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Found 12 results

  1. I received a letter telling me I had a medical at ATOS. I have a form of heart failure which means I can't walk distances without considerable issues. Since the ATOS building in Glasgow is located far from a bus stop I asked that a taxi be arranged. ATOS procedures require that I submit a doctor's letter explicitly stating my need for a taxi. I managed to get this, and sent it first-class "signed-for", last Wednesday. I was getting a bit frantic when tracking this letter over the weekend, to have it reported on the Royal Mail tracking website that it was undelivered. Having checked yesterday, I found it was still undelivered . Half a dozen phone calls later, I established from Royal Mail Customer Services, that ATOS refuse to sign for any letters (this could be a responsibility-issue). Effectively my letter is now in limbo, but will probably be returned (...in a few weeks). I certainly don't expect to hear when I should expect my taxi before my appointment date. Has anyone else on this site had a similar problem? I've got in touch with my MSP to try and get this bureaucratic situation resolved. If ATOS are asking for letters on one hand, and refusing to accept them on the other, how are we expected to manage this frustrating bit of red-tape? ATOS are not just moving the goal posts - they're moving the whole football field.
  2. Hello all, Local postie has a regular problem with getting into my block of flats as they have no keys and sometimes there is no one in 6 flats to open the door for him. When unable to deliver, local postie writes on the envelope "No Access + date", then redelivers when next able to enter. Royal Mail did not deliver a letter from the council on time to me for the aforementioned reason and due to Christmas time delays, therefore I was unable to provide the documents that the council requested by the deadline and now my benefits have been stopped. I appealed against the decision mentioning how the Royal Mail operated at my address, but the council rejected it saying "it is not the usual procedure how Royal Mail operates". My inkling is that the council employee is making it up, but to be on the safe side - are there any "official procedures" for postmen when unable to access? SiB
  3. Hello, I took out a PO Box in August 2012 which was directing mail as it should to our real address. Payment of ~£276 was also taken by Direct Debit in this month, but Royal Mail failed to allocate the payment to our account. In September 2012, Royal Mail cancelled the PO Box for supposedly non-payment, just before we launched a magazine marketing campaign costing us £2,500.00. We were expecting approximately 200 to 300 responders, based on a similar marketing campaign launched earlier in the year. When we got zero postal responses, we assumed that the magazine had dumped our brochures. With hindsight, we now know that customers with a return address would have their cheques returned. Customers without a returns address may have their letters opened by Royal Mail, and then either sent back to recipient or destroyed. My concern is for the waste of the original £2,500 investment, but also the negative light for the customers that liked our advert and sent in a cheque. I know if I sent off a cheque and didn't hear back, or received an 'undeliverable' notification then I personally would lose faith in that company. This is very hard to put a figure on. Royal Mail have accepted that payment was made, confirmed that the account will become active in 3 working days (7 weeks after the marketing campaign was launched) but have currently gone silent on the matter of compensation. Does anyone have any experience on claiming compensation for loss-of-earnings, or dealing with Royal Mail in particular? Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated because this is new territory for me. Thanks, Alex
  4. Hi,I'm stuck in a catch 22. I posted a parcel special delivery to an address I was provided with. Unfortunately the item has gone missing, Royal Mail have delivered it but apparently not to the correct address. I have raised a complaint with Royal Mail, however they are insistent that the address I used isn't valid as it's for more than one address. On the other hand the company that provided me with the address are insistent that the address is correct. I have taken this matter to the Chief Executive/MD of both companies.Who is right, who can I can claim compensation from and what should I do next.See my article about this at xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  5. I placed an order from gorgeousshop online (around 100 pound), and after few days since I received the dispatching email, i wondered where is my post, so i check the tracing history. I was shocked when i saw the tracing history and the proof of delivery on the Royal Mail website. Because it showed that the item has been delivered to my address at 7:52 am in the morning, and I was even shocked that the proof of delivery showed a signature which looks like the initial of my print name. The point is I never sign anything in print name, simply because im Chinese and i sign in Chinese characters not English letter. And they said they delivered in 7:52am in the morning when im definitely at home. There are two things are certain that my delivery address is 100% correct and I didn't get the delivery. I'm truly angry that how come the Royal Mail delivery guy let people fake my signature which should be illegal i supposed. So I called Royal Mail after I found out the fake signature and miss delivery, they told me anyone has the rights to sign the post for me which is normal :mad2:. And when i mentioned the fake signature, they said they can do nothing, but only do investigation if they get complain from the supplier (the website where i placed my order). So I contacted the website, they said they will call Royal Mail and stuff, and I never heard from them again. What can I do?
  6. I searched for threads about this and found one which dealt with convictions and Royal Mail, so apologies if anybody feels I should not have started a fresh thread. I recently started to apply for a job as a Post Person with Royal Mail (in Scotland) and the questionnaire asked if I had ever received a police caution. I was cautioned over five years ago (in England) for a bit of freelance art a friend and I did and was advised that it would expire after five years - which was last October. I am a bit concerned that I have even been asked whether I have EVER been cautioned as this does not seem legal to me. I have worked with vulnerable people and have obtained several CRBs without any problem - even though I declared the caution but why should I be asked to declare something which no longer legally exists? I would simply not bother to apply as it isn't my normal kind of occupation but the Job Centre exert significant pressure to seek work even when the prospects of actually getting the job are slim beyond reasonable expectation. [edit] BTW - this seems to indicate that cautions should expire after five years: http://www.lawontheweb.co.uk/Road_Traffic_Law/Rehabiliation_of_Offenders_Act
  7. There is a current email alert doing the rounds about PDS which goes along these lines :- I have been informed of a current ‘[problem]’ whereby individuals are having cards posted through their door from PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) saying they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you need to contact them on 0906 661 191. Apparently making this call will cost approx £400. Should you receive a card like this, then please call the Royal Mail Fraud Squad on 0207 239 6655. I have contacted Royal Mail fraud squad and, although this problem was real, it has been closed since 2005 !!! If you recieve ANY notication like this it's still worth asking the RMFS on 0207 239 6655 Lex
  8. --- nevermind, resolved --- Feel free to delete this thread
  9. How do you sue royal mail? I have had a p.o. box with them for two years and their banking system failed to take the payment this year which neither my bank or royal mail informed me of, royal mail did not inform me of the cancellation of my p.o. box either. This mail box is used for business and is redirected to my home. I have lost lots of cheques from clients and god knows how much other very important mail, a days wage for both myself and my p.a. to write to customers explaining the situation, postage and the whole embarrassment and loss of face with my clients, which is still going on to date. The box was cancelled on the 30/01/2011, I realized something was wrong & on the 01/03/2011, immediately contacted them, paid for the service to be reinstated (which I was assured it would be put back into place straight away as they would contact the sorting office manager direct) but still lost further post for another three weeks. Surely this service is exempt from the protection of the crown because it is a commercial service and under a contract to deliver? I have had customers that have had to cancel cheques twice and they are not happy, neither am I as I rely on repeat business and recommendations from existing clients. Can I sue for the loss of earnings £400, postage £41, compensation £10k for loss of face/goodwill etc
  10. I received two (now three) parking tickets from Brent for briefly unloading a commercial vehicle on a single yellow line. I appealed, they wrote back to say that because my father is the legal owner of the vehicle they cannot consider my appeal. After discussing the matter with Brent, they requested hire documents showing that I was the keeper of the vehicle. I sent counter-signed hire documents by standard Royal Mail post, and heard nothing back for around a year (?). I concluded that the matter was closed. Suddenly my father has recieved correspondance from Brent, stating that court action is imminent over the parking tickets. He called them, and they claim never to have received the hire documents. They claim that it is too late to appeal or send further documents. I don't believe them, but because I didn't send recorded delivery I can't prove it. Do I have a legal basis to challenge Brent on their claim that they didn't receive my documents? Thanks
  11. Hi, all: Royal Mail lost my 1st class Recorded Delivery item over 1 month ago. I filed compensation claim with all required documents. Today I received letter from them saying sorry for the failure and "I have, therefore taken the following action: * Logged and reported the full details of your complaint * Passed these details to my colleagues in our delivery operation I hope that the action and explanation above resolves your enquiry and concludes this matter." What does this mean? Are they going to compensate me or not? Anyone experienced same situation and knows what next step they will take? Thanks
  12. (apologies if i haven't put this in the right forum!) i recently sold an item through ebay, the buyer payed through paypal and i sent the item using royal mail international signed for to the united states. The buyer claimed not to have received anything and opened a dispute on paypal who then asked me to provide a copy of the receipt and the tracking number. On the royal mail website it says its been delivered, but they haven't added a copy of the signature because after speaking to them they "don't need to" - so paypal have closed the case in the buyers favour just because no signature was added to the website. I have also contacted usps, who delivered the item in the usa, and who were apparently supposed to add the signature to their website too, but of course they didn't. After being on the phone to them, they won't provide me with a copy of the signature unless i ask royal mail to do so, i have put in a claim which apparently takes an average of 3 weeks to sort out. However paypal have given me 10 days to 'appeal' their decision 'till the case is closed for good. I think based just on the fact that the delivery companies didnt add the signature, paypal automatically close the case and dont give me time to try and get the signature is appalling. What can i do? Each company is diverting me to the other.
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