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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2010/feb/08/debt-management-plans-adding-interest
  2. They have sent annual statement they have not added interest since 2011. I have just let it lie since 2011 as I knew the judgement had not been paid off the complaint was through resolver and the letter above was their reply I just asked why interest had been applied to the account I have not mentioned the ccj . I have now requested all data that they have regarding the account hoping that they might provide me with a copy.
  3. no first national took me to court and i applied to pay in installments.
  4. THE OFFICE of Fair Trading will make legal history this week when it starts a High Court action against a subsidiary of Abbey National over its interest charges on hire purchase agreements. The OFT is suing First National Bank, which was acquired by Abbey National four years ago, over a "standard contractual term" the firm uses in HP agreements used by customers to buy consumer items such as washing machines and fridges. The OFT wants the bank to change a clause which allows it to keep charging interest to customers who have already gone to court to show they cannot keep up payments. Use of the clause can mean debts continue to grow even after a court has judged them to be unaffordable. It is the first time the OFT has gone to court under legislation introduced in 1995 to enable the regulator to negotiate with companies over consumer contracts that it regards as unfair. First National has refused the OFT's request to change its particular contract terms, and is determined to fight the OFT in court. A spokeswoman for the OFT said on Friday: "This is the first time we have ever gone to court on this legislation. This is a big deal for us." The legislation concerned is the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Re this was what concerned me
  5. i asked link financial for a list of transactions that have been credited and debited to the account. They have sent me a print out the letter above is from them when i complained about the interest. 2004 1092 may 2018 1822
  6. yes as i was worried about defaulting on a ccj i kept making the payments the amount left on the ccj was 1092 they added 1739 august 2004 then added further interest 2009-2011. yes i rang and they could find no record of it
  7. Ive tried to get a copy of the ccj but ive had no joy it had come off my credit file and I was trying to get a new mortgage I just kept paying the ten pound to keep it sweet.I I was worried about them trying for a charging order. I reckon ive paid about 500 over the original judgement
  8. july 2004 I continued making payments of ten pounds they then added interest
  9. Hi was a loan with First National for windows they gained a ccj when I defaulted I have been making payments of ten pound since then i have no copy of the ccj
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