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  1. She borrowed £250, then added on another £40 to that, they charged her £5.50 transmission each time and £68 interest for the loans, which I work out to be £369. They are currently asking her for £624.59. She tried to do the online repayment plan thing through wonga's site but it would only repay over 2 months so she got panicked and just tried to forget about it.
  2. I think Wonga are trying to rip off my mom, she's just told me about a loan she has with them. She borrowed £290 off them back in December with a interest+transmission charge of £51. She couldn't pay on the date so they've added on quite a bit of interest by what I can tell. I emailed them asking them for a statement of the account (which was a lot of hassle in itself) and they sent me the attached pic. The interest they've added looks pretty unfair to me, and it even looks like they've added interest on top of interest. Is there anything we can do to get it reduced? Thanks!
  3. All their related websites are down. Have the OFT finally acted on these muppets? https://www.toothfairyfinance.com/ https://www.northerndebtrecovery.com/
  4. On the contrary, Cash Genie were the easiest I've had to deal with. I had a loan of £250 with £75 interest, and they set me up a repayment plan for that amount and no more. I pay them £50/month. They even removed my card details from their system to allow me to make direct bank transfers myself. Send them an email, they have been really helpful to me.
  5. Unless you have your own insurance, you can't get their insurance written off.
  6. in regards to waiting on hold, you can use http://www.saynoto0870.com/ to find a local landline number which may save you a lot on phone calls.
  7. Ignore these clowns, they sent me a default notice and added £10 to my balance BEFORE my due date. I even logged in to their site to see if a rollover was possible, and it wasn't. Then they sent me a list of charges they had added as follows: Loan and Interest £516 Legal Fees £150 Recovery Fees £200 Repayments todate £54 Total £472 The loan/interest was only £408, and from the imaginary fees they've tried to add they obviously can't use a calculator! Moral of the story, ignore the muppets.
  8. I work in a store and part of my duties are to flip through the cctv to try and pinpoint shoplifting.. My advice would be to take the goods back, hand them to the manager in person, and promise you won't enter the store again (whether you are intending to buy or not). The fact that you took the goods back would be a positive to me.
  9. Out of curiosity, what was the original loan amount? I hope you never agreed to a lot of ridiculous fees..
  10. Check your noddle report. I've had stuff not show up on Experian etc., but it's on Noddle. Wonga was one of them which did this.
  11. Does a direct bank transfer via my online banking give them my info?
  12. If I cancel the CPA can I still make payments to them from that account? If they don't co-operate by Thursday I'm sending my file for Cash Genie to the OFT, I want it to look like I've attempted to solve this as much as possible.
  13. An update on the Cash Genie situation. Have had no response since I emailed a summarized outgoings to them. Just sent them the following email; fyi my payday/due date is this coming Friday. I sent it to the guy who emailed asking for I/E, and CC'd it to the Cash Genie main customer support email. Was this the right response to send?
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