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  1. If they've sent you 20 years' data, count your blessings and work with what you have. Many others receive only 6 years' data initially from the bank. Can you also confirm WHY you say this is about PPI - e.g. is it a bank loan a/c that has PPI ? And what charges are you saying the bank is still charging - bank chgs or PPI ?
  2. I'd write back by email (if that was how they last wrote to you) saying :- Thank you for your email of xxdate. Your own T&C's suggest I can make 2 changes without incurring admin fees and I suggest you allow the change with no admin fee or I may cancel the membership without notice due to your breach of contract. Please respond in writing only, so I have proof of our exchanges. :-)
  3. Hi HC, How far back has the bank sent YF's data for ?
  4. No but it's often quiet over the w/end so be patient - Andyorch is aware and should offer advice
  5. Hi Gymppl, What more can I add - they make these threats all the time but never act ! Of the options 1 and 2 mentioned, they NEVER do Option 1............ ............ and Option 2 means they'll get an outfit called Zinc Collections to write you a "scary" letter which you will ignore and they'll return the matter to Harlands/CRS. There are hundreds of threads here that all tell the same story - ignore these fools and they'll get bored chasing you.
  6. Hi TNook, We'll need to see if any changes are needed after GDPR kicked in. Give me, or Site Team, some time please to come back and advise.
  7. My reply in post #80 was posted before I reviewed the thread history again - sorry. The ICO will look at cases of failure to reply to a SAR and intervene but they tend to be less willing to rule in cases where info has been supplied for 6 or more years. If the bank fails to supply info beyond 6 years from your SAR being sent, court action is probably the only way to take the issue forward.
  8. Looking back through the thread, after BC said they had complied with GDPR, did you send a letter seeking a Cert of Destruction ? If so, on what date ?
  9. Unless you're recording all calls, you should not be speaking to them at all. I'd sent a follow-up email saying, because of the delays so far, you want a full response within 14 days or will complain to BC's CEO and The ICO.
  10. Yes, try a chat first and let us know how it goes and what you're thinking of doing as a result.
  11. Hi Aj, Difficult to say for sure without seeing the full T&C's but I agree with you about term #4.3 - there should be no admin charge for the first 2 changes. Initially I suggest you have a calm discussion with your gym manager, pointing out that you weren't told of the multi-gym option or that a cheaper single-gym option was available. Could he/she therefore allow the cheaper m/ship to be applied as soon as possible without the 30 day wait and with no admin fee. Otherwise, you have 2 options :- 1. Cancel and pay nothing more due to unfair treatment when you signed up. Use the gym up to when you've paid up until. 2. Remain a member and pay what is being demanded, because you want to remain a member of this gym.
  12. Hi Ljp and welcome to CAG A few points :- 1. You should cancel the DD mandate via your bank immediately or Harlands will abuse it. 2. You can't freeze your m/ship while the a/c is in arrears so that wouldn't work. 3. As well as Harlands trying to charge you their admin fee, the bank will charge you a fee for the bounced DD so this will add to your money-flow problem. 4. Stay off the phone and, if anyone calls you about this, hang up ! Your contract doesn't allow you to cancel so early BUT Harlands are threatening to use the DD mandate to collect (what we say are) unlawful penalty fees. Accordingly you should send them this by typed letter to their Haywards Heath address :- Send to Harlands Head Office and get a free Cert of Posting from the PO counter. Let us know how they respond.
  13. Hi EG, The chance of this encounter at the gym having a good or useful outcome for you was zero !! You should simply have left the letter for the manager's attention and gone as there was no need for any discussion at all. Follow the advice in post #7 above - you need do nothing more. Complain to their Head Office about the gym manager's aggressive attitude if you want but it's not likely to change anything. Personally, I doubt it's worth your further time and effort.
  14. OK, unless they keep to their word and provide what you want quickly, court action is probably the next move. See here about a checklist of what should be provided - https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/individual-rights/right-to-be-informed/ But keep us posted ...........
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