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  1. You can adapt and use this - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/420645-xercise4less-and-harlands-help/?do=findComment&comment=5043901 Keep us posted .......
  2. Hi Spartan and welcome to CAG They are chasing you because you cancelled the DD without giving the required 30 notice. However, even if you cancelled properly, there's a good chance Harlands/CRS would still find some lame reason to seek more in gym fees and admin fees. Zinc will no nothing more than send you a begging letter so ignore that completely. As DX says, find one of my drafts and write to Harlands offering to pay the final fee for the notice you failed to give mid-2019, but giving them just 14 days to accept. But stay OFF the phone from
  3. Time will tell, so let us know if you hear any more from the gym, Harlands or CRS
  4. DX is right - I get 108Mbps from Virgin Fibre but nothing like this speed over WiFi to my laptop, unless I use Ethernet cable. Better hardware will probably give you better speeds over WiFi. Are you using Wifi or Ethernet cable to your laptop and/or TV. Let us know what speed you ARE getting and what you SHOULD be getting, as asked above. However bad Plusnet are to contact, rest assured they are probably wonderful compared to Virgin for Customer Services. But all CS are going to be harder to contact now we're back into a harder lockdown scenario
  5. Hi Ryan and welcome to CAG From now on, make no further phone or email contact with the gym, Harlands and/or CRS. If you've sent the written letter by post to the gym as suggested by BankFodder, do nothing more for now. Let us know what further contact or demands you get. You've already cancelled the DD, which is good.
  6. Hi James, Check your bank to ensure they've not taken a further payment for 30th December, depending on the date you cancelled the DD with the bank.
  7. Hi jwd and welcome to CAG Talking about personal car insurance (as opposed to a commercial vehicle policy), If someone is a named driver on your policy, I'd expect them to be covered by your policy ONLY when driving your car. They can, of course, drive other cars but would need insurance related to those other cars - either their own car insurance policy, or as a named driver to drive someone else's car.
  8. Hi Fordie and welcome to CAG I agree with DX, take what they've offered and get a new TV. A 20% depreciation deduction for a 6 YO telly sounds good to me. From the nonsense we see here on CAG all the time, I'd not be surprised if the company denied liability, saying you should have cleared the area of all furniture and other items. Not sure what you mean by this but I'd take their offer and get a new TV (from LG, according to Which? Magazine).
  9. The excess amount is very relevant to your decision. But also bear in mind, each year you are free to compare insurance quotes because staying with the same insurer year on year often costs more. If you have a recent claim on your history which you must declare, this may limit the number of new insurers that will offer a quote, or increase the premium you're quoted.
  10. Hi James and welcome to CAG I doubt there's anything in the m/ship contract about suspension due to a pandemic virus - no one saw this coming ! Cancel the DD mandate yourself via your bank, online or by phone. Forget "reasoning with them" as it'll get you knowwhere. All they want is your money, nothing else. Stay off the phone from now on. If they keep on pushing for payment, let us know and we can suggest a letter telling them to clear off ! Keep us updated please ...........
  11. Please tell him to cancel the DD now, or it'll get used by the gym in the next few days, for the payt due on 1st Jan.
  12. Hi Numpty and welcome to CAG First off, tell YN not to worry about this and NOT to bother trying to talk to the gym or thier admin company about this. Secondly, tell him to cancel the DD madate immediately via the bank, online or by phone. He should then type a letter a letter as follows and send it to the gym, getting a free Certificate of Posting at the PO when he posts it. Anytime Fitness Gym Address Postcode Dear sir or madam, When I joined the gym back in September, I was assured by staff I could cancel if I
  13. If you're happy to wait, that's your prerogative. Please update us IDC.
  14. Good news but have you got the £10 back that was taken without authority by DD ? Don't let them get away with this.
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