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  1. My two cents as someone who's ran these meetings and disciplinary and such and to play devils advocate. - Personally I think it's been poorly handled from the company from your feedback, but some companies will be run like that. Ideally you should be given a plan of probation reviews ie. 4-8-12 weeks and held around those times where possible. You may push these up if someone isn't up to scratch however. Some places won't even give you a formal notice for a probation meeting and just have one on shift when you are at work with you. Anyway, I suppose arguably you could have contacted the employer to contact someone at work for you; if you wished to attend. Example, we've had staff suspended who are unable to contact other members of staff/prohibited as part of their suspension, whom asked if we could ask a staff member to attend their future meeting. I agree in one sense it's not enough time, but there's not really much to prepare usually for probation meetings. They aren't disciplinary meetings, I've read through the case above but still disagree in that regard, it's not a part of usually the formal disciplinary process Basically it seems the decision was made to let you go unfortunately prior to the meeting, which happens and isn't wrong in itself. Obviously they processed the meeting for the Monday to prevent having to pay you a months notice, which again is fine and nothing wrong there. A lot of rules and such are just guidance you'll see online, there's no guarantee you'd win for unfair dismissal at all either. I'd personally take it on the chin and move on. It happens. Hopefully something else comes along soon.
  2. Hi DX Update- Spoke to Barclays finally on the phone with their customer relations team -they stated my address is correct on their systems. They also checked Barclaycard (stated they used to be separate from each other, but they can now access certain system FYI just in case that's of interest to some.) and it was correct there too. Had no idea why I had been refused. So I'll have to send yet another request I think.. explicitly stating I've spoken to people at Barclays stating the address is fine.
  3. Finally got hold of my statements look like originals (well they are on proper bank style paper not just A4 sheets) anyway. The account conduct I'm not proud of opened Sep 2008, Oct 08 - Credited £100 - £905 OD Nov 08 - £1228 OD April 09 - £300 Credited - £948 OD Jun 09 - £10 Credited £1175 OD July 09 - £1244 OD Nov 09 - £10 Credited - £1234 OD Dec 09 - £10 Credited £1234 OD Mar 10 £10 Credited £1234 OD Apr 10 £10 Credited £1234 OD JulY 10 £10 Credited £1237 OD Aug 10 £10 Credited £1237 OD Sep 10 £10 Credited £1237 OD Pattern Continues with credits being made into the account by me, and then back out Jun 13 £500 Credited £885 OD Next month its' back up to £1100-1200 OD until Sep 13 where the interest starts (about £6) Crucially I'm missing statements after 2013 - this is ridiculous right? I know in my SAR I had a copy of a complaint over charges in 2014 as they charged me £90 in OD fees.. Honestly they have been horrendous at this so far. Back to nagging them.. again for the rest..
  4. It's now been well over a month since I've sent this, do you think i'll have to go into a branch, update my details then send the request again? I'll do I don't mind as much, but just annoyed as they already have the details.
  5. I'd checked https://who-called.co.uk/Number/03309957904 so looks to be correct
  6. Hi Dx, to update I sent them a letter stating that, no reply yet
  7. Just to update, I've had multiple calls from a number that looks to be idem. No letters yet
  8. I had my CCA sent back to me stating the address didn't match the account and Ill need to take 2 proofs of iD into a branch and then resubmit the request again. Is this right? I told them in the letter of my new address (and included the previous address of the account), I also had recently communicated this with the SAR team before that which they posted to me. Have I done something wrong?
  9. I’ve had no response to my CCA, another soft search & now they’ve started letting my previous address. Ive read I’m not supposed to follow up the CCA but I cannot for the life of me find my proof of postage now. Should I be concerned of a back door CCJ or legal action? They seem persistent at the moment.
  10. I've sent it off today fingers crossed. Did you not think much of the agreement I uploaded?
  11. Yeah I had to. There’s correspondence in the coms log in the SAR chasing these back in the day too.
  12. Cool I’ll get one out today. I was just concerned as what they sent in the Sar from reading what’s a valid agreement looked right?
  13. Not to Barclays as I have read consistently if the debt is still with the original buyer the chances are they’ll have the records. The more it’s sold on the less likely it’s kept? I’ll send one tomorrow.
  14. There’s no signature. There’s letters about the docs coming back but I can’t see any agreement with my physical signature.
  15. Those are the only charges as far as i'm aware, sorry I think I've misled you and gone the wrong direction. I don't think there's anything to reclaim. It's never been sold on, is still with Barclays. The attached is copies of what was in the SAR, has my name & everything on i've not sent a CCA but this looks correct? I think Sar.pdf
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