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  1. Hi all - the Council had my forwarding address, I have confirmed that with them, yet no post was sent there. They are claiming that the debt exists. As they haven't followed procedure I have put the complaint in formally and they have suspended any enforcement until the 6th of October at least as that is when I should have heard back from the complaint by. There has been nothing taken to court about this in case that makes any difference.
  2. Hi all, I have had a Notice of Enforcement from Bristow and Sutor claiming that I owe them something in the region of £65 + £75 compliance fee for a Council Tax Debt that I apparently have from an old property that I rented. I always paid by DD and only cancelled the DD after seeing that no payments had gone out for a while, therefore I believed that I was discharged of any responsibilities. Fast-forward a year and I receive a Notice of Enforcement dated 23/8/17 claiming the above figures and that this has been through the courts. How would you suggest that I proceed? If there is a genuine debt, I have no problem with paying it, however, as I had no court papers and no knowledge of this debt then I would really find it difficult to justify any fees. Many thanks.
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