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  1. I have emailed them the following (will follow up with a hard copy by recorded delivery tommorow Account ref - xxxxxxx Dear Sir/madam Please can you confirm the following 1. How many liability orders you have against me 2. The dates they were obtained 3. The period of time each covers 4. How much each one was for 5. How much is still outstanding 6. The dates they were passed on for enforcement 7. The dates and amounts of any payments I will pay £50 on the 24th May 2013 following this subsequent payments of £50 will be made on or before the 31st of every
  2. Thanks to you both, Ill set up a standing order via online banking tommorow. In the meantime if the Baliffs continue to visit and levy fees on top?
  3. Hi dx100uk they have not been inside and I have no intention of letting them in. Thanks for the advice. I can pay £50-£100 tommorow when i get paid. Do i need to notify the council that i will continue to pay them and not the baliff?
  4. I received a summons for unpaid council tax for a property i used to live in a couple of years ago. The amount was for £513.64 They asked for 1 payment of 257.00 and a second payment of 256.64. They refused to accept anything lower even though i couldnt afford that amount. I paid £50 online last month and today i have come home to find a letter hand delivered from Bristow Sutor demanding payment of £540.14. What can i do?? I am happy to pay monthly installments but in no way can afford the entire amount up front
  5. Thought i'd wait a month or so before getting my credit reports. Just got them today and default has definately been removed!!!!
  6. Just received a call from Bcard this morning offering to settle for the full amount!!! Waiting for them to confirm in writing (they should be faxing or emailing at some point today) before i say anything to the court
  7. Thanks elizabeth1. @doo i posted the addresses in my Barclaycard thread
  8. Halifax have already settled with me so it's just Barclaycard left. I just sent my count bundle off to them yesterday
  9. Thanks doo. The account was closed in 2003 so im not sure there will be any negative info
  10. Letter recieved today from Capital One today stating that they will contact all the credit ref agencies and the default will be removed within the next 48 hours. Fantastic what a result!!!!!!!!!! p.s No mention of refund of charges in the letter though
  11. Not yet Special_k. Only sent the bundle by recorded delivery yesterday morning.
  12. Hi Doo, the address I sent the Sar to is Barclaycard, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7SG. I sent the Prelim and Lba etc to Barclaycard, PO Box 599, Manchester, M60 3NF
  13. Been so busy totally forgot about this. Court Bundle sent this morning
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