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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, one and all! On 4th August 2018 my husband was shopping in your [local] store. He hadbeen a regular and loyal customer for many years. He was approached by a security guard who we were actually quite friendly with when he was about to pay for 4 items, and handed a “letter”. Security guard then simply stated “you're excluded from this store, it's all explained in the letter”. It was NOT explained in the letter and no explanation was given. All that was written was an incident number and a date. As I have said, he has been a loyal customer. As a qualified St. JAmbulance member and also Community First Responder, he even savedthe life of a customer whilst shopping in the store, which hereceived an award for in 2016 and it was covered by the local press. We were both shocked and disgusted – having no explanation. I, myself, continued to occasionally enter the store – to collect myfather's prescription and whilst there buy one or two items. The security for G* witnessed me enter the store on numerous times, asdid many other members of staff. On December 8th2018 I entered the store to purchase three items. It wasn't busy. I purchased the items and left the store. When I was in the carpark I looked behind me as I heard voices and sawthat the same security guard (always the same man) and (personel manager) were following me. I looked at them but they didn't make eyecontact. I got into my car where my husband and my little boy were waiting and(security guard) knocked on the window. I wound down the window andhe said “*my name*, this is a notice of exclusion from this store”.I asked why and he just said “It's explained in the letter” andwalked off with *personel*. I called to them but they very quicklyhurried off. Now. I have the receipt from the alleged “incident”. I remember that day well. A week before hand I complained to the head office about a product (a bottle of wine being hard to open because the cuff was sealed) and Inamed a member of staff in that store who was very unwilling to help.Who also happens to be my ex husband's friend. My husband also has dark skin and I am very unsure as to whether thiswasn't a racial discrimination. We're in Mid Wales. By the way – we live in a very small community and everyone knows everyone – the security guard in question even once gave us someseedlings from his garden. But the “letter” didn't even have ournames and address on them – just our “known as” *(for example,if your name is Margaret but you're known as Peggy”). As my husband is a first responder and regularly gets calls to this establishment, this exact location, is he to say - “No, I can'tattend, I'm not allowed” - and potentially let someone die? Now the incident in question. On that day - we were having a gathering to celebrate a friend's baby being born. We bought some drinks and it amounted to about 8 bottles. We are frugaland don't buy bags so we always use boxes as we were also having abonfire that evening. We put the box on the self servicecheckout, and a checkout assistant was present, watching. As we put bottles in the box on the self service till, the bottles randown towards the edge and tipped the box so I remember my husbandpropping the box up with another box. This triggered the self serviceto alert a member of staff to come and check the items - You know howit goes - "Unexpected item in bagging area" She checked it. She also had the security guard witness it. Yes, the SAME security guard. I double checked it was all OK. The security guard said "See ya, guys, have a good evening" as we left. About three days later I went into the store todo my shopping with my kids and the same security guard said helloand chatted to me. Where do we stand? I realise that stores have the right to ban anyone without reason - I think there is more to it than this. Anyone remember the Chocolateraisin incident? I sued them and won.
  2. I can't see this super sight, typical clouds in the way again, and would be wonderful if any of our members could post up pics we can enjoy:-D
  3. Hello, On Dec. 21st, our washer died. I went to Which and found a clothes washing machine. From among the listed dealers, I chose Gas SuperStore. I bought the machine from them on line. In the list of delivery dates that came up, I chose Dec. 24th and thought all was well. We had a housefull of family coming for the holidays. and I was relieved. A few days later, I received an email telling me that they weren't delivering on the 24th and assigned me a new delivery date, Dec. 28th. OK I thought, I can live with that although guests were going to have to hand wash smaller items. A day later they phoned and said they were out of stock. I was and still am furious, Next I checked as to whether they had charged my card; they had. I wrote them several emails asking them when the machine would be delivered. I t is now Jan 2nd and I haven't heard back. I also wrote and complained to 'which', from whom I have heard nothing. I would like to either have my machine delivered immediately, or my card reimbursed immediately. In closing, I would appreciate it if someone would point me in the right direction to warn others about this company. All my holiday guests have gone home and I am still hand washing my household laundry. Thank you, angster
  4. There's new plans afoot regarding the environment, which could see older cars and vehicles that cause more pollution to be charged a lot more to drive in London. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has spoken about plans to charge vehicles that cause the most pollution £10 per day if they want to drive in the centre of London, in a bid to extend an "ultra low emissions zone". The new plans are looking at a charge', which would apply to vehicles - petrol or diesel - which have pre-Euro 4 emission standards. In short, that effectively means cars that are registered before 2005. If you're thinking 'well, I don't live in London, so why should I care?' - well, there's a chance that this could extend beyond the capital. http://www.bitterwallet.com/motoring/older-cars-to-face-super-charge-in-london-92577
  5. Have I just heard that right, cycle super highway being planned for the A40 in London. Who is thinking of this stuff, that is so dangerous..
  6. Hi everyone, First of all thanks for reading and I hope someone will be able to make sense of this for me, after hours trawling the internet and existing case law I can't seem to find a similar situation! Several months ago, June of this year, I split from my wife, I used to get my wages paid into our joint account, and at the time I didn't have my own current account, for the coming payday I provided details for an ex girlfriends account I had been seeing, on the condition this was a one month only arrangement, and in under two weeks I had opened and provided my employer with details of my new current account , which I had been told would be sorted that day. Two weeks on from this payday comes around and my account remained empty, upon informing my employer they admitted they had made the payment to the wrong account, and immediately credited my account as it was their error. I should mention, myself and my ex girlfriend had stopped speaking and lost all contact in the time leading to this , to this day, I have no contact with her (smooth operator as always, me). Being as my employer have had no luck with finding her, they have taken to victimizing me, and requesting that I pay back the money, even though, to my knowledge I did everything in my power to give them the correct information. I drive a truck, I'm not savvy on laws or what my rights are here, all I know is I am sick of going to work to be harassed and quite frankly have been legitimately stressed and depressed at the thought. I won't spend the rest of this thread 'slagging off' my employer but the accusations are becoming unbearable! Here's hoping someone can clarify my rights here, and what, if any, responsibility lies with me Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Hello My current situation has caused me to go through absolutely everything Ive paid in my life. I have a payslip from the NHS in the 80's showing super Ann payments which I have never had back. Can I reclaim these and if so anyone know how you go about it. Thanks to anyone who looks at this thread Exasp
  8. scaniaman

    Super efficient

    I bought a used car on 22/10/2014 and can't use it as DVLA / post office systems are incompatible. Sent all docs to dvla but they seem to have lost them. As a matter of interest, is there a postal address & post code anywhere on a V5C??
  9. Hello, I have a Super Off Peak return ticket from Brighton to Bath with reservations on Paddington to Bath and Bath to Paddington trains. Can I use the return part to travel via Southampton instead of London? And if so how can I tell which particular trains it's valid on? Thank you
  10. As part of his investigation into why British people are on average nearly three stone (24kg) heavier than 50 years ago, Jacques Peretti attempts to eat what is thought to be one of Britain's biggest fried breakfasts. A reflection of the rise in popularity of super-sizing food, Jester's diner in Great Yarmouth serves a breakfast that includes 8 eggs, 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages, potatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, black pudding, beans and 12 slices of bread. It is called the "Challenge Kidz Breakfast" because it weighs the same as a small child, around 9lbs. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18490459
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