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  1. Hi Everyone , This site helped me massively before and Thank everyone here . Recently I set up a Ltd company with a colleague from my old employment. He had the funds and I had the contacts and he spent about 2 K the company failed. I resigned last week well was partly forced to as he wanted money. Basically he was not committed to it threw some money in and went on holiday . Came back when it was not looking good he just continually give out negatives and every time I thought I ad a chance he would shoot it down. The issue is this. When we set up the business he purchased 2 laptops indicated he had about 10K in savings and would do everything possible to make it work. He paid the set up fee about £75 also the accountant and some business cards and some other expenses. I did purchases too paying for website etc and probably spent a similar amount overall. When he purchased the laptops I agreed we would pay him back for these as the business generated an income. Last week before I resigned he was asking me to pay him some of the company costs and the laptop and he would have the business approx. £600. Then he said if I would take the business off him ( we were both 50% directors) he would accept £2K . He knew when we started the business I had only enough funds for living expenses for approx 2 months as a result I resigned from the company. Then he has emailed me stating I said I would pay for the laptop in May and he is giving me 45 days . I do not have the funds to pay him and offered to return the laptop . He is emailing from his personal email and states he rejected the offer as the laptop is now 4 months old and he will extend to 60 days time to pay. We also had agreed we would be employed by the business but as no income of course we have not been paid . I am now on benefits and do not have the means to pay him . The letters are structured to try to paint a picture that is inaccurate and is designed to get at me as I resigned the business and he cannot operate without my contacts. Some of the emails came from his business email as a director then the last 2 emails from his personal email and without the older emails attached as they showed he was seeking personal payment for a limited company expenses. Any advice on what to do next would be great.
  2. Hi I have been declared bankrupt you guys really, really, helped with that THANKYOU ONE AND ALL and I am rebuilding my credit now and getting on with our lives. I included most debts abroad etc in my bankruptcy and this ncluded a Spanish mortgage. The Spanish bank due to Spanish legal isses even witht he bankruptcy wrote off all the debt in recognition of the UK bankruptcy also the Insolvency service discharged our bankruptcy after 6 months and stated they would not be chasing any further the Spanish debt .They allowed me and the Spanish bank to agree to sign the property back to them in return they would write of the debt. So Bankruptcy has been great and we can get on with our lives. My problem now on a recent visit to Spain we were approached about outstanding rent by the local rental agent ( as we had left with a small amount of outstanding rent a few hundred euros ). This was an apartment we rented out via this agent who lived in the site. It turned out the property was owned by a criminal in the UK and may have gone back to the bank. Also as the owner was in prison the property may have been the proceeds of crime ( previously the agent had mentioned UK police were interested in the apartment). The agent has been collecting rent for a convicted criminal in the UK who was in prison at the time. The agent approached us while we were with friends in a beach bar and asked us to go and discuss the debt ( we did not have time) we were visiting close friends in the area and bumped into the agent in a bar. We do want to visit our friends when we wish in Spain. How should we approach this if we meet again or I could write to the agent. Is there a reciprocal arrangement on bankruptcy as in these debts 4 years ago in Spain, were before we declared bankruptcy in the UK . We had no funds and returned to the UK as our daughter was ill and we could not afford to live there. We do still want to visit Spain do we just live with this we would like to write to the agent and explain we are or have been declared bankrupt ( if it covers Spain Any advice is welcome and to anyone out there this site and the volunteers that are on here are amazing.
  3. Yes have included the Spanish debts hope this post helps others that may be in a similar postion will keep you posted on how the BIG day in court goes re our bankruptcy. We,re getting there we have our good and bad days my wife has had a tearful few weeks, well we,ve had this for the last few years now to be honest. The recent letter from this firm really pushed the boat out in being intimidating (I suppose that is their job) you can read my old posts for the full story anyone. The old posts show quite a history just click on my profile and see old posts. I would just urge anyone in trouble this forum is a god send on each point and challenge we have faced this forum has been there. IF YOU ARE GENUINE THEN THIS SITE WILL HELP AND PROVES THEIR IS SOME GOOD GUYS OUT THERE !
  4. Yes only Barclays left or some internet banks that charge monthly fees NICE ONE CO-OP what does that word stand for co-operative Here is some insight into who NOT TO TRADE WITH IN THEIR GROUP http://www.co-operative.coop/corporate/aboutus/ourbusinesses/ Very prominent is their statement on being a democratic organisation of principle have a look here..... http://www.co-operative.coop/corporate/aboutus/our-democracy/ HIT THE VULNERABLE now as a major bank the CO-OP has become more like nearly ALL the rest in their ivory towers or should we say cash towers !. Who would have thought looking at the beating Barclays took recently that they are the ONLY major bank that accepts bankrupt clients !. Yes I am going bankrupt behind every bankrupt is a story IT may not be the bankrupts fault yet you kick away at the lowest and poorest members of society at your peril the gap is widening between the poorest and the richest CO OP forget your history and public perception it is starting to sound like politicians promises ! ! !. We lived abroad and before that paid all our bills and taxes in the UK for years people owed us money a lot of it and did not pay .We had to come back or starve (handouts from friends) We have been forced to go bankrupt but however it happens the principle is the same technology now prevents any risk to the bank (Barclays are not stupid) credit limits are restrictive and set so the only reason can be PROFIT ! . The bank likes to have a certain amount of funds to gamble with thats how they make their money or get in trouble !. So CO-OP action ALWAYS speaks louder than words ! just another organisation trying to be politically correct your deeds speak much louder.
  5. Thanks Guys . I got forms from Court today not long now ! I noticed Co-Op after many years have stopped doing bank accounts for bankrupts BUT looks like Barclays do which have to be set up after bankruptcy. This site has been awesome in all the advice and assistance it has given me/us we cannot reccomend it enough. As soon as possible we will be making a donation I hope everybody does when if they can. You know life is like a circle really I was looking back at old posts when 42man was helping stupidboy with his issues in 2008 4 years ago. Some of you guys even longer thats really useful also Uncle Bulgaria always quick to respond . Have,nt had the flight offer through from the Spanish bank so will be listing that mortgage debt too with receiver and forgetting about flight to Spain if receiver agrees !. The Spanish have been agreeing to take the property back for years maybe they need a little more funds from Germany first :
  6. Sorry I missed the link which explains the order enforcement process. I also wondered as we moved 2007 (our old uk address being reposessed) the community probably still have our old address could a EOP be sought and sent to our old address then enforced at our present address with this company NOT telling the court that we are at a different address.This way getting a writ uncontested and serving it on us !
  7. Thankyou ALL ever so much I started this thread for genuine help and I feel I have been getting IT . First some reassurrance when faced with such a daunting letter you don,t know how much even just a message of support like that can mean when faced with what seems a very formidable Bailiff company (or whatever they are!) I know and understand that some answers may not be totally accurate but the beauty of this forum is that discussion and assistance comes in from various members and any advice is genuinely given. That questions are researched by various people and a clearer picture emerges as the process evolves which does help a lot. I felt that Stupidboy is NOT Stupid at all and seemed very knowledgable there just seemed to be a little venom in his responses unsure why, whether that was just on viewing other peoples posts that with his knowledge he found it frustrating. When asked a simple question of his relationship with the company I requested help on, he got very defensive "nothing to do with you or this site" . I Thank you Stupidboy your knowledge is helpful but as mentioned it seems odd I have been very fortunate to get your input based on your history of use. The previous post by Site Admin suggests all is not right with this company..... not willing to join as a company and meet your requests for information to show they do act with integrity.... maybe your advice to me was right don,t contact them as there seems to be some uncertainty in their practices. One important point you mention re Euro enforcement order if they take it to the High Court here for a writ won,t they or the High Court inform me first or do I just find out when they get here ? ( i doubt the euro order has happened have you been in Spanish courts recently !).
  8. Any suggestions on another bank we can choose please just about to go bankrupt
  9. Hi Guys I have just read the messages above I hope Europeancommunityfees does contact admin and come through if they do, it may at least help other people like me, who genuinely cannot pay. Maybe even me still. I do agree with their blog about people who own property in Spain and have the funds available to pay and just choose not to, that is unfair on other owners in Spain particularly if they are using the property abroad. We genuinely cannot pay and resorted to this blog for help as the letter did scare the S### out of us. If they read this we bought the property with our life savings in fact we were buying 2 the company that sold these to us promised us a full refund as the 2nd purchase in a different location as was never built ! !. This was along with around 55K in other deposit funds never returned to us . The funds of which would have covered us paying and owning the original property. But sadly the many thousands of pounds we paid out were never paid back, refunded to us, the property got flooded we tried to stay in Spain renting a property as our property was never fit to live in having been flooded and us having NO funds at all to do anything. We came back penniless to UK 2 years having also now had our UK home reposessed . This is not the fault of the current owners at that site and we do feel for them. We did not pay the mortgage and expected either the community or the bank to reposess (we were busy trying to get enough food each week to live as we could get no benefits or work in Spain our daughter was ill we could not even get medical treatment as we could not afford to pay into the system !. Some friends clubbed together to get us back on a ferry from Santander and last year the Spanish bank (so slow) had agreed to take the property back as full and final settlement (even now the equity covered the missed payments ) they have dragged their feet the year before and since agreeing for another year! . They agreed to pay my flights over (cos we,re skint) through their lawyer . The fact is the bank signing over the property would allow the community to claim some of the debt against them and have a viable paying owner in the bank. But we have in the last few weeks heard nothing from the bank despite chasing them and are getting petition forms tomorrow from the court completed and doing our Bankruptcy I an still unsure whether to contact europeancommunityfees.com I have seen the blog and their directors comment below. As I understand he just needs to contact admin . If he would like to repost his offer of assistance for me or even on his blog my worry is that I contact him and then days later the writ arrives !.Or more threats we cannot take much more. I hope he understands when people have nowhere else to go they need to contact and seek help anywhere they can.If he genuinely can help please post on his blog. Anyone got words of advice on this first before I contact them. His message on his blog to the site as below. Murfe If you are from CAG get in touch. Let me know why you will not let offers of assistance appear on your site. Explain it to all Regards Eoin Hirst UK Operations Director
  10. Makes sense also you have to be careful I suppose as to their intentions, we are scraping the funds together to go bankrupt asap It is the only way forward for us.
  11. There was a another post here asking me to reply to them but it has dissappeared ! ! any ideas site ? Thankyou
  12. Hi Stu, Thankyou at the moment we have over the last 2 years had no credit whatsoever just living on our basic income and feel as our overheads living costs are just about covered if it is say 3 years then so be it. We feel the headache stress would be gone regarding our debts and we could just be very careful regarding our buget and get by. Murfe
  13. Never thought I would see the day I welcome or wish for bankruptcy how life can turn out ! ! .
  14. Hi does that mean I should not worry re the possibility of http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/courts/european-union-cross-border-claims/ex375_1005.pdf YOU guys are gonna kill me but the story goes on ! just got another Shocker today LOL but could actually help me re ALL the mentioned above ! ! I will try and keep it short After living in Spain for 4 years earlier this year being back in UK 2 years now. 6 months ago I received a tax demand for the business we gave back in 2006 to franchisee company now gone bust !. This was for tax due as estimates for a time period when we did not have a business in UK LOL (when I went to Spain i contacted HMRC and paid what I thought was final tax bill and confirmed living in Spain) Anyway long story taxation was,nt cancelled properly etc. I called HMRC told to appeal by letter explaining situation (did that) NO REPLY. This followed by 2 further letters of demand so called HMRC told next to send in tax returns showing zero 06/07 year and 08/09 write living abroad etc. Got a letter thought it meant all was clear as it said no further action (found out today it means nothing happening LOL. Anyway we could go into the rights and wrongs Got to pay TAX for a business we did NOT have ha ha ha ! .We responded to each letter immediately did what was asked seems like they don,t know what to do had a letter saying tax returns sent too late WOULD BE WHEN YOU DID NOT KNOW 1 any liability 2 found out after date to take action lol !. Right they came today to our home when I was out (hmrc debt people) actually same person who told me to send in tax returns which should stop it all ! ! ! They have said no more calls PAY IN FULL or they will start proceedings in CCJ now reading http://taxaid.org.uk/guides/tax-debt/countycourt REASON FOR PUTTING THIS ON HERE It would appear they would after court proceedings re CCJ failure to obey order to pay that they will go for Bankruptcy ! ! ! and rarely ask court for enforcement bailiffs or deductions from pay (amount owed is 29K ) I suppose no point in Bailiffs if the inland revenue could not get in !. IF THEY DO GO FOR BANKRUPTCY THIS WOULD SUIT ME FINE ! ! Clear ALL debts and although I have a good case I feel maybe worth not fighting this as IT would mean ALL my debts are virtually GONE in 12 months (low pay currently no assets ) Give me your thoughts please guys ! Thankyou Murfe
  15. Hi Guys, Thankyou some amazing information there only 5 Months in Business ! will be interesting what else you guys find out ! I called National debtline today who have stated we would have to have a County Court date and claim against us. He said that I should not worry about the European Enforcement order he says it only applies to a voluntary agreed arrangement see http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/courts/european-union-cross-border-claims/ex375_1005.pdf which does give me some concern as we would not have defended any such case in Spain as we would not have known having never communicated with any community having long left our last UK known address (reposessed) 2007. It mentions can be done in absence I think please review and give me your thoughts. He did a run through our income/outgoings stopped before finishing as we went into a minus. He says they may go to County offer £1 a month . We are trying to get funds together and have decided to go Bankrupt and put all this behind us. Even though most non priority debts are about SB or close we are left with a 98K from reposession that has been set aside so going bankrupt will kill it all off for good !. He give me a charity site who I also spoke to we think it will be quicker to raise funds ourselves than try to get money from some of these . Thankyou Uncle for the advice re dodgy documents and really liked the Bovine Excrement comment : Thanks really helps stress levels yo yoing all over the place you do help me keep feet on the ground guys Separately it may be a coincidence that the Spanish bank agreed to take property back in Full and Final settlement then we got these lot contacting us !
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