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  1. How low can they get using covid 19 to pray on the vulnerable my personal opinion is do nothing see if they pay the fee they know they are going to lose and hope you back down
  2. No it wont be a quick fix but you wont be able to sell until this is resolved anyway as the buck will fall to you to pay off the previous person's charge. As I said your solicitors should be dealing with this. What have they said when you told them?
  3. BTW your solicitors are also at fault for not picking this up when they received the completion registration from the Land registry neglect on both parts
  4. Yes when you purchased the house the sellers solicitors would have given an undertaking to transfer with clear title ie no charges it will be them that your solicitor has to chase and if your solicitor has to charge for this work the sellers solicitors will have to pay as they clearly clocked up if you don't get it sorted you need to report them
  5. Your solicitor who acted on your behalf in the purchase should be doing this. They should have got an undertaking from the seller's solicitors that all the charges will be removed. Get your solicitor to get their file out of archive and do what they should have done. They need to write to the solicitors asking for the equitable charge to be removed. Why should you be out of pocket when the solicitors should have done the job they were supposed to.
  6. I am sure DX will come along but get that defence in by hook or crook find the email and get your defence in ask for a delivery receipt but keep trying money claim in the meantime
  7. Thanks DX could not find my original post. I did indeed receive a letter of claim but then requested the documents. Receipt of which are above. They are obviously panicking now as in a couple of months its statute barred.
  8. This debt is from April 2014. I had a recent letter from them saying the usual take you to court. The debt is for £580. I requested all the usual documents from them What they sent is a fixed sum loan agreement which looks like it was typed yesterday. A statement of account on their letterhead which they say this is the statement of account from the point of the opening of the account to the sale to their client. Surely a statement of account needs to come from the original creditor not something that is typed up by the present creditor. No default notice - they say dont have one No termination notice - they dont have one There is nothing on my credit report nor anything involving PRAC. There is a closed PDUK account from March 2014. The fixed sum loan account states April 2014. Where do I stand on this one any help appreciated.
  9. I have again requested the correctly dated loan agreement and default notice and the original creditor's statement of account and not what BW Legal have put on their letterhead. That was over a week ago and its all gone quiet - me thinks a claim form is on its way. Reading up on pre-action protocol BW legal should give me 14 days notice that they intend to initiate court proceedings so I assume I have notice of their intention
  10. But I imagine in court they will say but Your Honour we removed all interest and default sums so the only amount required is what the Defendant borrowed so why are arguing about interest/default when that is not an issue. The first amount is a think a payment that was deducted from me despite the fact that the loan needed to be repaid in one fell swoop.
  11. Their argument will be well we took the interest and charges off - you are paying what you borrowed.
  12. These are the documents I have received. How many companies are involved - MEM Consumer Finance, Payday UK and also Instant Cash Loans. They still insist the loan started on 30th April. docs-35.pdf
  13. I responded to them with my own response letter in replying to their pre-action protocol letter. I requested Agreement dated 30th April 2014 (their letter states this) (the agreement they have supplied is dated 29th March 2014) and it is indeed reconsistuted I can still smell the toner ink on the paper Default Notice Statement of Account Notice of Assignment Thanks for bringing up my previous posts I could not find it anywhere. My credit file in 2014 states a default but this has now disappeared and the account on my credit file says settled. Surely the default should still be there. Yes indeed it did get deferred as I have the payment debiting my account on 30th April and yet they say the agreement is dated 30th April
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