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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there I am about to start proceedings against somebody in the judiciary and by a quick search I have found this website https://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk/ . Before I delve headlong into it has anybody had dealings with this Investigations Office ? All replies answered.
  2. Hi everyone I received this hand delivered letter today from Debt Management Services LTD. They say they are acting on behalf of Bradford and Bingley, I had a mortgage with them over 21 years ago and my house was repossessed. I have made payments on the account over the years but not anything in the last 4 years. The letter says they want to discuss any problems I may be having with the outstanding account. In order to bring my account upto date they want me to contact them. I can't find out much about them on the net, are they debt collectors or bailiffs ? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hi all, I purchased a steam iron from Currys about 5 months ago but recently it stopped working. I wanted to take it back under the year's warranty it had on it but when I went to find the receipt i saw that it was faded and barely legible. Turns out it was printyed on some sort of thermal paper that fades with time... either way, no surprise, they wouldn't accept it as proof of purchase. Has anyone else had this problem???? And if so what did they do to get around it? Not the most expensive item but ridiculous that I can't take it back through no fault of my own. They should print these receipts on better stuff. Thanks
  4. I have a Samsung A5 mobile phone which I stupidly managed to smash the screen on at the beginning of the year. I took the phone to have the screen and LCD replaced. I paid £90 and was given a 30 day guarantee. 6 months later the screen is coming away from the phone and the sensitivity of the phone is very temperamental. I got in touch with the person who fixed the phone and they have refused to help as it's past the 30 days. Now I am stuck! I don't feel I should pay for another repair when a bad job was done to start with. Can anybody give me and advice please. Many thanks ☺
  5. Hello. I have a Santander 123 account and have been paid interest, less tax, on it over the last tax year. I was surprised last week when all the tax I'd paid on the interest was returned to my account. Has anybody else on the forum received the tax back and does anybody here know why? Thanks
  6. Thank you in advance for any help, I will try and keep this as quick and factual as possible, my wife received a fine for no car tax, genuine mistake when the new system came into place, paper discs to online we missed the tax on one of our cars, and in the meantime moved house and did not get the reminder, our fault, genuine mistake. We had a fine come through the post so I paid and backdated the tax, set up new reminder for new address etc etc, I appealed against the fine for reasons listed above but lost my appeal, I paid the fine of £80 in 2 instalments 2 days apart on the 15th Nov 2015….at 6.30 am I had a knock on the door this morning from a rude gent element from a company called Marstons who is charging me £325 for non -payment of fines as he said the last payment was made 9 days late! and the matter had already escalated to the court!!! As I was due to go to work and I have a 5 month old baby and a 4 years old in my house , I paid it but I what I want to know is: Can I get the money back and from who? What is the process? I never received a 7 day letter or anything at all from Marstons even though the bailiff said it was sent, I asked him to provide a copy to which he said he did not have to, is this correct? surely if you are relying on something you must be able to shoe it, or proof of delivery? He only had a copy of a printout from his company is this correct?He threatened to knock on my neighbours door is this lawful? He even offered to fight me in the garden, is this legal? He said he could take goods straight away is this legal and made out to phone some enforcement truck to take my stuff away immediately, is this legal? Can I request a copy of his mobile video recorder ( camera) pinned to his jacket to which he told me everything was being recorded? He even showed me on his iPad the dates and time so of the 2 payment I made so I really do not know what the hell he was trying to collect? I understand the maximum i should of paid was £75 is this correct? I admit the fine was slightly late but £325 out of the blue, surely this cannot be right? Thank you.
  7. Hello All, Over the last few years i have received many letters from different credit agencies chasing me for an old debt owed to Lloyds credit card. All dealt with by filing in the bin. I have never contacted any of them or admitted the debt. Wrong, I know but that was how I decided to do it after reading some of the advice here. Thank you for all your reassurance. However, Lowells have now sent a county court claim form. I have read some of the posts here and again am grateful for the advice but would like to know how to deal with the specifics of this case. I believe the debt is over 6 years old as I think the last time I used the card was November 2007. I have checked my Experian credit history and there is no default registered (In fact my credit rating is good!) there are many address checks from Lowells and Lloyds and several others. The details of the claim Form are as follows: Issue date: 12/2/14 (I delayed posting this until now as i had to wait for my Experian pin number to check my credit rating) from: BW Legal Leeds 1.The claimants claim is for the sum of 397.41 being the monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a credit/store card agreement regulated by the CCA 1974 between the defendant and Lloyds TSB bank PLC under the account ref *********. 2.And assigned to the claimant on 30/06/13 notice of which has been given to the defendant. 3.The defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served and not complied with. 4.The claim also includes statutory interest pursuant to section 69 of the county courts act 1984 a a rate of 8% per annum from the date of the assignment of the agreement to the date of issues (10/2/14) being an amount of 15.82 I would like to ask the best way to proceed with this? Should I register a defence straight away citing the statue of limitations? As I said, I am not 100% sure of the date I last used the card or when it was registered as a default. I was living abroad at the time so don't have ay of the documents. Or should I send the CCA letter to Lowells and ask for a delay of the court proceedings whilst I do this? Will this be dealt with in time? My concern is that this is a new tactic by Lowells to get you to confirm your address and/or the debt. Many thanks in advance for your advice TMTF
  8. Hi guys, does anybody know how much it is to have the blade sharpened on petrol lawnmowers? My Oh has just got a Suffolk Punch petrol lawnmower, and absolute bargain too, it has only been used a couple of times, new condition, and even second hand these babies can go for a couple of hundred, they're £600+ to buy, so £55 was an absolute steal! Anyway, it's perfectly fine right now, we were just wondering when we need to have it done how much it would be roughly?
  9. Hi. Wondered if anybody knew what this phone number 07450198982 is ? It has called me 8 times this evening but nobody speaks and one call didn't terminate for 45 minutes. I haven't picked the receiver up since then as I don't want to have my line blocked again. I just hear the repeated message "You've been placed on hold, please wait". The voice has an English accent. I've tried calling the number back but get constant engaged tones or an eventual message telling me to leave my name and number, but it doesn't state who I am calling and it has just called again at 9.10 p.m. but once again left no message. It may not be a debt collector but since I have some debts, I think it's likely. Hope someone can help. If not, thanks for reading Dips
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