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Found 12 results

  1. For the full story : - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-40069986
  2. Well it is that time of year again when Car Boots kick off. Just found this story. Diamond ring bought for £10 at car boot sale turned out to be worth £350,000 Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/22/diamond-ring-bought-for-10-at-car-boot-sale-turned-out-to-be-worth-350000-6651215/#ixzz4hmYG7BAm What is the article that you found at a car boot that you were delighted with or disappointed with. Maybe you bought something that fell to pieces or a bargain that you want to gloat about. Well you have to release the pleasure or displeasure. Yesterday I bought this Bikini Vase for 50 p popped a flower in there and pleased me no end. I am easily pleased.Are you.
  3. Hi, Need some advice. I sent Vanquis a DSAR request over 4 months ago. I enclosed a £10 cheque which was duly cashed however they failed to provide me with any of the reqested documents (CCA, Terms & Conditions, Default Notices, Deed of assignment etc) I received a 3 page letter consisting of a demand for a further £1 for CCA and a 2 page document consisting of an abreviated table of transactions (I believe this is supposed to constitute a statement) Can someone confirm to me whether the £10 paid for the sar superceeds the requirement for an additional £1 for the cca. My understanding was the £10 sar fee covers ALL docs & data. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone. I have read a lot of your posts and want to thank you all in advance for the contributions made on this forum. It is incredibly helpful and am grateful for what I have read already: I worked for a company in Jan 2010 - April 2011 selling vehicles. I was a trainee for Jan, Feb and March 2010 not supposed to sell cars. My shady Dealer Principle asked me to sell in March and verbally told me I would be paid in front of everybody also there. Along the way he even used my good performance to motivate the rest of the team. This was my first job ever full time under contract & handbook in a proper place. In March 2010 I outsold the team (I needed the money for my father's treatment and he KNEW this!) and when it came to March 30th he told me that there was no commission sheet for me and that I wouldn't be paid. I was so angry because I had worked 7 days a week to do the best I could. Should have been about £4900 in commission for 23 cars sold. In April 2010 I had a letter this time saying I WILL benefit from commission in writing, but it was not paid to me again. There was a complaint from a customer so the Dealer Principle said to me again that I would not be paid for the whole of April (around £4700). It is in writing in a letter! He demoted me to trainee for 3 months. In May 2010 (21st) he changed his mind and had me start selling again back to Sales Executive. I sold 9 vehicles earning £1489. This was paid to me in the June payrun. I got a letter stating the change back to Sales Executive but as of June 1st despite this payment of MAY commission being paid to me in June 2010 (on time). I wrote to them as I now know I can claim money back even at this time... and they have said in a letter that after completing an INVESTIGATION... I can only ASSUME that the payment of £1489 is for April and it was paid late in June's payrun (no payment has ever been late). And that because I was a trainee, I was not entitled to be paid for March 2010 at all. I have evidence of what I sold, who I sold it to, the letters stating I will be paid, my bank accounts, my payslips showing I did not get paid, First letter, second letter even showing the breakdown exactly of who, what and how much sold for. Do I go straight to a Letter Before Action? The last letter says "I confirm receipt of your letter dated 7 October 2015, written in response to my investigation findings. As Per my letter of 24 September 2015, it is my findings that no commission is due to you". He has basically given me a corporate hands over his ears. He didn;'t even acknowledge any of the evidence I gave in my previous letter at all and is closing the door shut despite it being a very clear case.
  5. Hi all when I checked my bank today for my esa payment i found an extra esa payment of £10 was put in yesterday 24/06 and my normal payment today has this happened to anyone else. tried to call dwp but on hold for over an hour.
  6. Hello This week I switched my home insurance to Home Protect, arranging to pay it monthly. Today, I heard from a company called Premium Credit, telling me that Home Protect had set up the credit arrangement for the insurance through them. I was then asked to register on their website and also to electronically sign a copy of the CCA1974 agreement. It also stated that if I hadn't signed by 27th April, then they would add £10 to my account! So my question is, can they actually legally do this? I thought the terms of the CCA1974 states you should sign ONLY if you wished to be bound by it. Effectively, they are fining me if I don't. Clearly, they just want to be able to guarantee any potential court action they might take would be successful by having a "signed" CCA1974 form but this just sound wrong to me. Any advice would be much appreciated. I see this particular company has been posted about before for exorbitant charges for failed direct debits which doesn't surprise me!
  7. I am looking into all previous credit cards and store finance, and want to see a list of charges for these. Do I have to send the £10 SAR fee if I only want to see a copy of charges to my account, rather than the endless statements? I have quite a few and don't want to pursue futile claims. please advise.
  8. Does anyone know anything about the £10 Christmas Bonus, as one or two people I have spoken to have not received it. I read somwhere that it had been scrapped as long ago as 2011.
  9. Sorry I know this is only a minor thing, but have those entitled to this £10 received it? I get high rate DLA and in ESA Support Group but had no letter or payment.
  10. I've been waiting for my JSA payment since May and its still not been paid for a whole host of reasons. I have had to complete application for re-assessment forms twice and they have lost them twice. I could on but the point is its over three months and I've not had any money? Plus generally they have made so many mistakes I'm having fun writing the complaint as I count over a dozen mistakes. My point is I'm sure I read somewhere if they don't pay you within a certain time they have to pay you compensation I think I read its something ridiculously small amount like ten pounds. I can't find the page anymore.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20338335
  12. Hi. I've been in dispute with Lloyds TSB over an unenforceable credit card for nearly 3 years. Lloyds TSB & their various DCA's have accepted the account is unenforceable but they are still passing the account around on the DCA merry go round - which is fair enough. Recently I received a letter from Lloyds TSB acknowledging my payment of £10 on to the account back in February - except I haven't made a payment on this account in almost 3 years. I am fully aware of the issue of the debt being legally time barred after 6 years and have no intention of making any payment to Lloyds TSB that may alter the date my debt becomes legal time barred. 2 months ago I wrote back to Lloyds and Fairfax Solicitors (who were then pursuing the debt on behalf of Lloyds) and made it clear to them that I hadn't paid a penny toward the debt in 3 years and suggested that this appeared to be nothing more than a blatant attempt to push back the legal time barring of the debt (i.e. the 6 years begins again). The next thing I get is a letter from the solicitor saying they've closed the file but almost immediately Robbers Way write to me. Has anybody else heard of Lloyds TSB of anyone else applying payments to accounts which they allege have come from clients?
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