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  1. I've sent it off today fingers crossed. Did you not think much of the agreement I uploaded?
  2. Yeah I had to. There’s correspondence in the coms log in the SAR chasing these back in the day too.
  3. Cool I’ll get one out today. I was just concerned as what they sent in the Sar from reading what’s a valid agreement looked right?
  4. Not to Barclays as I have read consistently if the debt is still with the original buyer the chances are they’ll have the records. The more it’s sold on the less likely it’s kept? I’ll send one tomorrow.
  5. There’s no signature. There’s letters about the docs coming back but I can’t see any agreement with my physical signature.
  6. Those are the only charges as far as i'm aware, sorry I think I've misled you and gone the wrong direction. I don't think there's anything to reclaim. It's never been sold on, is still with Barclays. The attached is copies of what was in the SAR, has my name & everything on i've not sent a CCA but this looks correct? I think Sar.pdf
  7. Am I putting the default date in the claim to?
  8. So it's never been sold. There's no default notice in there but it's defaulted- it's not on file anymore, it was with BCLYS Collections. Yet all the arrears statements till now are from BCLYS Professional & Career Loan Department as of 2020. On the 2013 annual statement (2013) it states Annual Interest Rate 0.00% - 28 Sep 12- 30 Oct 12 9.90% - 31 Oct 12- 9 Jan 13 0.00% 10 Jan 13- 5 Aug 13 0.00% - 6 Aug 13 - Current Using the sheet, the interest charged is approx £192. There's £137 in Dec 12, and £54 in Mar 13 (when their statemen
  9. I finally have my SAR for the account, it wasn't originally sent. I can see some interest applied early on when I was struggling to make original repayments and making token payments. Is this the same situation as a credit card fees? Complete the sheet with interest rate applied? They've also sent the agreement - this was something that had to be physically signed but these don't have my signature on, but reading I think that doesn't matter and is okay?
  10. Hello. Just to update. I sent my request, I have proof of postage along with this & a copy of said request. I’ve received no acknowledgement letter, & last month they pulled my credit report for an affordability check.. Looking around the forum I just leave this now? They’ve become extra annoying in sending letters chasing - but not anything to do with my request
  11. They automatically sent me a few refunds from charges but I believe they weren’t this account it was another overdraft current account I had with them. There is a letter in the SAR for the other account number about a cheque refund I never contacted them
  12. So that amounts to about £700 at the current date today (with the formula back in) Do I contact HBOS about these? I looked in the debt collection library but couldn’t see an overdraft letter. Or is it a case of leaving it
  13. I think I've done that right - and that's the interest rate I believe FosCISheet v101.xls
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