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  1. Following on advice from this thread of mine: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477079-Debt-Requests-Worth-It-Advice-Required&p=5103106#post5103106 I received my first letter recently from Intrum. (Whom I've never heard of before) - in regards to a credit card aqua debt from 2013 - which the letter states they purchased in october that year. But I've certainly not been making previous payments to them directly. The letter details that I've broken the agreed repayment cycle (I used to pay over £10, last month I paid a token payment as advised £1) and to contact them What is the next step?
  2. So listening to the above, today is the day I usually make payments and today I haven't made payments on them bar 1 (that's missing from the above) it's an Vanquis Card that hasn't defaulted and I pay £10.30 a month back. As it's the direct owner I'm assuming I continue this and avoid any default action (I've had no charges on the account for failure to pay or anything). And now I sit and wait for contact from the guys below and update accordingly? I guess
  3. I have none that's correct, I've been repaying them all small amounts over the years.
  4. Rather than make a new thread I thought I'd return and post an update and get some actions to proceed further this year as I've not done anything since. I've checked my report with both credit agencies via MSE Credit Club & Clear Score: Under Defaulted/Closed Accounts: *Note why does it say Account Settled? Isn't that the default date? Or does it mean they have sold it on, because for Barclays for instance I pay the Recoveries Team Each Month" Loan Barclays £7942.00 Opened 07/10/2011 Account Settled 18/02/2013 Overdrafts: Halifax Current Accounts (Overdrafts I was paying back both accounts show £0.00 1 Account Opened 06/08/2011 Account Settled 22/03/2013 (Shows last updated 2015) 1 Account Opened 14/08/2008 Account Settled 07/05/2013 (Shows last updated June 2017) Natwest Bank £1130 Account Opened 26/08/2008 Account Settled 31/12/2016 - Credit File Note - Arrangement (I pay £10 a month - it has defaulted) IDEM £1258 Account Opened 14/08/2008 Account Settled 07/05/2013 (I'm certain this is one of the Halifax Accounts) Hoist - £194 - 1 Account Opened 06/08/2011 Account Settled 22/03/2013 (Second Halifax) Credit Card 1st Credit (Was an Aqua Card) £1586 Account Opened 24/04/2009 Account Settled 31/07/2013 Capital One £499 - Account Started 07/02/2011 - Account Settled 05/10/2012 The actual company I pay to isn't listed on my report but I think it's Drysden - It amy of changed but I still make the payment to Drysden who must pass it over because it's updated each month on my file So within essence my credit file is screwed for the next decade or so. But it seems the advice is to stop paying all these and request documentation from the owners? As I understand no more damage can be caused to my credit file as they have all Defaulted, so even not paying won't damage it further? If I stop paying, can I then be given a CCJ or taken to court for any of the above?
  5. Right thanks! I am trying but the threads are so confusing some people send of Requests, some ignore the debt, others make payments. It's confusing
  6. Thanks for the quick replies, I just thought that with the Halifax Debt settled on my credit score, then how have they got any debt for me to pay? If I stop paying I just dont' want to end up in a worse position than I am now is all and have credit affected further.
  7. Thanks I'll contact them back via a recorded letter and say to Westcot it's been satisfied and I don't owe them anything. In regards to not paying everyone else what is the benefit for this? Is this not more damaging to my credit, and won't I be taken to court?
  8. I know this will sound ironic being that irresponsibility got me in this position to begin with, but I've been making payments for the past 3-4 years on these, to suddenly stop and just leave them is going to make things worse for myself no and be irresponsible? Also I didn't mean Westcot had been taken over as a company - I meant Westcot took over the account from Drysdens - So Halifax still has the account? I have a question to this - the Westcot debt now shows as "Satisfied" on the credit report - so how do I get confirmation for this? Because Westcot recently offered me last week to pay it all off reduced. Yet according to this Halifax say it was settled per the credit report in October 2016.
  9. Hello All Figures Here: Appalling and poor decisions in my past, currently set up with CAB whom deal with the account sorting out payment figures every 12 months or so. 1st Credit (Originally from Aqua Default CC) - £ 1678 - Paying Back £8.93 per month Defaulted 31/07/2013 Westcot (Was Drysden Fairfax -Originally Halifax Overdraft) - £ 502 Paying Back £2.63 per month* NOTE I Can't find this on my noodle report. it says October 2016 - satisfed, if this is true I've been paying since October to who?? IDEM (Was BLS Collections (Originally Halifax Overdraft) - £1346 Paying Back £7.43 per month 07/05/2013 Frederickson (Capital One CC) - £531 - Paying Back 2.84 Defaulted 05/10/2012 *Note I think Drysden/Westcot are the same? I pay to the same account as Drysden, (Westcot got taken over a few months back) but never had an issue.
  10. Hello. I have some debts with 1st Credit, Westcot, Frederickson, BLS to name a few whom (and switched hands between companies), from my Student days. 1st Credit is near 1.6k, the others are around £400 each. I currently pay back via the Citizens Advice agreements each month. Pretty much it's going to take 14 years to pay off 1st Credit for example. They all often send me offers/reductions on the debt if I pay today, or pay XX amount, Westcot notably just started doing this today for a £400 debt. Would I be wise in potentially sending requests through for the DCA taking control from the original creditor? Or will I be paying these for 14 years? Just seen a lot of posts of similar actions and wondering if it would be a possibility, and would their be any implications to me?
  11. I ended up in a silly situation where I was lending one to pay off the other no -ones fault but my own, but was wondering if there is a case for irresponsible lending there, I may look into it. They probably total around £600-700 between them. I made a payments last month, but had to log in and do it to each one separately and can't find their bank details anywhere to make a payment from my bank account, I rang them and they refused to give me them.
  12. Hello, I have a problem, I have some debts with Lending Stream, I approached the CAB and informed lending stream of this and gave them a reference number so that they can communicate a payment plan. This has been going on since April, countless times my CAB officer has attempted to contact them to no avail, they do not respond. However I do get message still from CRS/Lending Stream about the debt, the other day I got a text message from CRS stating they had not received the payment from the plan agreed with my debt authority, which is not true because nothing has been agreed. My officer has contacted both parties yet again but to no avail. I've tried calling both parties also to see why they aren't responding to CAB but all I got was the debt it still with the other party and both sides not being helpful. Any advice on what to do or what may occur next?
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