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  1. Thankyou to all those who posted advice. I shall now go agead and register on the electoral roll. Hopefully nothing will change! Kind regards.
  2. Ok thankyou all.... Finally excuse my dumbness but,as i say i looked at my credit report a couple of times over the years and had no ccj's, besides i would not have been able to get a mortgage right?.... ...so does no ccj mean no debt? Or could it still be the debt could have been sold on to a dca and they're waiting for me to surface. The thing is the shortfall with the Woolwich morthage in 1996/97 was for about 50k, surely for that sum of money, electoral register or not, they would have tried damn hard to find me? If its relevant.....the Woolwich was taken over by B
  3. Thanks guys thus far, Citizen, i simply can't answer your question. After handing in the keys to the Woolwich i moved in with my parents for a short while. I closed a Barclays bank account and opened a new bank account at my parents, moved car insurance there, mobile phone, tax details/correspodence and although i soon moved from the area, i kept all correspondence there. i was living in another county when i applied for a mortgage using my parents address as a home address (i was living with a friend)........maybe i was on the electoral register at my parents
  4. Hi, I am seeking some advice and will try not to rattle on or confuse. My story: Had mortgage with the woolwich, and handed keys back in 1996, they sold house on at a huge loss in 1997. Parents received one letter for me which they 'signed for',then realised it was in my name so sent it back. I had moved away. 2002 bought a house. 2004 changed mortgage provider. 2006 changed mortgage provider. 2009 sold up and now back in rented. So for the past 20 years since i defauted on mortgage i've been self-employed, had 3 mortgages, a bank account,
  5. Hey people.... I've been very stupid and now i need some sound advise please. Been self-employed for 20 years and never paid class 2 national insurance. I never received any payment requests and only recently realise i was supposed to set up a direct debit all those years ago. I realise the implications regarding a state pension but that aside my concern is: Will i someday get contacted asking/being expected to pay 20 years worth......or am i right to assume they can only go back 6 years. Shall i now set-up a direct debit or will that 'expose' me.......and so should
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