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  1. Thank you mickeymack, very useful documents. Looks like I will be able to claim tax credits but to claim housing benefits we need to move out. I may receive accommodation instead of maintenance, but I will loose maintenance then. As I understand normally maintenance would not affect benefits.
  2. Hi All. I am currently living with my son at his fathers house and my son has a disability (Receiving level 2 DLA). Relationships with his father always were difficult but we kind of tried to have some relationships sharing house on a part time basis (he used to work and live part time abroad, now he works In the UK but it takes 3 hours travel to work and he is staying near work part time (currently renting a flat). Financially we had an agreement that I pay him part of the mortgage as a rent but with the time as expences for our disabled son increased I have stopped paying this par
  3. Fantastic! Thank you Emmzzzi! It is certainly opening them a door without putting me at risk!
  4. Yes he is receiving level 2 DLA. My request is to explore worst case scenario, this is is where the vague comes from. It does not mean that I am not doing what I am supposed to do in terms of arranging childcare and getting more clarity from school. My question was about what the critical amount can be and if I can count on any renumeration iin case of dismissal and what the official ground for the dismissal will be. Thank you all!
  5. Yes he has SEN statement, support at school, social worker etc.. Things still can fell apart. None of these can help with the childcare in case of emergency.
  6. Well, that's the point. I do not know how to ask so they will not use it against me. They do not tell me directly that they want me to go, just torturing with these assessments ..
  7. Does it mean that I will be dismissed without any renumeration?
  8. My son is 7 and has a disability. Informal means that it does not count towards maximum 15 days that school is allowed exclude pupils before exclusion become permanent.
  9. Recently I have to take lot's of time off as my son was excluded (informally) from school. I had a meeting with HR today and they reminded me that I can only take few days more of holidays and need 21 days notice for unpaid parental leave . What will happen if I take all my holidays, all parental leave I am allowed to take and still need to take time off because of another emergency exclusion. What can they do? What amount of time extra given to me will be considered 'reasonable adjustment'? As a reasonable adjustment should employer allow me take parental leave with less of a notice time? If
  10. Thanks for your replies guys! I will share more details on my case, iin case somebody will be happy to discuss. Sorry if it is too long/too detailed! I am in this job for nearly 7 years, and had good reviews first 5 years but not last 2 years. 2 years ago new management came and organisation changed a lot since then. I am IT specialist and we are now off-shoring most of the jobs rather than developing on site. So while my job description remained the same (I believe) work demands has changed., it is more supervision, management, mentoring and business critical production support. I also w
  11. I have a question on capability dismissal. I have recently received First warning on my performance. The ground for it is an assessment that I had a month ago. I had few objections on the assessment (the way the assessment was done, range of questions etc..). I have raised these issues on the formal meeting with my line manager and HR representative, but I still got First Warning. The formal letter I have received is mentioning my right to appeal to one of CEO. I do not think that it will make much sense to appeal as I believe this is happening with management approval. But I do not think that
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