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  1. So I've had communication with Barclaycard following my rejection of their £75 goodwill guesture. They have now said that they have upheld my complaint but the maximum they can offer me is £300 which they will send out in a cheque. He said if I can send them evidence of the financial loss I've suffered then they will revisit the complaint. They are sending out a cheque for £300 but I fully intend to put as much evidence together and send it to them. At this point I'm still dealing with Barclaycard directly rather than going to FOS which in my view is a last resort but at this stage BC
  2. £15k as of September 2012, the only detrimental item not removed from my credit record was this card. everything else was within balance and properly paid/managed.
  3. hi there, Looking for some advice. I had some financial difficulties back in 2006 and defaulted on a number of credit cards. Barclaycard didn't default me but marked it as an ongoing arrangement to pay which I understand is common for them. If they had defaulted me in 2006, it would have came off in 2012. I have records as early as 2009 of me writing and phoning them to request the arrangement come to an end however they kepts auto-renewing it. I have just settled the balance of the account and it was closed yesterday. I wrote to them quoting the ICO on the guidelines for
  4. Charge them £25 for a returned payment and a £30 admin fee
  5. Just looked back over my records and I took the cc & loan out in July 2002. Was made redundant in aug 2002. Have no recollection of ever having claimed against any PPI policy ever. There would be no way I would have forgotten about both policies within a month of knowingly taking them out. IMO.
  6. Interestingly all I have done so far is write them a letter inquiring if any of my accounts (1 secured loan, 1 unsecured loan & 2 cc) had PPI on them. I got the standard response back (we're looking into your complaint and it'll take up to 8 weeks). It references one of the cc and a loan which has my old current account number as its reference. They seem to be treating my request for information as if I have complained. I don't have statements etc yet. My 8 weeks is up on Wednesday so I guess I'll see what they come back with and then SAR them.
  7. I took out a loan and cc with them in 2002. I am reasonably sure I applied online. I don't remember taking out PPI to the extent I was made redundant in late 2003/early 2004 and didn't use the PPI on either as I didn't know I had it. I suspect the boxes may have been pre-ticked but have no proof.
  8. Does anyone know if HBOS used pre-checked boxes for PPI if you applied online at any point? If so any idea on time period?
  9. What have you got to lose for the price of a stamp and 5 minutes to fill out a form?
  10. hi slick, I don't think I had PPI on this. I have claimed PPI back from IF successfully tho. As you can see from my signature I've had some success around bank charges too My credit worthiness once my default is moved is the most important thing to me now.
  11. The account is not settled so I don't see how that could happen? or was the agreement terminated when I entered the arrangement and thats why it'll remove after 6 years?
  12. hi there, Thanks for replying. The Barclaycard account does not have a default marker. It just says "arrangement". knox
  13. Back in 2006 I had some financial problems and entered into a payment arrangement with a number of creditors. Things have since improved and on all of them I am back to normal T&C (ie getting charged interest and paying the normal amounts). Except for Barclaycard. They are still taking reduced amounts despite me requesting otherwise and there continues to be "arrangement" on my credit file for this account. At the moment I am not credit worthy due to a default from HBOS (relating back to 2006) however this is due to come off in Sept. My concern is this "arrangement" marker may continu
  14. Excellent, thats what I wanted to hear. On a loan I had a default which I was able to get removed because they didn't issue a Notice of Default. This has put it back to the payment markers which shows 5 missed payments in a row. This was settled in 2007 so will drop of next year. Will lenders be bothered by late payment markers that are over 5 years old?
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