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  1. Hello both, @slick132 @dx100uk I have just received another email from CRS claiming court action. I am obviously ignoring/ blocking emails etc. Just wanted to keep you informed. Thank you for your help also, you have made me very confident in my actions. If it wasn’t for these forums, I may have even paid the sum of money or would be worries about the demanding and intimidating emails from Harlands and CRS. many thanks
  2. I’ve just received an email from ‘CRS’ stating I owe £179.87 ... please confirm I ignore?
  3. Hi @slick132 thank you for your input, that is very helpful and reassuring. Please could you confirm what address I need to send this letter to please? If you know. Many thanks, Username edited
  4. @slick132 Please could I have your input on the above? Any help would be widely appreciated.
  5. Hello All, I have recently cancelled my gym membership but I am now been hounded by them. They originally emailed me saying that i owed them £12.79 for the September payment plus a £25.00 admin fee, I have now received another email stating the same for October, so it is now a total of £75.00 I joined the gym on 27th February 2018 and therefore I am well within my rights to cancel the membership. I have tried to contact the gym, but they are quite frankly been very unhelpful. I am worried that if I don't pay, it will affect my credit rating as I am in search for a house next year, so for this to affect my chances of getting a mortgage would be awful. If anyone can help me with the next steps I should take?
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