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  1. Is it fine for me to ask my bank for a chargback? I didnt use the service after the free trial ended.
  2. My free trial ran out. I make a request for refund as i wasn't really able to cancel the subscription (was if i remembered and went over to a friend or something. device isseus and university stuff) Do i have any right to a refund, i made an enquiry and got a following response " Hello, Thank you for contacting MuseScore Support. Your PRO account was created under ..... email address. I can see that you've started a 30-day free trial with a 12-month subscription and didn't cancel it before the end of the free trial period. You were informed about the price and subscription plan while subscribing. So, you were charged for a PRO subscription as advertised. This purchase was fully pre-authorized on your side while subscribing (see attached). But taking into consideration the special circumstances mentioned in your message I've decided to discuss the case with my head office. So here is our special offer for you. Would you agree to get 10-months additional access to Pro or a 40% refund? This way you'll keep PRO access not only in the web account but also in our Mobile App, including off-line access to your scores, transposition, and mixer tools. Please consider the options: Option a: 10-months additional access + your current 1-year PRO access + PRO features in mobile apps included (by choosing this option you'll get in total 22 months of PRO without additional charges) Option b: 40% refund + your current 1-year PRO access + PRO features in mobile apps included (this way you'll get back 40% of the paid funds and keep the 12-month subscription) Please note that you can choose only one of the above-mentioned options. I'll be waiting for your decision. Best, MuseScore Support with an attachment Wish you all good day.
  3. Hi, today i received this letter. Even tho i myself did everything to do with gym, with no adult next to me it is apparently targeted to my parents. Also should i block the harlands mails that say i still owe them money? Should i just ignore the letter? I got rid an adress and some other possibly important identity related stuff from the picture. Sorry for the bad quality, if it is necessary i can provide better picture.
  4. 2nd of september my gym membership unfroze because i froze it for vacation. I didnt used it after it unfroze because i though it would be blocked for me as i didnt manage to pay. I am supposed to pay at 2nd of everymonth.
  5. What about the £20 pounds gym fee for this month i have not payed, dont i owe them this money legally? If yes how do i pay it to them without paying the admin fee?
  6. After charging me and having my balance negative, they gave the money back, i called them about this admin fee and they said i should have the money in my bank account to avoid further admin fees by 2nd of october, currently they didnt take any money from me including the gym fee. Should i cancel DD and send an email offering to pay £20 for gym membership this month and look for another gym?. I can not do it via their payflex thing, because it tells me to pay £20 gym fee + 2 x £25 admin fee.
  7. Hi, i am currently 17 year old in college, just started my second year I have been attening local gym Xercise4Less in Castleford. Few months ago i missed a payment and got charged £25 admin fee, additional to £20 for the gym - £45 total I called them because back then i didnt knew why they charged me more. They explained it to me, i didnt realise that before freezing the membership i need to wait 14 days, so i didnt save any money for the day they were supposed to charge me. I called them a few times that day, i dont know why, and 1 lady said that because i am below 18 i shoulnt have been charged £25 admin fee, so as soon as i pay them 45 they will send me 25 back. This is what happened. Now again, this time due to financial issues i was not able to pay on time, they tried to charge me 45 but i didnt had that, and today when i called them they said i owe them £70. They said this was because they tried to DD me again, even tho is doesnt show up on my bank account. I was looking for some official information about this admin fee, but i mostly found people ranting about it on forums, some other people responding that they do not need to pay a penny of them. I do not know if i should be calling them or emailing them. Should i email them that i offer to pay them £20 and terminate the membership ?
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