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  1. Many, many thanks webmaster. Everything is working perfectly now. Thanks again.
  2. To access your CAG webmail you should do the following: 1) Go to the page you normally use to logon to the CAG forum, i.e. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php see attachment 1 (below) 2) Click "CAG Webmail" see attachment 2 (below) 3) Enter your full username, i.e. "yourusername"@consumeractiongroup.co.uk (without the quotes) and your password N.B. Remember this is your WebMail details NOT the ones from the forum. They are case sensitive. 4) Click "login" N.B. Please do NOT set the "Remember Name & Password" box if you are using a system that others have access to. There are various helpful "How to" guides on the "Forum Guide" page, i.e. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?8
  3. anyone who has bought a webmail address from CAG (it was a £6 one-off fee last time i looked) i would think.
  4. my cag webmail goes into a solid wait state when i try to login. it has been doing this for a while .... i thought they had closed it down and i had somehow missed the memo. addendum ========= i take back every word i said. i have now logged on to me cag webmail and all seems fine.
  5. on 16 July 2012 i used my RBS Visa Debit card at LateRooms.com to book and pay for a hotel room for someone. on 4 September 2012 a £300 charge appeared on my bank statement that i did not recognise. when i asked the RBS Visa department about the charge they told me to contact the hotel. clearly LateRooms.com must have not only kept my card details, including the CVV code, but they must also have passed all of the details to the hotel. isn't storing a cards CVV number against he rules? can companies really "share" card details in this way without fear of recourse?
  6. I would like to add my thanks to NatWest too. Yes, i did have a problem. Yes, i did make a complaint. However, their resolution was excellent! I now have an account with NW, Visa debit card and pin have both arrived and I have just returned the activation slip. Furthermore, they, i.e. Mr Hester's office, have sent me a cheque for £100 PLUS a lovely hamper in a huge "Red Riding Hood" style basket. Lets hope that the big bad wolf doesn't slip back into his old ways ...
  7. short version: i signed for a recorded delivery letter that was addressed to my address but it's not for me. what should i do with it? just return to sender? fuller version: The postman came to my door & handed me his "signing machine" (pop quiz: what are they really called?) As he did so, he said, "i've got a lot for you today". (ish) As i was signing, he was sorting my mail from a pile he must have placed on the floor. He then handed me three parcels then a few letters and some junk mail ... sorry, important documents. For something to say, other than the weather, i half jokingly said something like, "what am i signing for?". He said "the [blue?] parcel & one of the letters". By now my arms were very full, therefore i was unable to look at any of the items. I thanked him, we said our goodbyes & i pushed the door closed. i placed the letters on one side and concentrated on the parcels. When i looked at the letter i noticed that it was my addy but not my name. Now i don't know what to do? I suspect the letter might be about a debt that O2 are harassing me for (there is a thread about this debt, in short, it's not my debt, it might be someone who lives, or might have lived, about a mile away but O2 insist i report it to the police yet they refuse to show me any documents to support it - any replies in other thread please) If i'm right, this means they now have a proof of delivery - even if i send it back. Help please ... asap tbh, i am really, REALLY worried about this as i have recently contacted whoever it currently is you contact when you think that Trading Standards should be dealing with it.
  8. UPDATE: Look what i got:
  9. Call that a horror story! LOL I initially applied to open a new account with NatWest online, however, at the very end of the process it just stopped. I eventually came to the conclusion that they had realised I use Linux and decided that they didn't want customers who could think. So I telephoned. process complete, they would send me a letter. letter arrived stating what id they wanted. Problem is my "main" account I run on an almost zero balance. So to get a "picture" of my finances I needed to show them two accounts. One showing my d/d's, the other my money. Problem is one is 8 sheets per month and the other six. I also sent them a copy of my ISA account ... that's a lot of copies. I got a nice letter, they were processing. then I received a rejection. When I rang them they said that I "had tried to change my name". Pardon! Really? I supposed it was because I had said that my current cards (with RBS who own NatWest) all show an abbreviated form of my first name and I had asked if they could do the same. She was really snotty, saying that it didn't matter and I would need to visit a branch to open an account (starting all over again). So I spent ten minutes making an appointment (to visit a bank?). The big day arrived, I went to the bank. No reception so I queued at the tills ... only to be told "just wait" (and a jesture to the other side of the room). So I sat and waited. 40 minutes after my appointment time I was eventually seen by the new account person. All very pleasant and positive ending with being told by the person opening my account that the manager was off that day but he was back the following day, he would phone me after he had spoken to the manager. That was on 14 May. I tried to chase it about the end of May. However, remember bank branches no longer have telephones. So I had to call some sort of "contact" number, explain everything to them and get them to pass a message to the actual branch for them to call me back (Telco's must be laughing their heads off). At 4pm on 19 june I dialed the contact number again. Again I explained everything. Again they would contact the branch and ask them to phone me - this time urgently. Guess what! Still nowt! No letter. No calls! NOWT! tbh I was just going to write this up and send it to their CEO when last weeks "fun" happened - I do wish I had the power to make the problem happen every week! p.s. I really can't be bothered writing all this down for the NatWest CEO so I have decided simply to copy it to him.
  10. sorry but you seem to misunderstand. the RM always get a signature, or so they they claim, for Recorded & Special Delivery, HOWEVER, when the signature is for a bulk delivery that signature is not shown on the individual items epods. surely if just one signature is obtained for more than one item then why not simply display that signature on all the epods that were being signed for? is that such a "wild" idea? after all, if i, say, won a comp to spend a few hours with the stars of my favourite group, football team, whatever ... and during that quality time i asked for their autographs, how happy would i be if one of them said "i'll sign for everyone"?
  11. hi, i am an unemployed single parent with one child. my mortgage lender has been allowing me to pay interest only, paid by the DSS, for a few years but now wants to end this. i live in an area of high unemployment with very little hope of getting any job that would allow me to pay my full mortgage. my outstanding mortgage is only about 25% of the value of my property. what are the pros & cons of releasing some of the value in my property so that i can use it to clear my mortgage please?
  12. "only stay on credit file for 6 yrs" ... "drop off"..."forget about them" - as in i don't need to pay them? it went to court. like a moron i agreed to pay the sums i mentioned - even though the Judge as much as told me i could pay less (yes, that did bite me later). frankly, i don't fancy "helping" O2 in the slightest way (in particular because of below). tbh, the way i feel i would much rather be a classic 60's sit-down protester. actually, i would love to contact the police and tell them that i am receiving a new type of "419" [problem] plus add all the details to the various 419 sites. what really upsets me is i explained everything to O2 yet they sent the debt to the first DCA. presumably they sent it back to O2 when i explained and complained. O2 again ignore everything that's gone before and send the debt to a second DCA. so i go through the entire CCA / complaint procedure again. now it looks like they might have gone away so i guess that O2 will simply send the debt to the next vulture on their list. given that there are an inifinte number of vermin in the world, this could go on forever. i certainly will, thanks.
  13. addendum - un-related to original post: some yrs ago (the 90's) i got into trouble with a couple of tsb credit cards. they were very quick to take me to court where i agreed to pay £27 & £17 pm, which i did for yrs. they also raised 2 ccj's. years later they wrote saying i was such a good customer, they were reverting me to normal credit card repayments plus full interest charges. as i couldn't afford the new payments, i contacted the CAB who negociated nominal repayments for me. question(s): why do the 2 ccj's not show on my credit file? and what are the probably implications for me? ... please
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