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  1. I have the same problem with them. I’ve contacted them a few times to try and speak to them and either end up on hold endlessly or get back a standard “We see you contacted us before your last payment was unsuccessful” I’m currently under a DMP with PayPlan, I have told them about this and gotten back the same standard email. They first rejected my DMP offer but seem to have accepted it quite recently as the status has changed on my Payplanplus area. However, they’ve just sent me a notice of termination so I’m really at a loss with them.
  2. Not sure if this is the right thread so apologies if not. In April 2014, I moved into a shared accommodation property with two other girls. As lead tenant, I organised everything, all bills etc were in my name. In April 2015, one of the girls moved out. In October 2015, I cancelled my virgin media account as I was going to be travelling for work and the flat was really just a 'home base' for when I got a week off etc and so that all my bills were still going to the same place. Work was paying for my travel and accommodation in other places so it wasn't too big a deal
  3. I checked my credit rating today, and despite the fact that this account should have been closed, it is showing up on that as defaulted...
  4. Yeah I know. Among the reasons I voted labour. I'll keep this in mind and keep all paperwork. Thanks guys.
  5. Hi there. I've been living in my flat for over a year now, and we recently renewed our tenancy. The letting agent charged us a renewal fee of £132 (£33 more than the initial agency fees). When I asked what this money was for, they claimed it was for a credit check, among other checks (including checking with the bank that I had the income I stated.). I'm curious about their claims. For example, for the past few years, I've been hot on my credit report, and I'm well aware that they didn't carry out a credit check through any of the three main credit organisations. They also didn't che
  6. Hi everyone. Two years ago, I ordered a refurbished iPad from Three Mobile, at a cost of £25 a month. After a few months, I lost my job, and I missed two or three payments. I gave the ipad to my mother who attempted to change the account over to her name, and set up a direct debit, but she was told that the account number she gave didn't exist, despite it being the same one from my bank statements. I moved away from home and heard nothing from Three for months, until last December when they'd transferred my £42 debt to a company who's name I can't remember.
  7. Hello All, Back in October, I joined the local Bannatyne's Gym for the reasons people usually join gyms. I thought I'd be fine to pay the £37 charge for the 6 month contract. Sadly in December, my hours at work were cut and so the gym was the first thing to go. Since then, Bannatyne's have sent me two letters asking for the money, which I accept they are fully owed and I am fully prepared to pay. My only issue is, I cannot pay the whole amount upfront. Does anyone know if Bannatyne's accept payment plans? I have drafted them a letter explaining my circumstances and offering to p
  8. Update on Nat West issue: I wrote them a letter explaining that I owe nothing and that I'd asked for my account to be closed over a year ago, They wrote back 3 months later stating that they were giving me £40 as a good will gesture due to the issues, and an additional £100 because their response was so late. The account has now been closed.
  9. Well, I thought I'd got this sorted with Nat West, but now they're being annoying again. They looked over my account and agreed that the charges were unfair (They were breaking Ombudsman rules, basically) so they said they'd wipe the account if I paid £165 by the end of October. Which I did. And now, all of a sudden, they're wanting another £300+ from me. Not sure what to do, apart from complaining again.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me advice on the following problem: About 2 years ago, July 2009, I applied to Nat West for a student account, obviously wanting the perks of the interest free overdraft. Due to an issue I had with O2 and a hiked up phone bill, my application was declined and I got a simple current account. I used this until December 2009 to pay my rent, making sure I regularly had the money in so that I faced no bank charges. In May 2010, I stopped using the account completely, as I no longer had use for it. Unknown to me, however, there was a £20
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