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Found 25 results

  1. Name of the Claimant - Motormile Finance Date of issue – 28/04/2017 Date to acknowledge - 16/05/2017 Date to defence - by 4pm 30/05/2017 What is the claim for? 1.the defendant owes the claimant £100.00 under a regulated loan agreement with ariste holding ltd t/a cash genie dated 30/05/2014 and which was assigned to the claimant on 27/04/2016 and notice of which was given to the defendant on the 27/04/2016 (debt). 2.despite formal demand for the payment of the debt the defendant has failed to pay and the claimant claims £100.00 and further claims interest theron pursuant to section 69 of the county court act 1984 limited to one year to the date hereof at the rate of 8.00% per annum amounting to £8.00 What is the value of the claim? £183.00 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Payday loan When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? After 2007 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim? Motormile Finance Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Not that she remembers. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Not that she remembers. Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Not that she remembers. Why did you cease payments? Couldn't afford the repayment What was the date of your last payment? No payments ever made. Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? No I am assume its another case of Acknowledge service and send out a CPR and CCA? Ahoy, Well, after fending off two Lowell cases this year already she has now had one for Motormile Finance. Not a good year for her. I wonder what has made them all come out of the woodwork and try shenanigans. She claims to have no recollection of this particular debt although she had a few payday loans and I know the same companies trade under various different names said she had a letter or two from MMF and it made no mention of the original creditor. I looked into this one (Cash Genie) and see they ceased trading 3 months before this debt was assigned and there are a lot of debtors making claims against them and getting refunds from them (the website for them listed how to claim). I struggle to see how anyone with a degree in Law can have such bad grammar and presentation when it comes to these claims or if its done by random spods how they can allow them to do so in their name.
  2. I was gong through bad time financially few years ago and I built up some debts using payday loans such as Cash Genie. Or Motormile finance. I received a letter from Moriarty Law saying they're sending me county court papers for £105 I still owe Cash Genie from 2011. I also received county court claim form and I attached a copy. My main problem that I work for financial institution so if I get CCJ I'll be forced to quit my job. Can they really take you to county for only £105??? Now they increased it to £188 with court fees and theirs. This is looks serious and I'm worried! Any advice is appreciated guys! Thanks in advance Angela.
  3. Hi there I have noticed on my credit report a default on in July of this year for an old cash genie payday loan, this account started in Nov 2011 and there was no payment since 2011 how is it possible for MMF to issue a default date of 2016, a full 5years after the last payment? Is this possible ? Any advice on this Thanks
  4. I applied for a Cash Genie loan on 23/12/13. The application was accepted. The loan amount was £200, duration of credit agreement 8 days, loan ID xxxxxx8493, to be repaid in 2 simultaneous instalments of £60 (interest), and £200 on 31/12/13, total amount repayable £260. I ensured there were sufficient funds to repay the loan in full on the due date. I was therefore surprised to receive an email from Cash Genie on 27/4/14 reminding me of my "upcoming payment" for my loan ID xxxxxx4039. I checked my bank statements and discovered that payments had been taken from my debit card as follows: 30/12/13 £60 03/02/14 £60 03/03/14 £60 02/04/14 £60 Total £240 The total amount repayable under the loan agreement was £260. Cash Genie had rolled the loan over on 4 successive occasions entirely of their own volition and contrary to the terms and conditions of their own loan agreement. As the balance of the original loan agreement was £20, I repaid this on 01/05/14 and considered the subject closed. I then received an email from Cash Genie 01/08/14 containing a default sum notice for yet another loan ID xxxxxx7101 (I can only assume Cash Genie generated a new loan "agreement" every time they rolled over the loan). "The following default sums have been incurred and are now payable under the agreement referred to above: Amount Description Date £0.00 Sent Letters 01/08/2014 This Notice does not take account of default sums which we have already told you about in another default sum notice, whether or not those sums remain unpaid. The total amount of all default sums included in this Notice: £0.00." On 31/08/14 I received a second default notice via email with the exactly the same wording but the following default sums: "Amount Description Date £0.00 Sent Letters 01/08/2014 £0.00 Sent Letters 31/08/2014" This is the only correspondence I have received regarding a default notice. I am unaware therefore of any other alleged default sums. I immediately responded to these notices by paying the default sums (i.e.£0.00!). My credit record shows the following information: "Account start date: 30/05/2014 Opening balance: £260 Regular payment: £ 140 Repayment frequency: Monthly Date of default: 30/06/2014 Default balance: £260" Every line of data is complete nonsense! Furthermore, the status markers show the account being 1 month late in July 2014 (2 months after I paid it off) and in default in October 2014 (not 30/6/14 as shown above). My questions are: 1) I believe I am entitled to redress - what do I claim, and how do I calculate/ claim it? 2) Most importantly, I need this ridiculous default removed from my credit record. How? Thanks in advance!
  5. I've had similar emails as the above. Is this still the advice you would give if they have emailed "If we do not hear from you within the next 7 days we will be left with no alternative but to refer your account to Moriarty Law LLP." Still the same nonsense?
  6. One for the news books, Im affected by this, you should reclaim ASAP! It would appear they are also withdrawing from the UK market, although claims should still be supported by the FOS.
  7. Morning all. Bit of background, took a £150 payday loan from Cash Genie in February 2011 and kept rolling it over after paying my £45 per month. What also happened to me is that the solicitors starting taking monies from my account also. Spoke with them on several occasions to not effect. I finally managed to close in July 2012. Total loan was £150 and total I paid them back was £1267.80 to Cash Genie but another £980.60 was taken from my account by their sister form carter forbes. I was in direr needs then and had several other PDL's so robbed peter to pay Paul. I have finally sorted myself out and feel strong to challenge them. Would anyone have any suggestions as to how I do this? I have all the paperwork from my bank dates , times etc..Thanks
  8. http://www.fca.org.uk/news/cash-genie-redress-unfair-practices
  9. As per a previous post Cash Genie/Ariste Holdings are currently close to entering Administration (confirmed by the FOS). On the off chance I complained to FOS stating my loans were mis sold. These dated back to 2011 when I was in a financial mess. Id pay the loan on the 28th pay day and then due to having to pay it, take another one out literally a few days later. I did this 4 times. Now Cash Genie/Ariste Holdings have written my final debt off (I owed £473) as they admitted there was no cooling off period in between loans being paid and re taken out. :-):-)
  10. Good news, Cash Genie will no longer issue any loans at all, so hopefully less people will get in trouble in the future, just got this email out of the blue:
  11. Hi all I'm working with Stepchange to get all my finances in order and received some great help from them and also some great help on CAG forums (thanks DX100UK ) I ask MMF for a breakdown of the outstanding debt I have from a PDL and they have come back with this: Loan Date: 17/08/2011 Original Due Date: 31/08/2011 Orig loan value: 200.00 Loan interest: 60.00 Refinance Fee: 1672.00 Late Direct Debit fees: 51.00 Are they able to charge £1672.00 for refinance?!? Thanks in advance as always
  12. http://www.fca.org.uk/static/documents/requirement-notices/ahl-vreq.pdf Looks like the FCA are beginning to show their teeth. 3 issues noted with AHL/Cash Genie. (a) a systems weakness and other matters that may have allowed unauthorised charges to be applied to AHL customers' accounts; (b) potential misuse of banking information provided to affiliated websites to repay outstanding debts of existing AHL customers who are in arrears; and © a number of issues in relation to the refinancing (I.e. rolling over) of customers' loans. The regulator has instructed CG to carry out a S166, where they have toa ppoint an independent 3rd party to ensure the remediation work is carried out in a fair manner. CG will undertake (a) an Investigation to Identify whether or not consumers have been affected by any breaches of contractual and/or regulatory obligations applicable at the relevant time as a result of the Issues Identified In paragraph 1.2 and, If so, the extent; and (b) a scheme for assessing the redress that would be appropriate in any Instances of breach
  13. Hi was hoping someone could give me advice on this. I had a payday loan with cash genie last year they took the money out of my bank without my permission. The loan was for 150 they took payments of 240 and 195. hsbc refunded the 240 but not the 195 which i have no problems with as i owed that. the problem i have is both amounts have been shown as settled on my noddle report until last month where the amount of 240 has reappeared. the 240 was the charges they added as the intial loan was for 150. My question is how do i remove it from my credit report as its now showing as defaulted again? as i was told i only owe the intial amount and one months interest on payday loans but unsure on that. any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Can someone help with this Today cash genie took out £170 from my partners bank account for an unpaid loan last year. The money was actually mine and was two weeks benefit money that I had asked the dwp put into her account as I do not have one and they will no longer pay by Giro Cheque. Natwest bank won't act and the loan company will not reply to my E-mails. Where legally do I stand ?. Thank you
  15. Hi, Cashgenie keep rolling over my account automatically. On 25/07/2012 I applied for a £150 loan, which came with a £45 interest charge for a total of £195 repayable. Since then, I have paid: 25/08/2012: £45 25/09/2012: £45 25/10/2012: £45 25/11/2012: £45 25/12/2012: £45 25/01/2013: £45 25/02/2013: £45 25/03/2013: £45 25/04/2013: £45 That's £405! What's the best way of breaking this cycle? They've had more than enough money from me now, but I'd rather not end up with another default on my credit file.
  16. Hi Few months ago i borrowed a loan to pay for my car as it was in the garage and needed the extra cash to pay for it as i rely on it for work, i have always had loans not with payday firms but with banks etc, Last month i came out of work due to redundancy and still waiting on my redundancy money from the firm i worked for for 10 years. Obviously now i have screwed my credit rating but thats the last thing on my mind, i borrowed £150 off these idiots back in May and made contact with them as soon as i received my redundancy letter which was in the middle of May i had no reply off these people whats so ever i have emailed dozens of times and still no response off them, 4 weeks later this person called Zen Young kept pestering me by text message and email until i give him a mouthful which he didnt like and told him its not the fact your chasing the money its the fact your now emailing me with threats after i gave you plenty of time about my current situation. He told me to fill out and I&E which i glady did and only offered the minimum until i land back on my feet as now i can only claim JSA and all that goes on bills. I filled that out 3 weeks ago and heard nothing off him emailed them a further two or three times and still they do not respond. I have always been told only speak to them by email, i feel that i am getting no where with these cow boys they ring me about 4 or 5 times a day spam my phone with text messages here is the last 3 i received. They claim that they want to help you but actually make your life 10x harder with all the grief you get. Are they allowed to just send a collection agent to your door without sending it to a DCA first ?, i feel i would get more sense and a response out of a DCA Is there anyone i can complain to as i now sick and tired of threats and constant phone calls and text messages, i have tried my part they dont seem to cooperate.
  17. Hi guys I took out a £300 loan from this pay day company thinking i would of had no issue paying it back but appears now i have run into a bit of a snag. The interest was £90 so my repayment date is 390 on 31st May 2013. I borrowed this for an emergency as my nan lives down south and wanted to be at her side as she has cancer so i took out this loan to cover my petrol expenses, accommodation, food etc i had a cheque in the post last week for £2000 but the cheque bounced and now im in abit of bother, Its only a matter of time before they stick £45 letter fees, £15 late payment fee's on top etc Im just worried is going to get out of hand i dont mind setting up a payment plan but i can only afford the minimum as i lost my job last month due to redundancy with company going into administration
  18. Hi - we have a payday loan with Cash Genie for £80 with the total to pay back being £110.50. However, we could only afford to roll this over from March at a rate of £25.50 per month and this has been going on since then meaning we've paid a total of £255!! At first, my wife thought we were on a repayment plan meaning that some of loan is also paid off out of this monthly figure, however, it turns out she misunderstood - this was no fault of the company but explains why we left it so long. What are our options because there's no way we can continue paying this roll over and I don't like the thought of coming to a repayment plan after already paying so much to them? Thanks - Lee.
  19. Hey everybody! I've been told by a close friend, my next door neighbour in fact that cash genie having been taking double the amount of repayments of some customers. He himself took a loan and cash genie removed the money from his account on the agreed date but unfortunately they removed the same amount the following day which took him overdraw by a few pounds which means he is now expecting overdraft fees from his bank. Fair play to cash genie they did give him the money back but it isn't realyl good enough when people are living on the edge. One of there customer service reps even admitted that this is a recurring problem at the moment so my advice would be to leave them well alone until this is resolved. If you find yourself desperate for a payday loan I would go elsewhere at this current time.
  20. Hi There, Like a lot of people these days I have gotten into a pickle with these sorts of companies. I am currently on sick leave and had set up a payment plan arrangement with this company for £20 per month. I was shocked that a couple of days ago that two payments left my bank without being part of the payment plan agreement and for more than what we agreed to as well. I rang my bank and informed that I am in a payment plan and please stop future payments which was marked on my account. Than today I was shocked to see that my account has been cleared out virtually to a penny for almost £300(basically money I am supposed to live on for a few weeks) I phoned my bank again this morning and they informed that it is actually pending but they cant do anything until its been paid where they can look into it and dispute it. This payment is to ARISTE HOLDING LTD which after googling I can see is Cash Genie. I am gutted as I actually have a new bank account now where I was supposed to get all my money paid to avoid this type of thing but this was not updated in time. I am a bit disappointed that Halifax are saying they cant do anything even though it hasn't actually been paid yet. Any help and advice would be most helpful here??
  21. I have a loan with Cash Genie for £250 with £75 interest. I emailed them regarding a repayment plan, below is my original email, and then their reply; What should I do next, how much info should I give them etc.
  22. Hi, any advice or previous experience greatly appreciated! I have recently had my account emptied by ARISTE HOLDING LTD, which you probably know is a trading name of cash genie. I got paid on 07/09/12 for the first time since March as I have been out of work. I checked my balance on-line at approx 1pm, after using my debit card at a well known and reputable retailer. By 4pm I had £70 available. Now, the cash genie loan I took out was on 14th December 2011 for £180. I paid them £60 on 23/12, but was unable to pay them the remaining balance in January. Also worth noting that at the start of January I lost and so ordered a new debit card meaning cash genie could not possibly have my new card details, right? Anyway in the recent months I have been receiving a lot of e-mails and spoken on the phone to a company called Carter Forbes who I believed were now in "charge" of collecting this debt. I did also have quite a long conversation with them at one point telling them my situation, how I was unemployed, and that I simply couldn't commit to any kind of pay back schedule until I was back in employment. Also that once I was, I would arrange some kind of settlement. They didn't seem to understand this and were extremely keen to get me to sign up to any sort of repayment; I now know why! So the charges they made on Friday were as follows: £200, £193, £100 and £10. There were also a list of about 15 other charges for varying amounts which didn't go through as the bank had stopped my card by that point. I saw this list in person in a branch of my bank (HSBC). An employee of the bank told me I would definitely get the money refunded and even allowed me to withdraw £200 cash over the counter, money which I didn't have available. I have since spoke to the bank over the phone and they say I need to wait for the charges to leave the account before they can look into it further. I am planning to ring them tomorrow morning as the charges now appear on my on-line banking statement. I have read several similar stories on line but none seem to have such a delay from the original loan to the "stealing" of money. Also I don't know how they got my card details or if they even need them? Can they charge with just your account number and sort code? Also are they allowed to charge a different card to the one that I've knowingly supplied them, without first contacting me? Their T's & C's aren't the most transparent. I feel that as long as I can prove that they have acted unlawfully I should be fine. Ultimately what I want is my money back! I would very much appreciate any help and advice on this matter as I am completely lost as to what I should do first. I have no idea exactly what is and isn't allowed and have realised from searching the internet that my bank are not going to just hand me my money back no questions asked. Likewise contacting one of the many associates of Cash Genie seems to be.. pointless. Please let me know if you need any more details about myself or this whole situation. Many thanks,
  23. hi all, earlier in the year i had a £250 loan with cash genie which they wanted £325 back with interest. i got in a bit of money trouble and agreed a repayment plan with them and they agreed to freeze interest etc so i paid back 10 monthly installments of £32.50. i paid all of these for 5 months with the 6th month failing ( another place wiped my account ) but 8 days later with my balance with them left at £162.50 they took £160.10 in 4 payments from my account which i accepted as i owed them the money. then on the 8th of november i received an email from carter forbes saying on behalf of cash genie. i checked my cash genie account and it said i owed £2.40 so i printed off the page showing it and emailed carter forbes back saying my account was paid and there must be a mistake. then today i got a reply saying my balance is £555 pounds but they will accept £225 today and wipe the rest of the charges if i paid, i have just replied to them stating what i have as in bank records, repayment plan emails and and a copy of my balance on the cash genie account on the 8th nov 2012 saying it was £2.40 ( thay have also today added an extra £225 on my cash genie account so it says i owe £227.40 now lol) and i am happy to pay them the £2.40 and am waiting to hear back surely they cant be allowed to do this for £2.40
  24. Hi all, its my 1st time posting but im desperate for some help. Sorry in advance for the long post. Back in 2010 I had a loan for £150 from cash genie, I'd had loans from them before without any issues, anyway I had a car accident, was off work and couldnt afford to pay the full amount of £195 so I set up a repayment plan of £50 pcm and they would freeze the interest, after the 1st 2 payments I noticed they were still charging £45 pcm interest so I didnt pay anymore. One morning I woke up, checked my online banking and they had taken everything I had in my account. In total I had now paid £216 back. I started to get emails from carter forbes threatening court action, I replied that as far as I was concerned I had paid and I wouldnt be paying anymore and I cancelled my bank card. I thought that was the end of it. Yesterday there was £1200 missing from my bank which was for my Grandfathers funeral, I thought i'd been a victim of credit card fraud, I phoned the bank and they said it was cash genie and because id used them in the past they couldnt class it as fraud. My cash genie account said loan amount £150, total repaid £1400. Cash genie admitted they got my card details from a sister site and offered to give me £681 which I accepted in desperation, but I want the rest back, Do I have any rights here? Any advice at all please I'd be so grateful
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