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  1. We no longer use the Lloyds account and set up a Flexi account with nationwide. All our money goes to that account now. I prefer to pay by standing order as i have full control and wont forget to pay that way. I pay a lot of bills with standing orders.
  2. Does this look good to send? Ive tried to personalise it as much as possible without being too confusing.
  3. That might take a while. Some have not come after me yet. I have 2 personal loans from Lloyds ( Both defaulted, 1 passed onto Moorcroft ) Over draft with Lloyds ( Account frozen and nothing happening ) Credit Cards American express ( Defaulted and passed onto NCO) Barclaycard - upto date on payments Capital one - upto date on payments Vanquis - upto date on payments Catalogues Very ( monthly payment plan in place and interest frozen ) Studio - upto date on payments Littlewoo
  4. No, should i? I have the debt collectors letters ready for sending next to me. Should i send them a cca first?
  5. Hi there folks. I'm in need of a bit of advice please. So i owe a lot of money to a lot of companies. Some are being paid monthly minimum and there's a few which are being dealt with by debt collectors ( Ive contacted them via letter asking to make token payments already) I regards to the several credit cards i have, i'm literally just paying the interest every month and the balance isn't going down. I cant to pay any more than that. I'm thinking of sending them all letters asking to freeze the interest and accept monthly payments of £10 ( which is around the same as the min mon
  6. I already have 2 loans with them that i've been paying for 2 years. Ive never missed a payment but they point blank refuse to help out in any way. All i can think of doing is opening another basic account with someone, having my money paid into there and asking lloyds to freeze the account and let me pay them a set amount each month for the loans and OD.
  7. I have a large planned overdraft with Lloyds and now instead of it costing me £60-£80 a month, its going to cost me £190 a month! There's no way i can afford this and they won't give me a loan! How can this be allowed? And right before xmas too! Ive no idea what to do!!!
  8. Hi there folks, just wondering if you could help me a little. I have had a account with k & co (previously great universal) for over 10 years now. After having my laptop repaired i asked to extend the guarantee which works out just as much for a year as it was for the previous 4 years (but that's another matter) Anyway, whilst in email conversation with a customer service rep, he mentioned that all insurances automatically renew when the policy ends. I was totally unaware of this and could well still be paying insurance for items i no longer have!!! Ive read the s
  9. ok thank you. I will ask her if she wants a credit report doing. Any idea for the best one to go for?
  10. Hi there folks, need a little help please. My parents have been receiving debt collector letters for a while now for something they know nothing about! It is in my mothers name but she has never been involved with the company that are trying to claim the debt back. She has rang numerous time to tell them its not her debt and also sent them this to which they responded saying they were satisfied that she was not responsible for the debt. But the letters are still coming! Ive noticed on this recent letter that it says the agreement started on 26/01/2007. Wo
  11. anyone? Ive tried several different options but been declined for all.
  12. Hi there folks. Looking for abit of advice please. My overdraft with lloyds has become abit out of hand. We became homeless just before christmas and i was able to get an over draft for £3650 which helped us find a house to rent, pay the fees and give the kids a nice christmas. (plus pay a few small debts left over from the previous address) The monthly charges and interest are currently around £50 a month. Im ok paying this amount but want to start paying off the overdraft. Im wondering if there is any way to transfer the money to a different account with less charges than £50 a mo
  13. Hi there folks. My friend sent me some chicken hatching eggs which were well packed, labelled with 'perishable hatching eggs' and fragile'.These were sent via RM 1st class signed for. I received them the next day. The eggs though, had been so badly handled, some were cracked and internally scrambled. They never stood a chance to develop. I have pictures of proof, and the paypal payment details but my friend had the original postage receipt. Ive filled in the online claims form but RM are asking for all proof to be sent to them! I wasn't even given the option to describe what had
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