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  1. Hi Roberto, Read some of the other threads here about S Sixes - they all follow the same routine of threats, threats, then nothing. When you do this, you'll see how many have been in exactly the same situation as you are. Keep us updated as necessary .............
  2. Noted. Keep an eye on the other threads here including the update a few hours back by Rob Carr.
  3. Hi AngrySS, Yes, continue to ignore ! Typical Threat-o-Gram nonsense.
  4. Hi MB, With what's happened so far with in case, you are safe to assume the deregistration has been effective and you should not need to file a further return ASSUMING there are no changes that leave you needing to file again - eg self employed income, savings income, property income. If in any doubt, use their "Do I need to File" tool - https://www.gov.uk/check-if-you-need-tax-return
  5. The problem here is the deadline relating to reclaiming tax paid on PPI interest is not the normal 6 years - instead it's 4 years. I suspect ringing the creditor would be the only viable option here as an SAR would slip past the deadline.
  6. You could also try contacting Beko direct saying the seller is denying responsibility about a Beko product which should not be having such problems after just 7 months. They may not be oblidged to help but why not give them them chance anyway.
  7. Hi OSW, Even though you know the net amount received in your bank account, it's not possible to calculate the relevant amounts of PPI, interest and tax deducted from the interest. If you didn't owe any tax in the relevant year, you need the letter(s) from the PPI refunder setting out the individual amounts of PPI, Interest and tax deducted. If there's any chance you have it somewhere, search as best you can so you can claim the refund before the deadline (5th April 2024). HMRC would not hold individual info relating to you for tax on PPI interest as they would for, say, PAYE earnings declared about you by an employer. I see no alternative to searching for the letter(s) in your circumstances.
  8. You've done your best and have copies if needed. Time will tell if they're satisfied ..........
  9. Hi MB, Was there any acknowledgement at the time you deregistered and, if so, is that what you Screen Shotted ? Otherwise, you've done the best you can and hopefully noted the deregistration time and date for any necessary future reference. Keep us posted (if needed) ..........
  10. You'd need to know the last date you used the facility and the date you told the gym, AFTER then, that you wanted to cancel due to loss of job/change in finacial circumstances. Then we could offer more informed advice.
  11. Hi Kjaksa, Site Team NickyBoy is right about your right to cancel under DL's own T&C's. However, I think if you were going to reclaim fees under the DD Guarantee Scheme, this should have been done sooner. The choice is, of course, yours but let us know what happens.
  12. How mad is that, telling you to pay and then seek a refund. If it were me, I'd submit a written complaint about their advice to pay again !
  13. Hi Jenny, So you believe you were overcharged by approx £2K in 2009/10 ! That's way beyond the normal time they allow you to seek a review of a past year. Have you made a formal written complaint about this matter - I suspect that's the only way you have it reviewed. See here for the address - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/463276-hmrc-penalties-£2000-for-not-submitting-sa-i-deregistered-a-few-years-ago-resolved/?do=findComment&comment=5236092 Make a formal SAR to get all the info you can from HMRC immediately. This can be done online - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hmrc-subject-access-request You'll need to be able to prove that you raised your queries about this in a timely manner; and that HMRC failed to act on the info they had or the info you supplied.
  14. To determine what tax is due and if any should be refunded, you must look at your income from all sources including self employment, PAYE employment, dividends and savings income. 1. Are you a basic rate taxpayer or a non-tax payer. 2. Did you receive any other savings income such as bank interest
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