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  1. Just a quick reply to say thanks for the responses. I'm trying to deal with it, getting very (pardon the pun) little help from DW. I have the credit reports. Ugh...
  2. There's no point in whining about them. We know they're ripping the public for all they can, any way they can. 58% rates, 28 day account periods when almost everyone gets paid monthly nowadays. My wife has a debt of £2096 with Marisota and I don't know how much with Very. (She says she doesn't know the password! I'm resetting it.) And a credit card, and who knows what else hidden. She doesn't work, I have to pay everything. I want to work out a prediction of where this will all go unless dealt with now. I can use spreadsheets but I'm not sure how they calculate the minimum amount. T's&C's say: The word is INITIALLY. That insinuates there will be something different later. Or is it so simple as 4% of the £2096? That is £83.84 but they are saying amount due is £251. How is it worked out? Thanks.
  3. Hi all. My wife has a Very account and as the only breadwinner I have to make the payments. I get paid monthly yet they have a 28 day cycle. This is obviously designed to move the payment date 2 or 3 days closer to the start of the month each month. Unfortunately monthly paid customers, probably most of us, do not get to change our pay days, therefore the date payment is due eventually falls before the monthly pay day. This is to ensure that a large number of people have to pay a £12 fee for 'late payment' when they deliberately cause this to happen. It also affect the credit rating as this shows as a missed payment when they have changed the date to some time before pay day. My question is, if enough people get together can we change this practice? I have tried contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service and they say they have no authority. Thanks.
  4. Hi all. I have just done an accurate expenditure and income sheet which amazingly shows that we have £500 a month free. I don't know where it is in the real world, but that's what it says. My wife sent it off to BWLegal (it's her debt of £7k+) with an offer and it was refused. Their counter offer is that they want us to pay £375.98 per month which is 75% of this 'surplus'. Would a court find this a reasonable percentage!? If not, what would be considered a reasonable percentage? There are other debts, If I divide the total amount against an accepted reasonable percentage, it would be normal to pay pro-rata, yes? Thanks for any help.
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