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  1. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and can advise on the best approach. I sent three Christmas cards, including some Euro notes, in a larger envelope to my kids in France. The letter was delivered in a Royal Mail "Damaged post" plastic envelope but my envelope had obviously been steamed open, the contents removed and then been re-posted into the system. Not registered but I'm not sure that would have prevented this or helped apart from compensation, which I will go for anyway as the Royal Mail clearly stated it to have been damaged in transit. The Royal Mail site d
  2. We are booked to go on a cruise in November around the Meditteranean and Middle East to visit specific ancient sites. Included are Egypt, the Suez Canal, the Lebanon and Syria - 3 nights and land based trips in the case of Syria. The position in Syria has resulted in the FCO issuing a travel warning. The travel company T&Cs state that alterations to the itinerary will not be considered to be material changes to a holiday but as Syria represents approximately a quarter of the holiday duration and there are no alternatives to the ancient sites specified - a main reason for choosin
  3. She has certainly had episodes of sick leave over three or four years which were subject to certifates quoting depression and an Occupational Health review where the GP (not hers) referred to those periods as potentially covered by DDA. She has been taking prescription medication for depression for several years. That may not equate to "clinical depression"?
  4. That may have answered my question which concered my wife's depression and ongoing treatment - separate thread regarding disciplinary proceedings refers
  5. Is there a definitive list of what is covered by DDA?
  6. My wife has undergone a disciplinary hearing and appeal, not upheld, over her sick absence - there is one appeal and that was it. She has passed departmental trigger points which she admits, one of which (the numbers of days sick in the year) was largely caused by a period of certified sick leave caused by depression - she takes medicationas a consequence. She was put onto an improvement plan for three months and had three days sick absence in the final week of the period. For this she was issued with a written first disciplinary warning letter which remains on file for 12 months and w
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