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  1. Not yet, I had problems with Tesco refusing any liability about another incident 2 years ago (look on my profile for that post) causing me to lost £300. This time, I am going full force in writing with Trading Standards. Calling them is pointless.
  2. Update, after 2 weeks, there is still no refunds showing up on my credit card statement. Contacted Hotels.com and they still say I need to contact the property. However they are writing an email to the property too but I am not holding my breath for it. So I am contacting Trading Standards to see what else to do next to get the money back via Tesco.
  3. Like I said, check on my profile on my last previous posting. I was done over by Tesco for £300+ even everyone (here or TS) said they should be equally responsible and reverse the transection, I allow them to drag it out too long and lost that money. This time, it is a even bigger amount (£595 + £90 + £30). As you said, taking money when they are not supposed to + radio silence = alarm bells. Plus taking the remainder so early impacted my cash flow (CC bill due now) and I still need to book a new place. No happy, so not going to mess about with anyone anymore.
  4. I actually got a reply back from the local Trading Standards (working in the same department as them means I can email their manager directly) and this is what they say. "I have now had a look at the Hotels.com terms and conditions and they do state that for the booking you made they act only as intermediaries and payment is with the accommodation provider so by accepting this criteria there is implied permission for your financial information to be given to the provider. The conditions do also state that you should get notice of any cancellation charges from the accommodation provider on making the booking so you should check for this in any confirmation email st see if there are any cancellation charges. S75 would apply if anything other than the cot was paid using the credit card. If the payment of £416.50 should not have been taken until September then the accommodation provider is in breach of contract and by law Tesco Financial is equally liable." der." Now, that answers my question about why the property appears on my bill instead of hotels.com. Cancellation charge, well, here is my terms of booking: Cancellation policy Free cancellation until 11:00, 06/10/2021 (GMT+00:00) If you change or cancel this booking after 11:00, 06/10/2021 property’s local time (GMT+00:00), you won’t be refunded any of the payment. Now, it is the last one that is most interesting, if you look at my profile, my previous post before this one, it is another S75 with Tesco and they ignored all my claim, going as far as putting the blame back onto me. If they are indeed liable for this one again, I am not letting it go.
  5. Yes, I saw 3 separate transection in May right after I booked and phoned them straight away. The call was answered and the person was totally familiar with my booking, which kind of made me feel a little safer. That's why I do not want to pull the trigger and cancel right away now. I am giving them a little benefit of the doubt that something had happened. But I think if I still cannot get hold of someone by tomorrow, I am cancelling. I took the option of 30% now and then the rest 30 days before, as confirmed by hotels.com. It is quite alarming that my card details were provided to the property without my knowledge, not to mention the unexpected hit on my cash flow. I always thought hotels.com is the one processing my card. I also went for the more expensive free cancellation option, so in theory, I should lose nothing. The concern are the £30 and £90 separate transactions and the fact that the payment was not processed by hotels.com. If the property refuses to refund, will hotels.com be able to enforce it?
  6. Not contacted them (Hotels.com) again yet, I am giving the owner 24 hours to respond to either email or IM. If no reply after that I will contact Hotels.com again. Right now, I am writing to my Trading Standards for advise too.
  7. Ok, now I am at home and am able to type on a proper computer so I will clarify some points. 27 May - Booking made on Hotels.com, selected book now pay later option, total cost £595. 28 May - Three payment went out on my card, £178.50 deposit, £30 cot and £90 breakage deposit. 25 Jun - Another payment went out for £416.50. 12 Jul - Contacted Hotels.com who confirmed that the second payment should only go out on 9 Sep (1 month before my trip). Also attempted to contact the property via various channels. Further information - Even though booking was made on Hotels.com, credit card bill shows the property name instead. If I cancelled the booking, can Hotels.com enforce the refund? (it is a refundable booking)
  8. I had: Called them on the number listed on Google, not in use. Called them on the number listed on their website, no answer. Messaged them on the email listed on their website, awaiting a reply. Messaged them on hotels.com instant message feature, awaiting a reply. Property is Wimbledon Holiday Lets, what is strange is their website address seem to have changed in the past 24 hours (although contact info still the same).
  9. I never seem to have much luck with hotels... Recently, I booked through hotels.com for an apartment/house/flat/whatever for 9 Oct. I selected the 'book now pay later' option to spread the cost of £595. Payment schedule, according to hotels.com is supposed to be: £178.50 on 28 May £416.50 on 9 Sep However, I got charged £178.50 on 28 May plus £30 cot (fair enough) plus £90 damage deposit. I thought the last one should be an account hold or whatever it is called instead of an actual charge? Anyway, got my recent credit card bill and I got charged again £416.50 on 25 Jun, meaning I had been charged the total amount, nearly 3 months early. I contacted hotels.com and they told me to contact the property. I told them it is shocking that the vendor can just take money from my card out of schedule but I was just told to contact the property. Long story short, they basically just shoved me off to the property. What is concerning is the Google listed number is "not in use" and the owner is not answering the mobile. I am considering cancelling my card and my booking. This is where I need advice. The items on my bill are listed as the property, NOT hotels.com. If I were to cancel my booking, can hotels.com enforce the refund even though the payment was not actually put through by themselves? If I were to cancel and replace my card now, will a refund still go through? What about things like the deposit and cot (separate items on the credit card bill). Finally am I protected under Section 75 if I turn up to find there is no property for me even though I booked through hotels.com, my bills were directly to the property instead. Hope this is clear enough, isn't easy typing on a phone and my office firewall will not allow access to this forum. If there is anything unclear, feel free to ask and I will clarify.
  10. Happy new year everyone. Not so happy for me, so hopefully someone can advice me on a problem I am having now. I stayed at a serviced apartment over Christmas and when I checked in on 22 Dec, they took a £100 pre authorization off my card. Checked out on 29 Dec and thought nothing about it. Got an email yesterday (4 Jan) saying that there was damage to the carpet due to an iron burn. The damaged area is in a cupboard which I didn't even used and was most definitely caused by previous occupiers. They are wanting £385 for replacing the carpet. Checked my credit card statement and there is a pending charge for £285 but nothing for the £100 pre authorization charge. I have travel insurance with zero excess and personal liability coverage for accidental damage to property. So my questions are: 1. Will the £100 pre authorization amount turn up later in addition to the £285 now showing as pending? 2. How did they put a charge through for £285 when I only pre authorised £100? Can this be disputed and reversed by my bank since I did not actually authorised this amount? 3. Should I just forget this and claim on my travel insurance instead? 4. If going with 3, do I have to demand for a VAT (or smiliar) receipt from them? If they fail to provide, will it be possible for me to just claim using the email they had sent to me plus the credit card statement showing the fact that such a charge had been paid? Fact is I know I did not caused the damage, but what is the most hassle free method of not paying for something that I had not done? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your detailed rely. I decided to go with a GB plate instead as the dealer website never got back to me. I had to email them and they email the seller to see if it is still for sale, it seem. I like your answer 4, but I have an Irish mate whom relocated from ROI to Scotland. He had a 10 years old car with ROI plates and they unloaded everything from his car on both end of the Belfast to Cairnryan ferry to search it, including his spare wheel. Even here in Shetland, he still got pulled over by the police until he swapped over to a GB plate.
  12. You are correct, but what you are talking about is the depreciation of a new car, which will be the same if I paid cash for it. What I was trying to work out when I made my first post is the cost of this PCP example vs a bank loan. At £45.60 for 2 years, it is clearly cheaper than a typical bank loan at 6.4%APR. Also, after 2 years, if I decided to keep the car, taking out a bank loan of £7k will be cheaper than one at £14k. Now I have my reasons for going with a new car and they are: 1) Bought a second hand car from the same dealer which is showing signs of problems. Dealer is willing to take it back via trade in for £4000 and book price is £3050. 2) I am an employee of a partner company of the dealer so I get an additional deposit. 3) Also because of above, I get 2 free service, which I think cost £300-400. 4) I also get 2 extra years of free roadside recovery, cost about ££80 with AA. All of the above helps to offset the cost of the depreciation somewhat.
  13. Yes, I have my MOTs for the past 5 years and do around 8500 per year. Which is why I picked 9000.
  14. I came here to ask to confirm if my calculations are correct, which blackknight did. I asked specifically about the cost of finance. I did not ask about the cost of mileage which is related to the use of the car, not the finance of the car. However I then get bombarded with misinformation and rubbish by people who know nothing about the subject (or do not know how to operate a calculator). The difference between £72.00 and £700 is quite huge don't you think? So is the difference between £23,675.10 and £15,810.60. I will expect a site that support the consumers at least be accurate and correct with calculations about money. This forum was much better in 2006 where information was useful, simple and most importantly, accurate.
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