onto say that the bank, Yorkshire Bank, had missing paper work. They ruled in the favour of the bank, we fought back, by saying it was an unfair process, as they had missing paper work but the financial ombudsman said they had treated us fair, so would not re-open the case. We went back to the ombudsman and stated this was an unfair process, as it was not true and Yorkshire Bank is misleading. The ombudsman stood by their decision but said we could take them to court, in which we have just started court action. I later found information in our own filing cabinet that showed upon mortgage application that the house was tenanted by our daughter and we had made it clear and it was stated clearly on the application. As we went through that information it became clear that the bank had mislead the ombudsman, they had not informed them that we already had a mortgage on our own property from the same company, when we were filling in paper work, we agreed to questions like, are you paying for a residential mortgage, we answered yes thinking it was this property we live in as the advisor had just been speaking about it. The product we had wanted was a buy to let, on interest, we ended up getting a residential mortgage on payment plan, we didn’t know what this was as no information was provided, so never questioned it as thought it was a buy to let. They also mis-sold another product at the same time, which was a signature account once that complaint was made we received a final response from Yorkshire Bank admitting no liability, however, we took this case to the financial ombudsman also a year before this one and they found in our favour on that particular case, which was sold to us at the same time as this residential mortgage was, for a tenanted property. We have recently found out by Yorkshire Bank that this was not just missing paper work but the mortgage file is lost. Yorkshire Bank got out of this by saying but we have system files, it was these system files that were produced to the financial ombudsman, obviously missing out the information that we already had a mortgage before application and with themselves at our home address. Our home address is residential. Missing out the information that the property was tenanted before mortgage application, missing out information that we wanted a buy to let on interest. Yorkshire Bank mis-lead the Financial Ombudsman, plus the discussions with Helen, which they can’t keep on system files. I have been writing to them for months by recorded delivery, they would not respond, i used the last method I possibly could use, it was facebook multimedia site, we got them to speak to us, however it was transferring letters we had already sent to them via facebook. We then got a call from Yorkshire Bank, stating they found the letters in a closed file and don’t understand why they went in that particular file. During the call the lady made a mockery of the complaint, when I mentioned our daughter was a tenant in that property, she said, “oh your daughter”, although it was clearly documented. We have since then had four tenants who are not related or friends. That same advisor then started to tell us on the phone what the original advisor would have said to us at the mortgage application appointment, I said, “hold on a minute” your putting words in our mouths, that was not said at all. We have asked for a copy of the call but they said they will play it in a branch near us but we can’t have the recording. They admitted fault in another letter today with regards to no correspondence and put £100 in our bank without asking us if we would accept, we don't want the money, we want justice. Hence the court case. Is there any information you could supply us with or support us on, as I am doing this court case myself as we can't afford to employ a solicitor? We have also asked the bank permission as we are going to auction on the property but they said we need a valuation, we said it has to be quick and urgent as the auction is June 2017. We waited so long on them responding but never received a reply from them in three months, we have had to take the next course of action to help ourselves as the Bank has turned their backs on us at that point. I don’t mind the valuation, but June is fast approaching and this valuation in case there is a shortfall on the mortgage (all of this knowledge has been sourced by me from the internet) is not only our problem, Yorkshire Bank has contributed to this by not supporting us or responding to us, when we were desperate. We have also asked for email correspondence from them, they have refused, saying letter only. Because they did not respond to our other previous letters they have placed us in a bad situation dragging us along while times are getting difficult and trying to not get into the area of repossession, and now they think they can pull the strings and tell us what to do after all this time. We are not going to be able to afford the full mortgage and the council tax, our limitation is June 2017, hence the auction. We need some help or some area of support to reach to, we will do the work, this is not an issue, but please, some light at the end of the tunnel would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x
  2. Good evening, I bought a car (Car A) from Stetford Arnold Clarke, July 2014. I made a Payment for Car A against personal hitachi loan - £500 in cash and a Peugeot 206 trade in which was in good shape and just through MOT. The original sale was dealt with by a relatively new member of staff who really pushed the sale of an audi A3 as she drove one. What was alarming to me at this time was that the sales woman said the deposit had to be processed before the car would be dispatched from Glasgow branch. Payments started coming out monthly from August 2014. In September, the colouring of the car started to fade and I went back to Arnold Clarke to complain about this. I was told that a respray was out of the question but that they would buff. I then went back to AC in December to ask about my options with the car. The reasons about asking for this was due to my working commitments and imminent changes to my working life. Arnold Clark said this downgrade would take my monthly payments down if I handed the Audi back and opted for a cheaper car. There was also an expectation of a cash payment at this stage but I'm not really sure why this was, so I give over another £100. He then said, I'm going to ring up the people from Hitatchi and they agreed to 'take it back, no problem'. As a person who doesn't work in this industry, I was assured that this was the 'end' of the original loan associated with the Audi and he assured me this was the case. Following this, he then signed me up to the new loan (Car B) but at no point did he make it explicit that the new loan was being added on top of the existing one. This really didn't make sense to me and why would it? The very reason I was back in AC was to change my car option and the associated loan repayments, when in actual fact, I ended up paying for the total of two. I visited another few times were I mentioned to the sales staff that I would be more than happy to take any 'banger' they had on the yard. Surprisingly, this was not taken up as a viable option which was confusing to me as the staff were fully aware that I wanted to downgrade. I have rang Hitachi finance (who the money is owed too) who sympathised with my situation, several times, to see what I could do. The first phone call was from me to query why the repayment total was so much; totally opposite to the reason for downgrading. I now roughly have to pay back £10, 000, and I have paid about £4, 000 – the car in worth about £1200. I have rung Arnold clark several times and left all my details, but they have never rang me back. I also have sent them emails and they have not replied. So I am looking for advice – has Arnold clark done anything wrong? Have I any way of negotiating this ‘loan’? I have a lot of paying back to do and it feels like I have been ripped off. I would be happy enough with maybe having a big loan to pay back if it was going towards a very good car, but the car probably needs changing in the next 6 months. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. From reading through the comments, it seems that many people feel misled. Summary: I took out an audi a3 and put down a puegeot 206 and £500 deposit. After a few months I wanted to downgrade as repayments were too much. Arnold clark took the car back and settled the figure. I took out a new car on a more affordable monthly repayment. They didn’t tell me though that the new finance deal was added onto the first one. Now I have £10, 000 to repay for a car worth £1200. Is there anything I can do? The questions I have are: 1 – has Arnold clark done anything wrong 2 – Have I any way of negotiating this ‘loan’ 3 – is my issue with Arnold clark or hitachi? 4 – What should I do next?
  3. I was a customer of scottish Power for a very short time and they failed to send a final bill upon leaving them. they did, however send the debt collectors round to an address some 300 miles away that had no association with mine and failed miserably in getting the address removed from my data and couldn't be bothered to send me a bill at my correct address. When I got the Ombudsman involved they still dragged their heels for 6 months and still did not produce a proper bill, just a letter demanding payment for nearly 3100 more than the actual amount that would be due. they didnt tell the ombudsman the truth when it came to remedy and changed their version of events 4 times and the Ombudsman decided that they were not able to produce a proper bill so an estimate would be OK. As I had the correct meter readings to hand and proof that SP also had the correct meter reading but couldnt be bothered to actually enter them onto their system I Told the Ombudsman that I would be requiring transcripts of their conversations with SP as they exist and do the same to SP regarding all of the conversations relating to myself. The Ombudsman also fialed to inform the Energy Regulator that the dispute had gone on beyond the time that it should be reported and had failed to go to a Stage 2 dispute when they were obliged to by law. Today I received a letter from SP writing off the bill in its entirety as a gesture of goodwill but again tha amount they claim to be writing off is an imaginary amount. This has the advantage to them that they claim back a sum for VAT that they haven't paid the exchequer so they save even more money. Scottish Power are incompetent, lazy and less than honest, Ombudsman Services limited are not up to the tasks they are employed to do and lazy in their methodology and procedures are flawed or ignored so the lesson is do not give up when they tell you that you have reached the end of the line as they have a lot to hide.
  4. Hi, I recently signed up to a contract with O2. I started at carphone warehouse and was offered a 4g package with a free phone for the princely sum of £37 pm. Since the provider I was looking at joining was over the road I decided to go directly to O2 to see if I could get a better deal, You'd think you would be able to! Right. When I went over there I was told for the same network, tariff, data and same phone free the cost would be approx. £42 pm. At this point I obviously pointed out that I could get a better deal from a third party store. At this point the sales rep offered me a 30% discount on the airtime which would bring the contract in line with the offer from carephone warehouse, the only catch would be that I would have to pay the initial £42 for the first month and then a reduced rate of £36 and something. which would make the cost exactly the same. I would usually have said if you cant match that cost I will take the other offer but because of the time spent in the shop, the fact it was late in the evening, and they had the colour phone I wanted I decided to go ahead with the deal. The sales rep even wrote on the top of the contract that we would receive a 30% discount and signed it. We made the first payment as arrange then we changed the direct debit date to match up with our pay day. The adjusted amount seemed high but I believed it was because we had changed the direct debit date and without doing the calculation I would not have known at this stage that the price remained the same. This month the bill is still £42 pm. I contacted O2 directly over webchat but quickly realised that they would not be able to see the contract and thought it would be better to contact the store directly and speak to the staff member who sold me the contract, after all he said if we didn't get the discount he would put me on his family and friends personally which was a bigger discount. This has left me wondering why he might say this! I called them and he was not available but the person on the phone said he would get the manager to contact me the next day, that was Friday and I have heard nothing since. As a side note since signing up with O2 I was not informed in store of the price rise (RPI) that was due the next month and we were sent a notification of this on the 8th day of the contract after the cooling off period. I was given the impression I was getting O2 tracks free for a year but not told this expired in December two months prior to the contract start date and was subsequently charged for this service despite the fact I never actually used it. And I keep getting text messages saying I missed a call from so and so when I have had the phone on and next to me, not sure if the signal is a problem but it is very annoying I am not recieving all my calls when I should be, the network map shows this an excellent signal area and it is also happening in other area's. We left EE because of the signal issues we were having and now I feel I jumped from the frying pan into the fire and no longer feel I can trust this company like the trust we had with EE(T-Mobile) who we had been with for over 15 years. I no longer want a contract with O2 because I have contacted them 4 times in the last 2 months with complaints, I am far from impressed and feel mislead and undervalued as a customer. What can I do??
  5. I want to submit a challenge for a PCN I received a week ago. As a reasonable driver I did not realise that parking was prohibited at the location because there are a number of marked parking bays within the yellow lines and other drivers were parked there at the time. I have spoken to the local businesses and they told me that a lot of their customers have fallen foul of the devious CEO's who ticket quickly when the bays have been filled. They also tell me it damages their business because all other areas around the sites are all double yellow lined. Is anybody able to let me know whether I should just pay the fine or make a stand against it. The place where I parked is at the following location: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=Canterbury+Street,+Blackburn&hl=en&ll=53.743632,-2.483677&spn=0.000267,0.000517&sll=51.50476,-0.137362&sspn=0.035955,0.066175&oq=canterbury+street,+blac&t=h&hnear=Canterbury+St,+Blackburn,+United+Kingdom&z=21 Any advice or help would be appreciated. Liecalens
  6. Payday lender Peachy in dodgy radio plug When radio adverts for payday lender Peachy.co.uk stated the *representative annual interest, the voiceover didn't say 1,918% - it was instead read out as "nineteen eighteen per cent". Peachy is owned by Cash On Go Limited, which has two directors, Efim Frumkin from Russia and Kristjan Novitski from Estonia. The company said there was no intention to mislead. However, the Advertising Standards Authority has banned the "ambiguous" plug because it "could have been misheard or misunderstood". http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2013/05/this-driving-licence-renewal-s.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+mirror%2Finvestigations+%28Mirror+-+Investigations%29
  7. We found a holiday advertised at £1212 for 2 people (£606 each) from Newcastle to Sharm El Sheikh. The holiday was advertised at £606pp (not from) and the agent quoted us £1212 in total for 2 people over the phone but this did not include bags & transfers. he then asked if we would like to add bags and transfers and we said yes... that brought the total to £1475 which to me seems a hell of a lot more just for those 2 things! so he said he would search for a package holiday with the airline provider Thompson and that was quoted at £682pp. I said I still thought £76pp was a lot to pay extra for bags and transfer and asked him to call me back in 15min. I then searched online for low cost transfers which started from about £7pp return on a shared bus (40min journey) or higher for private etc When hen he rang back I asked if we could pay for the holiday without bags and transfers because we could sort our own transfers and contact the airline ourselves to pay for hold bags, he said we would still be paying more than the package holiday if we did that, he said the package holiday at £685pp is the cheapest we would get and that broadway travel only make "£10 per head" so we finally agreed and paid that amount thinking we were paying more for hold bags and private transfers. Once I got off the phone I saw the holiday advertised on Thompson for £635 including 15kg baggage and transfers! I immediately rang them back but they said the payment had been made and there was nothing they could do. I came to terms with paying the extra £94 thinking we probably have 20kg bag allowange which would be £44 extra for both of us but when I got my flight details this morning we only have the 15kg allowance! There was no mention on the phone of it being just 15 and we weren't asked if we wanted more (they offer 20kg and 25kg if you pay extra) after contacting them about this I spoke to a supervisor who confirmed that we could have had the holiday for £606pp if we had said no to bags and transfers which I had asked the agent on the phone and was told it would cost more that the package!! So it looks like we could have booked our own 20kg bags and own transfers at a fraction of the cost if the agen hadt not told us we can't book the holiday at that price because when according to the supervisor we could. also the supervisor hung up on my boyfriend on the phine and has not responded to my email after that call, seriously unprofessional. Sadly I can't cancel the holiday as they would keep 90-100% of the whole payment if I do! We paid on debit card which cost £2, don't mind that charge because I know what it's for but to be charged over £100 exra on your holiday is not a good start considering I should be excited and happy that we booked up.
  8. In a moment of madness I paid a three month subscription to an online dating site. Initially I was a free member but then I had an email from them saying that two people had private messaged me. When I went to view the messages, it said that I had to pay a subcription to view the messages. Because I thought that the people must have viewed my profile and be genuinely interested, I went ahead and chose the cheapest option which was for three months. However, once I viewed the messages it was immediately apparent that they were just a mail shot of general 'ice breakers' sent to everyone and weren't private at all and the people who sent them hadn't even viewed my profile. I immediately messaged the support department and asked for a refund but the office is currently closed and I notice in the small print that they say that you can't cancel within 7 days 'if you use the services at all'. Would my viewing the messages be construed as using the site? Even though I was misled? I would also like to know what I need to do to make sure that that they can't take any money out of my account in the future as they have my debit card details. Thanks for any advice.
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