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  1. Happy new year everyone. Not so happy for me, so hopefully someone can advice me on a problem I am having now. I stayed at a serviced apartment over Christmas and when I checked in on 22 Dec, they took a £100 pre authorization off my card. Checked out on 29 Dec and thought nothing about it. Got an email yesterday (4 Jan) saying that there was damage to the carpet due to an iron burn. The damaged area is in a cupboard which I didn't even used and was most definitely caused by previous occupiers. They are wanting £385 for replacing the carpet. Checked my credit card statemen
  2. Thanks for your detailed rely. I decided to go with a GB plate instead as the dealer website never got back to me. I had to email them and they email the seller to see if it is still for sale, it seem. I like your answer 4, but I have an Irish mate whom relocated from ROI to Scotland. He had a 10 years old car with ROI plates and they unloaded everything from his car on both end of the Belfast to Cairnryan ferry to search it, including his spare wheel. Even here in Shetland, he still got pulled over by the police until he swapped over to a GB plate.
  3. You are correct, but what you are talking about is the depreciation of a new car, which will be the same if I paid cash for it. What I was trying to work out when I made my first post is the cost of this PCP example vs a bank loan. At £45.60 for 2 years, it is clearly cheaper than a typical bank loan at 6.4%APR. Also, after 2 years, if I decided to keep the car, taking out a bank loan of £7k will be cheaper than one at £14k. Now I have my reasons for going with a new car and they are: 1) Bought a second hand car from the same dealer which is showing signs of problems. Dealer is willing
  4. Yes, I have my MOTs for the past 5 years and do around 8500 per year. Which is why I picked 9000.
  5. I came here to ask to confirm if my calculations are correct, which blackknight did. I asked specifically about the cost of finance. I did not ask about the cost of mileage which is related to the use of the car, not the finance of the car. However I then get bombarded with misinformation and rubbish by people who know nothing about the subject (or do not know how to operate a calculator). The difference between £72.00 and £700 is quite huge don't you think? So is the difference between £23,675.10 and £15,810.60. I will expect a site that support the consumers at least be accurate and correct
  6. The dealer knows nothing about this, that is the problem.
  7. It is confusing because people who knows little or nothing about the topic start giving out nonsense and rubbish.
  8. Wrong, 1000 * 7.2p = £72.00 And this has nothing to do with the finance question other than to confuse the situation even more. What's next? 100,000 miles in 2 years means more added servicing and tyres costs as well? Maybe I should also add the cost of topping up the aircon as well? My question is about finance cost for a new car for 2 years, not the running cost a car for 2 years. I know I do about 8000 miles a year and I entered the correct information on the form and there is no need to confuse the matter further.
  9. I am planning to get a NI plate for a new car. To clarify, it is the XXXNNNN type ones, not the NN-X-NNNNN type ones. I am planning to purchase it from a numberplate dealer. My questions are: 1) Do I just pass the documents (right to use, etc) on to my dealer and they will register it with DVLA and I will tax and use it as usual in GB? 2) Will it show up as normal if I use insurance comparison websites? 3) Will it cost more to insure? 4) Will I get stopped and searched more often? (I seen this claim on some forums) Thanks in adavance.
  10. Should be -1. Wish people will stop spewing out nonsense and misinformation about things they do not know. I just came back from the dealer with a fully personalised quote after negotiation. Cost of car: £14788 Deposit: £4000 24 monthly payment of: £121.84 Finance Facility Fee: £10 Total cost at 2 years: £6934.16 (£4000 + 24*£121.84 + £10) Return the car after 2 years, walk away with no further cost. Keep the car after 2 years, pay GMFV of £7865 and purchase fee of £10. Total cost after 2 years: £14809.16 (£6934.16 + £7865 + £10) GMFV is optional, not payable if
  11. I am sorry but are you sure you know how PCP works??? According to this http://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/car-finance-pcp-explained/ GMFV is optional, pay up and own the car -or- pay nothing and return the car. "This final value then needs to be paid to settle the finance agreement, either by returning the car or paying out the remaining amount." Therefore: 24 payments of £146.90 equals £3525.60 Plus deposit £4,400.00 Plus Finance facility fee £10.00 Equals £7935.60 according to my calulator. If I decided to keep the car after 2 years Add Purchase fee £10.00 Add GMF
  12. Thanks to both. While it is true about it will worth less 2 years later, it will still be the same if I paid cash or use a bank loan instead. With a bank loan, the cost will be much more than £45.60. Thanks for confirming my calculations!
  13. Hi all I am looking at buying a new car on Ford Options and the online finance quote comes up with this: Finance plan Ford Options Finance term 25 24 payments of £146.90 Cash price £15,765.00 Customer deposit £4,400.00 Deposit allowance £750.00 Finance facility fee £10.00 Amount of credit £10,615.00 Purchase fee £10.00 Total charge for credit £795.60 Total amount payable by customer £15,810.60 GMFV (optional final payment)£7,865.00 Mileage per annum 9000 miles Excess mileage charge (pence per mile)7.2 So the cost of the car (before any negotiation, just li
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