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  1. So send Drafty a sar & short letter as above. Then send AJJB cca request with £1 and pap reply from the templateon here? Ok, I'll get onto it first thing. Many thanks.
  2. After checking in my mail drawer, I've found that I do have a "letter before claim". It includes a reply form and i&e form.
  3. Should I inform AJJB that I will no longer be dealing with them and only with Drafty from now on? What should I do once I get the sar? I've just checked if I could log into drafty and I could!! The account says I have credit available!! I'm so so confused. Thank you for all the help. Hopefully I can get this debt settled ASAP. Image to PDF 20210907 22.34.42.pdf
  4. Here are all the emails I have. It looks like some are missing though. As you can see, I was paying Drafty fine but they kept saying I wasn't and terminated the agreement anyway. They passed the debt onto CRS ( admittedly I ignored them as Drafty broke their agreement which annoyed me) who then passed it on to AJJB. And AJJB ignore all my emails to them bar 1. I did at one point set up a payment plan on their website, send in an income & expenditure and asked for bank details to set up payments but they ignored me. They just send me threats instead Drafty debt.pdf
  5. This is the ccj from boyes turner for simplicity energy just to show you.Image to PDF 20210907 19.04.10.pdf Image to PDF 20210907 19.04.10.pdf
  6. Sorry, it was boyes turner that put a ccj on me. I got mixed up. AJJB are representing Drafty and thats who I have the problem with. They are separate debts
  7. Hi there folks. I'm looking for a little help please if possible? So a few years ago I racked up a drafty Debt. I eventually set up a weekly payment plan to clear the debt. Half way through, drafty sold the debt on to various debt collection agencies. ( so payments ceased and I ignored them for a while) At the start of 2021, AJJB LAW contacted me regarding the outstanding drafty amount ( just over £500) Over the course of a few months, I tried to set up a repayment plan with a standing order but they avoided giving me the bank details so it was never set up. In June, I got a email from CRS? That said the debt had been paid in full. I assumed drafty just wrote it off but then in August AJJB popped back up claiming I had not stuck to the repayment agreement and the full amount is still owed. After quite a few emails explaining that they never sent me the standing order details to set up the repayments and sending them copies of the email saying the debt is paid in full, they now claim that it might have been sent in error. But the full amount is now due and I've been ignoring their requests!!! I've asked them to contact drafty to check if this is the case but once again, they are ignoring my request and claiming court action if I do not pay. They are really starting to annoy me now! And I don't want to end up with another ccj off them ( they previously slapped me with a ccj for a £160 simplicity energy debt that almost doubled after fees. Guess what, after several payments on the payment plan, the payments are no longer going through. Not my fault! ) Can anyone advise what the next course of action should be? I've had enough of their ignorance! Many thanks in advance Image to PDF 20210907 16.21.53.pdf
  8. We no longer use the Lloyds account and set up a Flexi account with nationwide. All our money goes to that account now. I prefer to pay by standing order as i have full control and wont forget to pay that way. I pay a lot of bills with standing orders.
  9. Does this look good to send? Ive tried to personalise it as much as possible without being too confusing.
  10. That might take a while. Some have not come after me yet. I have 2 personal loans from Lloyds ( Both defaulted, 1 passed onto Moorcroft ) Over draft with Lloyds ( Account frozen and nothing happening ) Credit Cards American express ( Defaulted and passed onto NCO) Barclaycard - upto date on payments Capital one - upto date on payments Vanquis - upto date on payments Catalogues Very ( monthly payment plan in place and interest frozen ) Studio - upto date on payments Littlewoods - upto date on payments Other Argos card - upto date on payments Paypal Credit - upto date on payments Drafty - upto date on payments I think that's them all. Most were taken out within the past 5 years. Just checked my credit report. Only the 2 Lloyds loans and Amex have defaulted. Very states unknown as im paying a monthly payment and everything else upto date including my Lloyds bank account which has a extremely large unpaid overdraft on. Very confusing!
  11. No, should i? I have the debt collectors letters ready for sending next to me. Should i send them a cca first?
  12. Hi there folks. I'm in need of a bit of advice please. So i owe a lot of money to a lot of companies. Some are being paid monthly minimum and there's a few which are being dealt with by debt collectors ( Ive contacted them via letter asking to make token payments already) I regards to the several credit cards i have, i'm literally just paying the interest every month and the balance isn't going down. I cant to pay any more than that. I'm thinking of sending them all letters asking to freeze the interest and accept monthly payments of £10 ( which is around the same as the min monthly payment anyway ) What are the chances of them accepting this? The companies in question are Capital one, barclaycard and vanquis. Many thanks, Amy.
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