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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I have had a Notice of Enforcement from Bristow and Sutor claiming that I owe them something in the region of £65 + £75 compliance fee for a Council Tax Debt that I apparently have from an old property that I rented. I always paid by DD and only cancelled the DD after seeing that no payments had gone out for a while, therefore I believed that I was discharged of any responsibilities. Fast-forward a year and I receive a Notice of Enforcement dated 23/8/17 claiming the above figures and that this has been through the courts. How would you suggest that I proceed? If there i
  2. This article from October 2016 - I dont recall it being mentioned anywhere? Has anyone had a bank try to reclaim some of their pay-out ?
  3. The background to this subject can be read on the following thread. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?448461-Tom-Crawford-eviction-by-bailiffs-Freeman-on-the-Land-(FMoTL)-nonsense-has-no-place-in-the-courts. Today, Tom Crawford has attempted to 'reclaim' his former house. He is presently on the roof of the property. The following is an extract from a press article that has just been released: Evicted man Tom Crawford says he has 'reclaimed' his former Nottinghamshire home by locking himself inside. The 64-year-old, who was evicted from the h
  4. The Sheriff's are Coming was on the other day, a repeat I think, but not an episode I have seen. Visiting a husband and wife at night time over 6 grand, woman claiming she went bankrupt - the HCEO (not Bob or Paul this time) again attempted to force entry by pushing past the woman who was stood in front of her door, surely this is not remotetly legal? If you have to grab, or try and push someone out the way to get through a door, then that is not peaceful entry!!! Sad thing is, they know so well they aren't going to be punished for breaking the law, not even assaulting debtors t
  5. My wife and I are mid fifties, currently in social housing, trying to relocate due to health and family reasons. we are unable to move to another social housing property/area other than via a mutual exchange, (which is proving impossible), as "housing associations will only allocate newly vacated properties to working tenants as is now government policy". ( a quote from a housing association employee ). They see people on benefits as unacceptable tenants and "a source of anti-social behaviour". ( another quote from the same housing association employee ). We are unable to rent
  6. My brother rents a house from a private landlord with two friends. A months deposit was paid as well as a months rent in advance when they moved in at the end of last year. Unfortunately, due to one friend losing his job there was an issue with his share of the second months rent but the landlord was very good about it and gave extra time to pay etc. An agreement was reached whereby they paid an extra couple of weeks rent when able to extend the official rent due date each month and so from the third month they started afresh and paid that month in full. However, it was only at this point that
  7. I have been struggling with the last 11 payments on my 25 year mortgage for the last few years and have not been been able to make a payment for 15 months. I self employed and every month I say I must contact them and make an arrangement, but there is never any money available after I have paid everything else. I'm probably a nine (out of ten) on the CA debt scale. I received a letter from the Halifax a couple of weeks ago to say they were arranging a home visit and charging me £125 for this and £100 if I am not there. Last Friday I received a letter from their agent saying to
  8. Hello I have 2x defaults on my CRA file 1 from Activ Kapital (barclaycard) and 1 from NRAM (northern Rock). After reading some of this forum i would like to challenge them and try to get them removed as i am certain penalty charges were applied to both accounts causing the defaults before sept 14 when the drop off. I need some advice firstly. Do i send them both a SAR? Do i send it to activ capital or barclaycard? Many Thanks.
  9. I have a loan with Cash Genie for £250 with £75 interest. I emailed them regarding a repayment plan, below is my original email, and then their reply; What should I do next, how much info should I give them etc.
  10. As part of his investigation into why British people are on average nearly three stone (24kg) heavier than 50 years ago, Jacques Peretti attempts to eat what is thought to be one of Britain's biggest fried breakfasts. A reflection of the rise in popularity of super-sizing food, Jester's diner in Great Yarmouth serves a breakfast that includes 8 eggs, 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages, potatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, black pudding, beans and 12 slices of bread. It is called the "Challenge Kidz Breakfast" because it weighs the same as a small child, around 9lbs. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk
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