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  1. I rent a ground floor flat from the Housing Association. There was a leak from the flat above (also circle 33) which poured into my cupboard over a period of weeks. (Just found out today after I noticed a stench which smelt like a gas leak). It has ruined the electrical items stored in the cupboard, but circle 33 has stated that they will make good the leak from above and damp proof my cupboard, but I will have to claim on my own insurance for the items damaged. Is that correct? I thought they took responsibility but I could be wrong......
  2. So I decided to complain to Barclays (all the letters from DCA originated from them) about the post i was receiving and they investigated. Outcome was that they have sent a letter of apology and deposited £177 into my account with ombudmans details if I am not happy with that. I have been assured that it will not affect my credit rating as it is someone else's name on my address, but still am not sure...
  3. thx guys - will go down that road if I get another letter. Will keep you all posted.
  4. I am always open to trying more than one avenue if it works dodgeball.......Brigadier gave me advice that I used and I will wait and see if I get any further letters. If I keep getting them then I will see what else I can do that may work
  5. Forgot to say on the back I have written "If I receive one more letter from your company in this persons name, i will forward it to the financial Ombudsman and make a formal complaint."
  6. Received another one today - just wrote in big red letters "not known at this address - return to sender" Is there anything else I should be doing?
  7. Nothing as yet - received another one that looked like a payslip and just wrote in big red letters "not known here - return to sender". will update if anything else happens.
  8. okay so I am going to do Brigadier's way and will report back as to what happens. Hopefully I will not hear from them again and they go and do their job properly.
  9. Thanks Brigadier - I do not have the original envelope, but will just put their return address on the back of another envelope and return. Is that okay?
  10. Morning I received a "confirmation of residency" letter from Westcott's on Thursday stating that they have established that ****** is the resident of my address and to contact them for payment. They are acting on behalf of Barclays. This person has never lived at my address and if they had looked at the electoral roll they would have seen that I live with my sister. Do I send them a letter stating this or is their something more official that I could send? Thank you
  11. capital one still own the debt, so I shall carry on paying £2 to credit solution and send them nothing.
  12. I just need a little advice - credit solutions have written to me and said they might consider my offer if I fill out an income and expenditure form and any doctors information that I have. They definitely are not getting any medical info, but should I send a I & E form?
  13. Thank you so much Brigadier:-D
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