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  1. Well, assuming there will be a trigger that sends me to UC, what would possibly happen? Will my JSA be forcibly closed and a UC claim automatically open? This is what I need to understand.
  2. Good question. It is because I want to avoid the hassle of a fresh new UC claim at one point in the future. This is the part that I'd like to know more about. The people at the Jobcentre seem to know less than me. Yes, I'm getting Housing Benefit right now. I had to go through the same procedure with HB. I was told this is the last time I'd get HB. Next claim would have to be a UC claim.
  3. Hi everybody, apologies if you've seen my question on some other forum, but I did not get any replies and I'm getting a bit anxious about this issue. Quick recap: - EU national, in UK for 15 years, but with an absence of more than 6 months (see below) - Never claimed any benefits until late 2013, till I lost my job, then left the UK for 8 months and came back in 2014. - Claimed JSA in 2015 (six months after coming back) but it was initially refused on the ground the 8 months absence would not entitle to any benefits. - Appealed and won, but was told I could only claim
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