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  1. It's not under the drivers seat either. they've confirmed they've checked everywhere. I am not saying it's theft, but they have confirmed to me categorically that it is definitely missing. They cannot find it. Thanks for the advice, but they have told me several times they have looked in all the places you are suggesting.
  2. I have had many many chats with the delivery office manager - my hubbie is also an ex postie so knows about all the places it could be. It is not in any bag, frame, van, cupboard or safe at that office. The postman was insistent he handed it back in, but it wasn't scanned and they have no record of booking it back in. I spoke to the Delivery Office Manager Friday morning, Friday evening, and Saturday morning. they have assured me they have searched everywhere and it is definitely not in that office. As my husband's ex colleagues I would not have been quick to think this either, but the office
  3. Hi, I could really do with some advice here. I ordered £1300 worth of Israeli Shekels from Travelfx.com. Part of their service is to deliver by Royal Mail Special Delivery (1pm). I ordered for delivery on Thursday 1st September. Travelfx have issued all confirmations and a tracking number, and when I got home on 1st September, I had a card saying by item had been returned to the sorting office and I could collect the next morning. I went, and Royal Mail have LOST the parcel (the card I have been left means it's definitely been in their possession)! They have 5 days before
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