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  1. Good news, it was worth the POPLA appeal. Both appeals successful. Paste of POPLA findings below. DecisionSuccessful Assessor NamePaul Thompson Assessor summary of operator case The operator states that it issued the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) on the basis of not paying the appropriate parking time or by remaining in the car park for longer than permitted. Assessor summary of your case The appellant disputes that the operator has the relevant authority to operate on the private land. The appellant also considers the signage was inadequate in the dark conditions due to
  2. Hello everyone, Sorry to be a pain but could you kindly look through the below which I'm going to send to POPLA as additional comments in reply to the evidence pack sent by PE. Apologies for the lateness but the 7 day period is up tomorrow and I held back on this as I was awaiting a response from Manchester city council on whether the PP has definitely expired (still not got it,grrr!) As well as these comments, I'll attach a copy of the aforementioned PP which I attached on here previously. I'd be grateful if you could let me know if there's anything I should remove or add to make the
  3. I've done a little digging around on the Manchester council website and found details of the planning permission and some other interesting stuff. Temporary permission given in Dec 2010 and permission expired Dec 2013. There are no further 'planning permission' details after the 2010 one. Key thing is that a number of the set out conditions have not been met, eg: 4) Within four weeks of this permission hereby approved, one of the fifteen parking bays approved within the car park shall be appropriately demarcated for the sole use by a disabled driver. Written confirmation that the
  4. I believe the address to be: 73 Rochdale Road Manchester M4 4HY This address is also that of the Marble Arch Public House which is adjoining the car park. On the PE evidence it is given as the following Hallmark Developments Ltd Rochdale Road Car Park 73 Rochdale Road Manchester M4 4HY I previously found under the Manchester council list of properties getting small business relief rate dated 1st Dec 2015 (after the date), this address is under Euro Car Park (Euro Car Parks were the previously parking company that ran this car park about 2 years ago). Will
  5. OK, finally got to grips with amending the PDF (great free tool on pdfbuddy, no doubt I'll end up with a load of spam though). Images from PE show the signage in clear daylight and also shows the sign that is obscured by weeds miraculously clear of them (even though it's still obscured by weeds). No evidence of a contract. Doctored photo. No picture of the ticketing machine. Evidence that I'd paid for the SIP car park in error instead of theirs, what do they car though (magic car can be in 2 places at once). See if you can pick out anything else and then we can plan the addit
  6. I also love the way the PE clampits have artificially lightened up the ANPR photo of my cars arrival to make it look like it was clear daylight and not pitch black as was the case (and shown in the departure photo's).
  7. Hello, Just working on blanking the PDF now. Here is a copy of what they stated re. contracts. Authority ParkingEye can confirm that the above site is on private land, is not council owned and that we have written authority to operate and issue Parking Charge Notices at this site from the landowner (or landowner’s agent). It must also be noted that any person who makes a contract in his own name without disclosing the existence of a principal, or who, though disclosing the fact that he is acting as an agent on behalf of a principal, renders himself personally liable on the c
  8. Hello Everybody, Back again unfortunately. Just had back the PE evidence for the POPLA appeals. As expected they've sent images of the images in full daylight glory and nothing of the sign with the plants in front of it or the unlit ticketing machines or signs. They also attached my original appeal on the basis that I'd paid the wrong car park (and strangely evidence that this was the case)??? How do I blank out info on a PDF? I've managed to do it on some text but where they've attached copied of docs I can't do it. I'd like to attach but obviously there's some personal data
  9. Thanks for your help ericsbrother. POPLA appeal has now been submitted, fingers crossed. Will update on the outcome.
  10. Thanks ericsbrother. So for point 2 just demand sight of contract as stated by yourself below and keep the other stuff out. Any help with a strong statement would be great. Do you think it's then good to go or does it need some fluffing out? Hoping all on CAG have a good new year.
  11. Hello, So a basic trial run would be. 1. I believe the signage and overall keep of the aforementioned car park to be inadequate and misleading for a number of key reasons. a) The car park has no independent lighting and is reliant on illumination given by public highway lighting which faces away from the land. This means that in levels of extremely poor natural light eg. the time when my vehicle entered the car park that the signage is impossible to see clearly. A number of these signs are at particularly high levels and difficult to see even in clear daylight. Some of the 'small prin
  12. I just needed a bit of a steer to see am I flogging a dead horse or got a valid reason. Apologies for the shortness but the 14 day period is up today. 5 photo's attached, further 15 if you want to see them. Found the following under the Manchester council list of properties getting small business relief rate, this would relate to the parking eye car park. Address given as Euro car park?
  13. The silence is deafening. Got to be honest, not a great deal of help from you.
  14. Hello, Finally got some photo's of the car park. Please have a look through see if you can spot anything. Things to note. Car Park has no actual lighting of it's own. It's relying on public street lighting which is facing away from the car park. This means early morning/late night many of the signs are barely readable and the displays at the pay machine have no illumination so it's extremely difficult to read, impossible if you're visually impaired. One of the signs is part blocked by overgrown weeds, unable to read clearly. One of the signs part covers a vent f
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