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  1. Also of note, I never received a copy of the repayment plan, all I received was a verbal confirmation at the time of setting it up.
  2. I did agree the payment plan and have stuck to it. It's taken 188 months for the disupte over the actuall bill to come close to a resolution however they've trashed my credit file with 18 months of 6 payment behind markers. The initial issue is I contacted them via letter after I moved out the property with final meter readings, new contact address and a request for a final bill. I would then have arranged a payment plan however after 6 months I hadn't received anything and a debt management company contacted me. I then spoke to BG directly and arrange a £15 a month plan however th
  3. Hi, I have been paying off a British Gas account for the past 18 months. I've a dispute going on with regards the amount as they've billed me for an additional 6 months useage despite supplying meter readings when I left the property. They've acknowledged their error and I am currently waiting on resolution. Ialso issued them with a DSAR which has just gone over 40 days so the LBA is in the post today. The values on my Credit File in no way represent the true owed amounts nor have they registered the 18 months of payments I have made. It simply says I am 6 payments behind
  4. Well, I thought i'd update this thread. After sending a LBA for non compliance of DSAR I was contacted by Vodafone Customer relations a few days later who then took it upon themselves to seriously review my case. I've just received the posted confirmation from Vodafone that the negative markers will be completely removed from my Credit Record and that I've received a full credit for the outstanding balance of £1358 (Caused by them terminating my contracts and charging me early termination fee) Thanks for the advice.
  5. I did do a formal complaint and this was their reply: SAR REF: DP/16/352 RECEIVED: 18/03/2016 OBVIOUS COMPLAINT: Yes SUMMARY CUSTOMER NAME: Mr XXXXXXXXXX ACCOUNT: xxxxxxx ADDRESS MATCH ON ACCOUNT: Yes CHECKBOXES COMPLETED, SAR ABLE TO PROCEED: Yes SAR REQUIRED AFTER COMPLAINT COMPLETION: Yes COMPLAINT SUMMARY OF COMPLAINT: ¿ The customer has an outstanding balance on the account. ¿ This has been referred to a debt collection agency and the customer is disputing this. INVESTIGATION: ¿ The customer had two numbers on the account. ¿ The number ending 345 w
  6. It just keeps getting better... While they are trying to fob me off to the DCA, they have told me the DCA name in question is CCM Prime however the default above which was sent to the wrong address is actually for DRS, a subsiduary of Ardent Credit Services Ltd. If you google CCM Prime there is no mention of this fictional DCA. Since I did a companies house search no companies knows as CCM Prime were listed I then had a look at at Ardent Credit Services Ltd on companies house https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/04691960 They happened to be called COMMERCIAL CREDI
  7. I was in a serious car crash and hospitalised. I got out of hospital in october 2013 and was back in within a matter of weeks. Finally leaving hospital in January 2014 and have been unable to work since. I sent LOADS of correspondance asking about reinstatement etc and they ran all over me, said they issued a default and that was that. As it seems the default they issued was sent to the wrong address! I think I've got a good chance with this going to the small claims court. The terms and conditions state that they have to give me 30 days notice of any increases.
  8. Based on what she has told me thus far, she wouldn't have been able to send me a copy of that document, however in her words "However we do not attach actual copies of these to your account, instead we simply record the fact that a letter was sent" Which hasn't been done. Nor is their a date on said letter an dit's also been sent to my old address yet again? They are required to give me 30 days notice of price increases so this makes me start to ponder what else they've got away with. The price increase quotes the following "If these changes increase your total bill by more
  9. It get's even better, having asked for the T&C's of my contract and also Any Changes to T&C's / Pricing Which I believe to be totally unlawful. How can you old me to a contract that you can't produce? And then I asked for details of any pricing changes including copies of any correspondance informing me: To which he reply was: However, in the treasure trove of old mail sent to my old address I found the following:
  10. Need some advice on dealing with Vodafone. I submitted a SAR request asking for all the usual (Contract Details, Pricing Structure, Allowance, statement.. the works) and eventually received less of a "Data Subject Access Request" but more a summary of screen notes: For instance I called to change my address and this is what they have given me in the SAR Now I agree, it notifys me of an address change, and could be considered screen notes however WHERE IS THE ACTUAL DATA? Changed address to what??? Now I know where I changed the address to as I have a tenancy agreemen
  11. I had supplied a typical SAR request to them asking for statements but was supplied a transaction list showing payments etc. I've redacted it and attached it to this post. I've highlighted where it says 31/07/203 WRITE OFF 520.85. It then shows 0 Balance outstanding followed by a repayment 30/05/06 for the outstanding amount and a further adjustment on my account that day. I was then harrased by 1st Credit up until 08/11/06 when I paid them the outstanding balance again. (This is especially vivid for me because I had been in hospital for minor operation). I rem
  12. Hi, I've been looking at reclaiming PPI from a 2002 loan I got to buy musical equiptment. After being messed around claiming they couldn't find my account details I SAR'd my bank at the time and sifted through 1000+ pages of documentation in order to find my agreement number, 160 days after the initial SAR request I was eventually supplied my account detals. Long story short it was single payment / front loaded PPI payment. I did however run into difficulties paying the account and it was "written off (term as per transaction description) / defaulted at £520 in 3
  13. CCA aside, should i have expected full compliance otherwise (Correspondance, terms & conditions, copies of all e-mails, default notices, deed of assignment etc) As it's now over 4 months
  14. Hi, Need some advice. I sent Vanquis a DSAR request over 4 months ago. I enclosed a £10 cheque which was duly cashed however they failed to provide me with any of the reqested documents (CCA, Terms & Conditions, Default Notices, Deed of assignment etc) I received a 3 page letter consisting of a demand for a further £1 for CCA and a 2 page document consisting of an abreviated table of transactions (I believe this is supposed to constitute a statement) Can someone confirm to me whether the £10 paid for the sar superceeds the requirement for an additional £1 for the cca.
  15. So I've read however I'm based in Scotland. My personal circumstances changed 3 years ago and I am now disabled. I'm housebound with nothing to do and all day to do it. With the major drop in salary and lifestyle adjustments I am actually in extreme hardship. I've had some decent success so far but just wasn't sure with Welcome Finance in regards to this second unauthorized account. I've had some success with a similar case. In Scotland we have legislation allowing a time of up to 20 years after the date of the "fraud, unauthorised charge, breach of contract etc
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