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  1. Hi CS, It's normal for a Promo Co to deal with sign-ups on behalf of a gym but the Promo Co won't give a hoot about how they get folk to sign. They may tell you anything to get you to join, whether it's true or not. They don't care about what trouble this lands you in. If you're called again by anyone about this matter, tell them, "In writing only." then hang up !! Discuss nothing by phone and keep everything in writing.
  2. OK, things changed after April 2007 and the bank's document requirements are less strict after then. Speak to Stepchange and ask if they'll stop paying PRA for the BC debt unless and until a proper reply is provided after your CCA request. Let us know what Stepchange say ........
  3. I suggest you check the T&C's of the first agent to see what was initially agreed about the sale of the property. Secondly, is there any suggestion that the buyers were introduced by the first agent. Thirdly, have a quick word with your solicitor (without incurring legal fees) to see if they have any comment about the first agent's claim.
  4. Can you say when in 2007 that the card a/c was opened as that's a critical year for such a/c's.
  5. Hi Danny and welcome to CAG Stepchange may suggest you should keep paying ALL creditors regardless of their ability to produce a credit agreement in response to your CCA request. Roughly when was this credit account opened ? Is this your only debt or are there others ?
  6. Hi C Sparrow and welcome to CAG We have seen cases about DFC recently, but the principles have been the same for many years. We maintain any m/ship agreement over 12 months is unfair to the consumer and can be contested. The OFT gained a ruling about this is 2011 against AMSL - Tell the gym NOW by letter that you intend to leave as soon as the 12th monthly payment is made to them. After that payment is taken by DD, cancel the DD mandate via your bank. Read this guide first - The letter to the gym can be v simple :- Dear sir or madam, I will allow the 12th payment to be paid by my bank. I will then cancel my DD mandate and this is my notice to end my gym membership. I will not honour a gym agreement in excess of 12 months after the High Court ruling in the case of The OFT -v- Ashbourne Mgt Services Ltd in 2011. Yours faithfully, Don't get involved in any further comm'ns with the gym or DFC until you report back.
  7. Hi HC, Look at the 2 Word Doc'ts posted above by Andy. Let us know how YF's case compares to the case highlighted in 2014. Did YF fall into a cycle of penalty charges after a single or a few small transgression and suffer disproportionate and/or spiralling charges as a result ....... ........... or were there regular transgressions where the a/c went into o/draft with card and/or cheque payments. The case highlighted by Andy is (to my knowledge) a County Court judgement so it set no Precedent for other similar cases. However, it does suggest there is a degree of hope for cases where the customer has suffered unreasonably or unfairly by the bank's treatment.
  8. Looking back at posts #13 and 14, this is a current bank a/c so why would penalty fees be reclaimed. I get the PAF and the PPI elements but have I missed something as I thought penalty fees stopped being reclaimed years back.
  9. Hi HC, I saw you mention Shelley's thread and mistakenly thought you were referring to a BarclayCARD penalty chgs reclaim. What "penalty charges" are you referring to exactly - please confirm. Thanks
  10. Hi HC, If I recall correctly, Shelley claimed compound int't going back beyond 6 years so you should include all penalty charges on the compound int't spreadsheet. This is different, of course, to treatment of PPI and account fee reclaims.
  11. As we've said already, cancel the DD mandate immediately via your bank. Don't reply to the voicemail and ignore any further ones. Let us know if they write to you but don't reply until we know what's been said.
  12. Hi SC and please see, and reply, to my PM to you. You need to start your own new thread for your case.
  13. Read the thread I posted the link to - it's all there. Just because a gym or Harlands/CRS say something does NOT make it right or enforceable, as evidenced by the many hundreds of threads here.
  14. It doesn't matter when you stop USING the gym - it's when you give notice to quit that matters. Despite what gyms and their admin companies say, you can give notice to the gym in various ways and that's sufficient, with no need to contact the admin Co, Read here for more info -
  15. I assume you mean you paid by MONTHLY direct debit and not an annual one. So if you gave notice to quit and then paid a final monthly fee after that, before cancelling the DD mandate, you have nothing to worry about. Keep us posted ...........
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