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  1. Yep it is a key meter, i have checked the meter myself, and a charge of £1.92 per week shows on the meter. Have to go to work soon, so i will take a pic of the meter tommorow and put up, just to make sure im correct.
  2. its ebico, ive been with them for five years now at least. Ive been on card meters all the time, and their website claims that even on a meter you still pay the same amount as everyone else.
  3. Ive been with my company for gas and electric for a few years now, on card metters for both. When i joined, i had looked on their website, and they sold both services as coming with no standing charges. Recently, having found out a bit how to read meters properly, i discover that both actually do have standing charges. I have screenshots of the website, which still todaqy claim no standing charges to. Apart from the obvious complaints, is it possible to claim these back? $And how would i go about it?
  4. ahh thats what im looking for. well i called union solicitors already, theyll get back to me in the next couple of days, ill keep this updated will see if i can get some basic advice before then though
  5. it will be a loan, and i will be required to pay it all back to. we are working on terms that are reasonable to both of us at the moment, and of course, it will all go through the solicitors to. I am trying to find one, seems a rare breed though :O
  6. yes, thats what bothers me most. will speak to union tommorow to see what they can find out.
  7. from the little info i have gathered, im pretty sure it would be, and i dont have a problem paying back every penny of it. What i need to know is if the local authority would be able to change the terms of the loan to make me pay it back quicker than the agreement states. Main reason being, if they can, and im forced to sell within five years, i lose the discount, and the whole exercise would have been pointless. I think ill speak to my union rep at work this week, and see if he can find anything out.
  8. i have looked at that, and he isnt expected to be alive for another seven years unfortunately
  9. ok thanks, ive also spoken to a couple of ifa's, and they dont know either.
  10. Not sure if this is the right forum or not for this one, but here it is. My dad has offered me an interest free loan to buy my council flat, which is all good, and everyone is happy to go ahead with it. The problem i have is, within the next five years, he may well end up in a care home, which means his assets will be taken to pay for it. Does anyone know, as the loan will count as an asset, if i can be forced to pay back, or sell, to pay the bills, or would the terms of the loan still hold, but just be transferred to the local authority paying for the care home? I have aske
  11. I've already cca'd them and they admit they don't have it does this not preclude court action?
  12. ok, i just wondered is all, i was specifically told that the job i had been doing for the last 3.5 years was not one of those on offer to the flexi workers. That is the only reason i didnt apply. Having thought about it tho, for the last couple of days, im going to move on after christmas anyways.
  13. I have been working for an agency for 4 years now, doing the same job, on the same site for 3 and a half of those. A couple of years ago, the company started taking on 'flexi' workers. A couple of months ago, i was advised to apply for this round of 'flexi' jobs. I asked if the job i have been doing is available as one of those jobs, and was told, in no uncertain terms, that no, there will never be a flexi worker doing that job. On that basis, i didnt apply. I have discovered yesterday, that indeed the flexis are taking over that job. Is there anything i can do? the flex
  14. Ahh thanks guys. What im looking at are several similar cases that have been through ET, hough i cant go into any detail atm. Ill have a look o the ET webby. Thanks
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