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  1. Hi all, I just heard this from my friend and I would be greatly appreciated if anyone could offer some suggestions of what other supports she could claim please. My friend was made redundant last year Sept, after spent months of searching for another job but to no avail, she started to claim for JSA in last year Nov. She has then tried very hard to cope with the demands from the JSA advisers in order to make sure that she received the basic fund supports from the gov. In Dec she was suddenly asked to sign on every week then every day instead every fortnight which she raised n
  2. Hi, Thank you so much for providing such detailed answers for each question. I already handed in the form and unsurprisingly I did not get any payment for the two weeks. I have no clues of why exactly they stopped it as I have received no letter from them at all. I will wait till the end of next week to see if there are any letters by then.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for sharing your daughter's experience with the JC here. I really do not know why I was picked but I am definitely one of their target. I've listed the questions on the form below, if anyone is interested to read: Which jobcentres did you use to look for jobs and on what dates did you visit or contact? Which newspapers did you check for jobs and on what dates did you check? What employment agencies are you registered with and on what dates did you visit or contact them? What other steps did you take to find work and on what dates did you take th
  4. Well, yes! They are indeed very good at sanctioning people!!
  5. Thank you. I agree with you. I really feel like they kinda wanna trip me up.....
  6. Hi, I was previously told by my adviser screenshots of my mailbox are required to prove that I am actively looking for works. For months there were never any problems with my job search. However now I am given some forms called Actively seeking employment (with questions like what did you do, when did you do it, job details etc) by the JC staff, she told me to fill it in and then show it to her tomorrow. I really do not know why this happened as she obviously cannot be bothered to explain it to me. It somehow makes me feel that she did not trust the evidences I provided at all
  7. Thank you, for all your help! I will wait until next week Wednesday. Hope that I will receive my case number from the court soon....
  8. Yes I sent it to the County Court Money Claims Centre. I am sure I paid the correct fee as I posted the form in the post office. Thank you!! Thank you. This is my first ever money claim, and I have no ideas of how long the court takes to register and process my claim, and am worried whether the court actually received the form. I think I will just have to be more patient and wait for a few more days. Thank you for all your helps
  9. Hi, I posted the N1 form (3 copies of everything and the postal order) to the court on 23rd May and expected one copy would be returned to me with my case number on very soon. It's been more than a week, and I've still received nothing back from the court. I am quite worry at the moment and wondering if it has got lost in the post. I would just like to ask if anybody knows how long in general it takes to receive the case number from the court please. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you Andy, for sharing the link with me. I personally do not want to raise the claim online but via post. And I just really have no ideas of what this Fee Account No is referring to.
  11. Thank you. I've tried to google it but cannot seem to find anybody ever mentioned it before. On the form it seems that there are only 2 sections that needed to fill in by the court which are Claim no. and Issue date.
  12. Thank you Rebel11. It really helps me a lot. Just one last question, Fee Account no. [Does this refer to my bank account number which will be used to pay the court fees? ] Cannot seem to find any information regarding this part. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I am thinking to raise a small claim case against a MNO via post and I need some helps filling in the form. Any inputs will be greatly appreciated. In the heading of the form (Pg1) it asks about "In the [Do I write my local county court here or something else?] Fee Account no. [Does this refer to my bank account number which will be used to pay the court fees? What exactly should I write here? or Can I just leave it blank?]" For "Value" and "amount claimed", not a fixed or specified amount of money to be recovered as I am currently still being charged by the company until I
  14. How about "If they have lived in the UK before, When did they last leave the UK?" Does he need to tell the government the dates he left UK for holiday? Sorry for the trouble I caused you.
  15. Thank you so much!! I will pass this information onto him.
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