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  1. Hi Shelley, Great result and I've changed the thread title to reflect your **WIN**
  2. But it would make me ask why they didn't use the last known address for court action, as they are supposed to. CCA request is a "must" though.
  3. Hi RB, So did Robway have your current address at the time you believe the CCJ was granted. If so, than a Set Aside Application should be made.
  4. Hi Usman, Stay off the phone and reply to the letter saying you will accept the £75 compo which can be paid into your bank a/c. Don't sign anything to agree that you accept the compo "in settlement of any or all claim against BC". Don't do anything yet about reclaiming the charges. Do some reading on BC *WON* threads here - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/73-barclays-bcard-and-woolwich-successes/ Good threads to read through are :- https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/384831-barclaycard-penalty-chgs-repaid-with-compound-int-defaults-removed-probably/ https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/380837-hp-mum-v-bc-reclaiming-penalties-and-compound-intt-won-probably/ Please confirm the month and year of the first and the last penalty charges.
  5. State pension is treated the same for tax as any other pension which you receive, in so far as it is taxable income. The only difference is it's not subject to any PAYE or "at source" tax deduction using a tax code. Such tax codes operate against other ex-employer pensions and your state pension is usually deducted from your income tax pesonal allowance.
  6. Further to the advice from Honeybee, this may be more focused advice about gifts out of income - https://www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax/gifts Have a look at this which gives good guidance. If you have further Q's, let us know. If you want tax planning advice beyond the HMRC guidance, you need to speak to aN IHT tax planning accountant or solicitor.
  7. Hi Bud, Thanks for the update but continue to ignore and keep us posted.
  8. Hi Usman, Roughly how much did BC nab from the bank a/c to settle the BC debt, and when was this. DX is right - BC and Barclays were within their rights to Offset in this way. The only way to exact some revenge would be to reclaim from BC the penalty charges that were no doubt added to the a/c. Do you have the old BC statements to check for penalty charges. If you don't have the old statements but think there may have been a few or more penalties, send BC an SAR to get the data.
  9. Sorry Slix, my error. I now see you cancelled in July 2019 but the gym was wrong to say you can only cancel on their online system. You can cancel by simply telling a staff member but far better to confirm such matters in writing. See the Guide here - In any event, you should ahve allowed one final fee to be taken before the DD mandate was cancelled. You could adapt this draft to send to Harlands' Haywards Heath address. Get a free Certificate of Posting at the PO when you send the typed letter. If you now have a permanent address, use that. Otherwise use YP's address Your address and post code Dear Harlands, I refer to my membership at [town/city] gym. The DD mandate was cancelled in July 2019 after I told the gym staff I was moving away. I owe for the last gym fee which was not paid for the notice period. Please confirm your bank payment details and a reference number so I can pay you the £11.99 to end this matter. I will not pay any admin fees added by Harlands. I will only deal with this matter in writing, not by phone. My offer is valid for 14 days and will be withdrawn if you demand any higher amount. Yours sincerely, If they write back demanding more, ignore them
  10. Dear sir or madam, I refer to your email of xxdate. I am unable to pay you immediately but will pay £800 on 31st January and continue to pay this amount monthly thereafter. Yours faithfully, Wiosna
  11. Put the offer/promise to pay in an email or a letter so you can show the efforts you're making. Stay off the phone. You need a paper trail and this applies to all dealings generally - keep comms in writing.
  12. Did you reply to the text explaining that you will pay £800 on 31st Jan as that's the earliest you can manage.
  13. Hi Slix and welcome to CAG The initials HGC you refer to are probably Harlands Gym Collections, or something similar. Thats just a PO Box postal return address. So nothing to do with Hutchison Global Comms or Three Mobile. Harlands run the DD's for X4Less gym and CRS are simply Harlands in disguise. They pretend to be 2 separate entities but they're one and the same ! No collectors have turned up at a door for a gym m/ship in the last 10 years or more from what we've seen here on CAG. That's because Harlands and others stay away from court because they know they'd lose. I'd normally suggest you write to the gym offering to pay the final month's fee that you owed for the notice period. However this is now over 2 years on so they're clearly not serious about taking any of the action they so often threaten. So when they send their begging letters, ignore them. As long as you get to see any letters sent by Harlands/CRS to YP's address, that's fine. Just reassure YP's that no-one will come knocking or take any court action. Keep us posted.
  14. Zinc will seek payment and ask you to contact them. Doesn't matter how much they ask for - ignore and they'll pass it back to Harlands/CRS.
  15. Hi Flash, As DX says, a written letter is better. They are more likely to consider their position before committing to a written reply to you. Don't reply to the email. Send a typed letter to your local S6 manager. If you get no written reply, you can consider complaining to the Coventry Head Office.
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