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  1. I am seeking some advice regarding an outstanding council tax bill. Last year I was in a house share that went bad financially owing to people not paying etc. The council tax bill was in my name and that of one other, as we were the original tenants. She moved out in January this year and I moved out in March. Since then she was chased for what turned out to be an unpaid water bill and is dealing with that as I was unable to. Now, she has received letters from Rundles regarding council tax. I have agreed to deal with this and have contacted both Rundles and the council (by email) asking the account to be put in just my name and I will pay by instalments. Rundles have not responded to me and have chased my former housemate again, saying I hadnt been in touch. The council have replied to me and say they will not change the account name. So how should I proceed? Should I begin making payments to the council direct, or to Rundles? My former housemate is obviously concerned that the bailiffs are threatening to go to her home. Furthermore, I am reluctant to provide a contact address to either the council or Rundles as a friend is very kindly putting me up and I do not want any of this impacting her home. I am willing to pay, I just want them to stop harassing my former housemate as she is a student and has more than shouldered her share of the financial mess that resulted from our former home.
  2. My husband's business has received similar phonecalls from this company so we can totally relate to your frustration Claire2k1! We have told them many times to stop and did block their number, but they must use several different numbers as they are still coming through.
  3. I hope someone can help please. I ordered some glue from a website (shop4glue.com) and paid online with my debit card. The money has gone from my account but no product received over a week later. I tried phoning the number on the site but no answer. So I then checked the company details on the page which are Starloc Adhesives. Having checked the company online I see they are listed as non-trading! What should I do now and is there any way I could get my money back? Many thanks
  4. My brother rents a house from a private landlord with two friends. A months deposit was paid as well as a months rent in advance when they moved in at the end of last year. Unfortunately, due to one friend losing his job there was an issue with his share of the second months rent but the landlord was very good about it and gave extra time to pay etc. An agreement was reached whereby they paid an extra couple of weeks rent when able to extend the official rent due date each month and so from the third month they started afresh and paid that month in full. However, it was only at this point that a contract was signed, for 12 months. the tenants signed and had it witnessed and returned both copies to the landlord for her signature. Neither copy has ever been returned to the tenants and this was several months ago. An arrangement was made to allow weekly payments of rent and this has continued. A couple of times the landlord contacted my brother via text to chase up rent and efforts were made to pay. Last week an arrears figure for the last 2 months was provided by the landlord, saying it needs to be sorted asap or she will be forced to serve notice. My brother queried the amount and landlord agreed they had paid more rent than initially thought, but there were still arrears. She also pointed out that looking back there were further arrears and she would provide a final figure. My brother is still waiting to here and is very concerned. He spoke to the landlord and said he would do whatever possible to pay the arrears as soon as possible and is desperate to stay in the house. In many ways the landlord has been very helpful during his tenancy and my brother hopes to keep a good relationship, but also raises a few valid points - concern over the fact that the contract has not been returned, if arrears have been accruing for sometime why are they only being sought now - should some letters have been sent when they began? All communication has been done by text and/or phone - does this have any bearing on things? They have an AST which still has over 3 months to run, does this affect anything at all? Any advice greatly appreciated, obviously we will know more when the landlord replies with the actual figure etc. I should also say that my brother has said to the landlord that he would like to reach an agreed weekly payment plan to cover due rent and reduce arrears.
  5. My housemate has received a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors this morning: "We have been instructed by Fredrickson International Limited Limited on behalf of EE Limited to issue court proceedings on 23 September 2013 if payment of this debt is not received by us by that date." The debt is for just over £400. My housemate is a student and therefore living on a very tight budget anyway and was forced to drop out of uni last year owing to financial and related hardships so is retaking the year starting in a couple of weeks. She has been panicked by this letter so I was hoping I could obtain some advice here to reassure her. I have told here not to phone them but was wondering if there is any letter etc that could be obtained? Thanks in advance.
  6. There is a clause in the landlord's mortgage that states they cannot rent the property to anyone on benefits so we could not apply until we knew we were leaving the property and as I'm sure you are aware these claims take ages, especially with Christmas falling in the middle of everything! I am really seeking some advice with regard to the section 8, with regard to the fact that I will be vacating before the date on the section 21, so will there be any further repercussions? Obviously i will have to try to come to some arrangement regarding the arrears, but will I have to go to court etc?
  7. Sounds worryingly like my lodger who I am in the process of evicting....keeps a jug of his own pee by his bedroom door
  8. My tenancy expired at the end of December 2012, at the end of November 2012 I was issued a section 21 with a view to vacating by the end of January 2013. I informed the landlord that I would leave on or before that date. They are also aware that I currently have no income and am in the process of applying for benefits. However, today I received a section 8 notice via a solicitor so I am a little confused. I understand that I am over 2 months in arrears and this relates to the section 8, but it is also worded in such a way as though I am refusing to vacate the property which is definitely not the case and I have been very clear about this. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  9. A couple of months ago I received a letter from Rundles with regard to an outstanding Council Tax account. I made a small payment online to Rundles as it was all I could afford at the time, then heard nothing. Yesterday upon checking my post box I found another letter from them saying it was "hand delivered today" but with no specific date and as I hadn't emptied my post box for a few days I don't know exactly what date it was delivered. I have a few queries with the letter: "Your debt remains outstanding despite previous applications for payment" - as stated above, I have received one letter from this company and the payment I made has never been acknowledged. "I called today with transportation to remove your goods. I shall be calling back within the next 2 working days, with the Police in attendance if necessary, to complete my task. This action will be taken without further notice." - as mentioned before, I do not know what day this letter was delivered and it has no date on so how can I judge the "next 2 working days" part? Also, as I understand from other posts on this forum, no goods can be removed until they have been levied and that has not happened - am I correct in this? "Removal Bailiff in Charge: Mr xxxx" - I have looked up this name on the official register and there is a bailiff registered to Rundles with almost the same name, but one letter different (a similar example would be the surname on the letter being Todd, the name on the site being Tod), is this significant? Also, this particular bailiff's license is due to expire in the next 2 weeks. Finally - there are no monetary figures on this letter, the only specific reference to the debt being the name of the council at the top, the whole thing seems very vague. Any help or advice greatly appreciated, in the meantime I will keep all my windows and doors locked, will not answer the door to anyone I do not know and have cleared all items of any value from the garden. Thanks in advance
  10. Today I received this e-mail: "We write to advise you that Judgement has been issued against you in the Northampton County Court on the 3rd August 2011 . The Court sent the claim form to you by first class post on the 3rd August 2011 and it will be deemed to be served on the 8th August 2011. You have until the 22nd August 2011 to reply. The County Court Judgement Claim Number is xxxxx, which can be confirmed by Northampton County Court by calling them on (0845) 6015935. What options are available to you? Repayment of the County Court Judgement balance within 7 days from the date of this e-mail, with a concession for immediate repayment. The County Court Judgement can then be revoked if payment is received within 30 days from the date of entry. Reply to the County Court Judgement balance claim by the time stated above. Contact our Litigation Team on (01202) 203180, or by return email to make arrangement for repayment What could happen if you ignore this e-mail? As a matter of course we will be requesting that your County Court Judgement is entered against you, in order to make the enforcement process as swift as possible. How can the Judgement be enforced? In order to recover the outstanding amount of your County Court Judgement, we may apply for one of the following methods of enforcement via the Courts. Attachment of Earnings Order – repayment via your employers directly from your income. Warrant of Execution- the case will be passed to a Court Bailiff to visit you for repayment or seizure of assets. Charging Order- to place a charge on assets of value so that they can not be sold without repayment of our debt. Any other method of enforcement process available via Her Majesty’s Courts Service. Please contact our Collection advisers on (01202) 203180 quoting the above reference number to avoid this matter developing further. We understand that circumstances may have dictated the necessity for us to apply for a County Court Judgement however without your participation this matter can not be resolved amicably. Really worried, any advice appreciated. I have moved house and so have not received any documents by post - what can I do about that? I cannot pay the balance owing and don't live anywhere near Northampton.. ..will I have to travel to court???? I have been in communication with the company previously informing them that my husband is out of work and offering a monthly payment. I was also offered a F&F settlement offer which was only valid for 48 hours and I could not afford.
  11. Daniels Silverman have sent me a letter with regard to an outstanding loan with Capital Finance One stating that as I have not responded to their communications they will begin bankruptcy proceedings! Firstly I have been in contact with them and CFO trying to make a payment arrangement (on a £350 loan which now stands at over £1200!) and secondly can they really do that (with regard to bankruptcy) or is it just an idle threat?
  12. I was asked for I&E and bank statment, only sent I&E and explained I was paying all bills in cash so statement would not provide any useful info to support. After this they agreed to payment proposal and provided details to set up a standing order. So stick to your guns and hopefully you will be successful.
  13. Most I am dealing with say they will accept a minimum of £50 a month on a repayment plan so you should be OK. Email them all and explain your situation, detail your offer and request that they do not call you at work. Good luck!
  14. I believe they are part of Tower Credit. I have been dealing with Tower Capital who are also part of the group and they have been one of the easiest companies to set up a payment plan with. Hope this helps....
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